TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.17 – “The Huntress Returns”

Arrow headerIf the title didn’t give it away, The Huntress is back with the return of Arrow to our Wednesday nights.

Back On The Island

We pick up right where we left off with Oliver and Slade Wilson discovering the missiles in Edward Fyers arsenal, figuring out what to do to get rid of these explosion machines.  Not a lot happens here as Oliver puts on the ski-mask once more to pretend to be a guard that captured Slade, getting him close enough to take all the guards out in quick succession.  Then they take the missiles hostage as Oliver steals the circuit board to make the weapons inoperable.

To end this portion of the island story, Oliver tells Fyers that he will return the circuit board if Fyers will get him off the island.  But like with the last escape plan with the plane, we already know that this won’t happen since Oliver still has a few more years left on Purgatory.  Not only that, but would Oliver really give the missiles back after Slade says that the only reason Fyers would have those in the first place would be to start a war?  Either there is a plan that we aren’t privy to somewhere in there, Oliver has a change of heart about giving that power back to Fyers, or something simply goes wrong.  Wouldn’t be the first time.

The Women of Oliver’s Life

I was going to go with the simple “The Huntress Returns,” but the episode beat me to it.  Oh well, this is far more encompassing as Helena seems just as motivated to mess with Oliver’s ladies as she is to kill her father.

They always say that strippers have daddy issues and/or messed up pasts, so it is only a matter of time before Helena showed up working in a place like a strip club in a scantily clad outfit reminiscent of her suit from the comics.  Issues or not, she provides one service that most clothes removal specialists do not usually perform in the private rooms by killing the lawyer of her father once she gets the information she needs from him.  Long story short, she’s looking to make sure that her father doesn’t live to see what he traded for by cutting a deal with the authorities to get out of serving consecutive life sentences.  Criminals and their system manipulation…

With the FBI in her way, Helena decides to intrude on Oliver with her desperation, threatening his family and friends to persuade him to aid her cause.  At first it just seemed like she’d gone off the deep end of revenge, but her feelings towards Oliver also push her in the jealous ex-girlfriend category and her stink eye finds its way to the people around Oliver.  Sure they all served a purpose, but no doubt Helena enjoyed hog-tying Felicity and shooting McKenna cuz she be crazy.  Even Tommy’s arm felt her wrath as she bargains for more time with Oliver.  Jealousy is so unbecoming.

No Blood On My Hands If I Choose Not To See It

As crazy as Helena is, I wouldn’t say she is above doing anything to spite others or get what she wants, so Oliver isn’t exactly in the wrong for thinking that it was too risky to leave her with the cops since she knows who he really is.  But maybe he should have considered himself lucky that the cops captured her because she wasn’t his problem anymore in concern to keeping her in check with her father.  Not only that, but he should also count his lucky stars that there weren’t also armed officers in the back of the van he stopped since logically there should have been considering they wouldn’t have known which van she would go after.

Yet even considering how dangerous she is, what she was planning to do, and basically the go ahead from Diggle to put an arrow in her, Oliver breaks her out of custody.  Whether it was to protect his identity or because he still has feelings for her (he never really denied it), it was just plain stupid.  Leading to stupid on top of stupid when he thinks that handing her a plane ticket and new ID would persuade her from carrying out her plan.  Doesn’t he know that people who run from their problems don’t get their own comic books!?  Then she goes and kills a bunch of FBI agents, yet Oliver somehow manages to believe that this isn’t on him as he tells Helena that if he lets her go again it will now be on his hands.  That’s definitely more self-forgiveness that I expected from a superhero, though he isn’t exactly Clark Kent.

Lonely, I’m So Lonely

Not blaming himself for the dead guards was very selective thinking on Oliver’s part since they would still be alive had he not broken her out, but I was even more surprised when it didn’t really seem like he blamed himself for McKenna getting shot either.  Usually the scene between Oliver and McKenna in the hospital would have been the typical “I need to break up with you for your own good” scene, but Oliver actually wanted to keep the relationship going, even offering to move out to where she will be rehabbing her Huntress parting gift.

Eventually he does seem to understand that a relationship may be asking for too much, telling Tommy that as long as he is Arrow he can’t have a normal life, so “bye bye” happiness.  At least Tommy came around from being wounded about Oliver’s murderous secret because he will need someone to talk to, not that he doesn’t have Diggle and Felicity and probably 5 new people by the time the season is over.

Final Thoughts

So what did you think of tonight’s episode of Arrow?  How long do you think until we see crazy Huntress again?  Did you actually like Thea for a moment when she smoothly kissed Roy to take his mind off of the shot?  He did perform some really crazy moves against that support column and get stabbed for her, so anything less would just be rude.  Do sports stores actually sell high-powered crossbows?  I know some sell guns and bows, but crossbows still seem weird to me.  Could Sarah really still be alive?  I’m leaning towards yes at this point since it’s the highly dramatic and “shocking” choice, so the question we have to ask is why she would be hiding out if she miraculously washed up on another island’s shore somehow.  And last, but not least: how deep into Oliver’s work is he going to throw himself now that he is not allowed to be happy?  Villains shudder in fear!  Let me know your thoughts on all things Arrow down below!

Arrow Ep17

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