TV Review: Girls 210 – Together


Girls wraps up its second season by erasing pretty much everything that came before it this year.

Hannah & Adam: Our OCD riddled writer never leaves her apartment this episode as she learns of an impending lawsuit from her publisher if she doesn’t finish her book/turn in any pages. Between feeling sorry for herself, trying to play her Dad for cash and avoiding a Marnie sighting at her apartment, all of the drama/issues that have popped up in the last few weeks have ultimately been about getting her back to Adam. Hannah accidentally Facetimes him and between her OCD, haircut and that chance encounter on the street last week leads him to rush to her rescue.
The dramatic hero rushing through the street doesn’t do it for me, even if Driver is very funny in the moment, and all I could ask myself was what the hell has this whole season been about? It’s not that I can’t buy the two getting back together, but this season was dedicated to showing how these two don’t need each other. Sure they broke up on sort of weak circumstances, but I don’t buy them getting back together based on everything we’ve seen this season. It’s feels as artificial as Hannah’s OCD and both events just delay Hannah dealing with her shit which would be immensely more interesting than these last few episodes. I would have loved to see Adam is continuing on with Natalia, even with their awkward sex life, and I don’t see how the show is stronger by resetting the things back to where it was in season one.

Marnie & Charlie: Which brings us to the other miraculous reunion of the episode in which these two declare love for one another and are happily reunited. The reunion was sweet and funny and, I think, has a wild card element to it in that they both are deluding themselves that they are right together, which makes this all the more frustrating that we are sending these guys back down the exact same path. Plus, what has Marnie learned from all of her struggles this year just to be rewarded with the same old boyfriend she didn’t like in the first place? Just because he can go down on her better and makes a shit load of money now they are going to be OK? Maybe, I guess? Marnie has proven to be dense and shallow enough this season, but again, how is this going to be interesting? Also, that one glimpse by Marnie at Hannah’s laptop is insinuating that relationship might be getting back together which is, again, not that interesting.

Ray & Shosh: What makes this finale all the more frustrating is that the last four episodes completely wasted the most interesting relationship on the show. Before the show detoured to Upstate NY we had a run of three amazing episodes, one of which had Ray and Shosh committing their love and the other with Ray realizing he needed to change something, anything, in his life. Then we get back from Upstate and the show seems entirely disinterested in this relationship. Shosh cheats on Ray, he isn’t interested in getting on with his life and they just awkwardly dance around these subjects as their relationship quickly unravels into breaking up in the finale. It’s too rushed/forced and the finale even lets Shoshana give us the perfect reasons why the show should keep them together in her breakup speech; their differences are why they should be together, because they are interesting! The two aforementioned couples are so alike there is more potential to quickly lose everything interesting about them. And poor Ray, just as I was feeling happy for him with his promotion (loved, and believed, Ray and Colin Quinn immediately) he gets dumped by the first girl he ever loved. I don’t think they are right for each other, but ultimately, they had plenty of interesting bits left to contribute.

The finale had plenty of laughs this week, but I can’t get on board with nearly any of the story decisions. I’m not quitting the show anytime soon, but I wasn’t really that excited with this last run of episodes. Still, Girls had 3 amazing episodes this season and only two I really can’t say I would be excited to watch again anytime soon. Not that bad a ratio for a ten episode season. Even at its weakest, Girls is still very engaging, I just hope Lena Dunham and the team come back with their A game as next season can’t get her soon enough.

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