Book Review: Strategic Planning for Love & War by Jo Lena Johnson and Steven Charles Martin

Strategic-Planning-cover-300x150Asking for relationship help is a tough thing to do to one’s pride. Going to a book for relationship help can be even worse. What works for one person might not work for you, or the advice you would receive isn’t even for your own personal situation. So safe to say, I was a bit reluctant to get into Strategic Planning for Love & War, as one would be. But after reading through the book, I can say that I’m a little bit more confident in both my present and future relationships.

Authors Jo Lena Johnson and Steven Charles put together a rather short but incredibly informative book discussing everything that you would want to know about a relationship; getting into and out of a romance, sex, discussion, healing, and whatever else you would need. Each section is a bit small – averaging about two pages a section – but the information they give you is grand. The book feels short enough to be discussed on mass (or with your partner), but precise enough to be understandable, hopefully answering all of the questions one can have during their current (or future) relationship. Charles and Johnson (or IceWater) make each section easy to understand, without making the reader feel dumb. It’s crisp, clean, to the point, and can make you, not only a better lover, but a better person.

One problem I have with the book, which isn’t it’s fault, is how much I cannot relate to some of the topics discussed. It’s not that I’m not knowledgeable, but I do not have as much life experience as both Johnson and Martin. It all comes with age and time, which is something I alone cannot make happen. But for presumably older readers (let’s say 30 to 40 year old), sections about healing and dealing with illness with your significant other will hit much closer to home than it would to me where I am right now. However much I would hate for something like that to happen, it’s not a bad idea to read up on what to do regardless, to make me more knowledgeable for the future.

And as a side note – the musical selections that start each chapter gives each section that much more personality. Everything from Robin Thicke and Alicia Keys, to oldies like Al Green and Sly and the Family Stone, they all help “set the mood” for each of the sections talked about. As a music lover, this is my cup of tea.

Will I use any of Strategic Planning for Love & War in my daily life? Sure, though currently being single doesn’t help matters. But when I find whomever I’m supposed to be with, I hope to look back at what Jo Lena Johnson and Steven Charles Martin talked about and confirm how right they were.

Final Grade: A-

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