TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.16 – “Dead To Rights”

Arrow headerIn true comic book fashion, Deadshot survived his apparent death in a previous episode to come back and attempt to live up to his name, but all he really does is further convince this viewer that he is still a lame representation of this character.

Quote of the Episode

Surprise, surprise, it comes from Felicity yet again: “This Lawton kick his dog or something?”

Seeing as Felicity is new to the club, her poorly timed joke can’t be held against her.  Besides, Diggle was far enough away that he couldn’t take offense to it anyway, or offense to the fact that I was glad that Felicity was there to ask this and get the info about Diggle’s brother’s death since I’d forgotten the relevance of Deadshot.

Deadshot Returns

Clearly my memory isn’t all it can be, but that’s probably because I forgot all about Deadshot and his connection to the backstories of the characters seeing as he was dead and could do no more harm.  After all, he did get an arrow to the eye, which by all logic presents the likelihood that his brain was pierced.  Ergo death assumption.  But oh no!  This is a comic, and even though his name isn’t Michelle Rodriguez he is still as capable of rising from the grave!

All that Deadshot has to show for this seemingly fatal wound is a cloudy eye.  Personally I would have gone the route of an eye patch to cover the empty socket that was scooped out by the removal of the arrow, but that’s just me.  The pirate accessory isn’t quite in line with his character, but it would have been a far more convincing story for me to forgive its clear faults when thought through.  That way, instead of the stupid pink/red glow of the eye enhancement China White gives him to clear the clouds away he could have gone full blown bionic with an implant!  Too time consuming to fit into the timeline of the assassination, sure, but it would have been so much cooler.  I suggestion they go this route in the future, something a little more conspicuous.  Splinter Cell may have convinced some that glowing lights on the face are great for stealth, but goodness Deadshot you just look silly!

Costume design complaints aside, I still think this Deadshot is super lame.  I know his name isn’t Headshot, but I still have the opinion that the whole poison thing weakens his respectability as a marksman if he needs a failsafe for all of his kills.  Man up and use clean bullets already!  Maybe then you will become perfect enough to do your job for once!

Surviving An Assassination Attempt

Malcolm really is lucky that the bladed assassin was greeted to the city with an arrow to the chest because had he been the one to go after the target then maybe Moira would be a little more happy right about now.  But because Deadshot was called in, Malcolm lives to make the community a better place.  At least that’s what he says when he’s getting his humanitarian award, but for now I’m going to need a little more convincing than his attack on Oliver as the other archer and plans to kill a bunch of people before I hand over my crystalline award.

Even with his villain status, it was sweet that when men were being killed around him when the Triad first attacked he said Tommy’s name to himself, showing that he is being somewhat honest about caring about his son.  That’s really the only plus I am willing to hand out, though, and it was quickly cancelled out by killing someone in front of Tommy after he shouted wait.  And then after they made it into his fortified office all it took was one creepy look at his hidden archer garbs and I was back to cringing at him.

Not So Secret Identity

At this rate, everyone is going to know who the vigilante really is by the end of this season.  Diggle knows, Huntress knows, Felicity knows, and that’s just with the episodes so far this season.  To add to this swollen list, McKenna is bound to find out simply because of the set up of her relationship with Oliver and the fact that he’s going to keep disappearing right before she gets a call about Arrow, Lance’s dedication will lead him in that direction, and Laurel is going to become Black Canary if her name is to be believed.  And now Tommy knows.

When my father is dying, I would listen to the vigilante if he seems very schooled in what is going on.  But unfortunately for Oliver the only way he can get Tommy to trust him is to show him who is really talking to him from behind the hood.  Personally I would think my best friend being Arrow would be pretty cool, but I have also had weekly viewings of his abs, whereas Tommy has not.  Even with that in consideration, does he really have the right to be upset about Oliver keeping this secret from him?  My gut says yes because they are practically brothers, but my understanding of the reason why superheroes have hide their identities would remind me that he’s just looking out for the people he loves.  But once I found out that I was 86th in line to become privy to this, then Oliver better believe that the stink eye burning holes in him is well deserved.  For now I think Tommy should wait till he gets the origin story from Oliver.

Black Canary Foreshadowed

Laurel Lance’s name is reason enough to believe that she will become Black Canary in the future, especially because there is no doubt in my mind that she and Oliver are far from over.  With that said, it should be considered that in today’s episode attention is drawn to a picture in which Laurel’s sister is with a Canary that was gifted to her, not Laurel.  And now Laurel’s mom is back saying that she thinks Sarah is alive… Just saying maybe we should keep our minds open to the possibility since some of the signs contradict enough to keep the options open.  Oliver has slept with both of them, after all.

Final Thoughts

Even with Deadshot being one of my least favorite villains for the show since he hasn’t done anything to make himself memorable for the right reasons, this episode still has a lot of promise for what it sets up to come.

So what did you guys think of this episode of Arrow? Were you surprised that Felicity wasn’t the one to suggest self-defense since most people would want to learn how to karate chop bombs away from their necks after being in the situation she was in? Were you excited to welcome Slade to the shirtless workout club?  Do you think I am being unfair with my opinion of Deadshot?  Did you have to look up the significance of Deadshot’s apartment being named Bludhaven like I did?  Are you excided by all the possibilities of explosions that the anti-aircraft missile launcher brings to the island?  How long till Malcolm figures out that Moira was the one who hired the assassins?  Is Tommy’s head going to explode in a ball of flames when he learns that his father is also keeping a secret identity from him?  Let me know your thoughts on this, that, and everything above!

Arrow Ep16

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