TV Review: Girls 207 – Video Games


Girls takes another road trip home, this time Jessa’s, and the show gets quite the shake up by the time the credits roll.

Jessa: A character mentions this world is like a video game during this episode and Jessa decides to hit the reset button and throw another cartridge in. We are off to meet her father who lives out “in the country” and from what we learn he is quite a lot like Jessa. Ben Mendelsohn, who was great in Killing Them Softly last year, plays Jessa’s dad and he has jumped around and dumped friends and family for as long as Jessa can remember. His newest lady friend has a nineteen year old son, who folds his turtleneck down, and when she isn’t slaughtering rabbits she’s not doing much else either. Jessa fits right in here, she seems to be at ease just about everywhere she goes, but she seems almost at an arms distance with everyone around her. Happy to make quick snips at everyone, she still has something to say about everyone, but she never really gets what she wants out of this visit with dad. When things don’t go the way she wants one to many times something clicks and she makes quite the bold move.

Jessa and her dad barely get to connect, but they spend just enough time with one another for their natural instincts to kick in. Dad ditches Jessa and Hannah at the store, while Jessa ditches this life all together. Leaving Hannah a simple note she simply rolls off with the wind and we don’t really know when we might see her again. It’s not that surprising when it happens, but it was certainly unexpected, I have to wonder if we might not ever see Jessa again. She seems to just be going through the motions, never really engaging with anyone, even Hannah, and part of me understands why she just up and leaves to try and start again. Hannah doesn’t seem terribly upset with her either, but Jessa does enlighten Hannah to reach out to her own family. Is this the last of Jessa? I’m not to sure about that, but I certainly think this might be the last of her until season 3.

Hannah: Hannah seems along for the ride and she is never quite on the same page with Jessa along the way. Playing second fiddle this week, Hannah gets most of the episodes laughs and quite the relationship with Jessa’s step-brother. Sleeping with him in a graveyard as part of a not really happening sex romp was her first mistake, who could turn down a folded down turtleneck, but the comedy keeps coming after that initial hook up. Hannah’s inability to enjoy her rabbit, sex in a thigh flap and peeing alongside a train station are some of the episode’s highlights, but there isn’t a whole lot beyond that.

We don’t get a ton of insight that we didn’t already know here about Hannah or Jessa, outside where she gets her abandonment tendencies from, and the episode more or less is here to move Jessa out of the picture. Hannah is still confident and above it all, and its nice that she is discovering an appreciation for parents and what they gave her, but I think this might be one of least favorite entries in the series to date. There were some good laughs and some fun new characters, but this trip away from the city was far less informative than Hannah’s trip home. Still, I am intrigued to see what Jessa’s leaving will lead to for the show and how that will affect relationships back in NYC.

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