TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.15 – “Dodger”

Arrow headerAfter an episode drowning in time on the island and a big addition to change the dynamic of the Arrow team (not that Felicity wasn’t helping just as much before without actually being in the loop), Arrow pushes out a rather lackluster episode with a mediocre bad guy who can’t even live up to his name in the end.

Back on the Island

To balance out last week’s episode, not a lot of story is being told through flashbacks this time around.  Can’t completely ignore it though, so why not infect the bullet wound in Slade Wilson’s arm?  Bet that feel wonderful…  And smells even better.

Oliver has to run back to the cave to get some of Yao Fei’s magical herbs that cure anything and everything, coming across yet another person on the island.  He gives Oliver a sob story about the fiery blaze of his boat being extinguished by the depths of the ocean, taking the lives of the crew and other students on this fishing trip with it, but in the end Oliver chooses to not be effected by it.  You would think that Oliver would remember Yao Fei’s willingness to help him when he was new to the island, but Oliver goes all stone hearted towards this beaten survivor and leaves him tied up where he was found.

My first thought when I saw this guy was that he was planted there by the soldiers to get back at Oliver for what happened in last week’s episode, so I am going to keep telling myself that this guy volunteered to don the swollen face to help the cause.  That way I don’t have to have a bad taste in my mouth when I think of Oliver.  Other than when I think of his flashback hair, of course.

The Artful Dodger

Instead of getting his own hands dirty like the Oliver Twist pickpocket, this Dodger chooses to convince other people to do most of the work in his robberies.  And if his little helpers have a change of heart, he just detonates the lovely bomb collar given to them as payment upfront.  Ok, so maybe his hands would get a little dirty then, with all that flying brain matter and what not…

Similarly to my reaction to David Anders as the villain that kidnapped Laurel, I was really excited to see James Callis as this week’s baddy (you might notice a second Battlestar Galactica alum later in the episode), but his talents seemed a little wasted here when we’ve got his turn as Baltar as reference to what he is capable of.  Mostly all he does is run away from different pursuers, and then thwack the rest with his knock out stick.  He even tried to hit Oliver with it (who was hiding behind a motorcycle helmet thanks to some smart thinking by the writers since he wouldn’t have time to put on his usual getup), but had it easily stolen from his hands and used against him.  What a lame thief.

I guess if there is one compliment I can give Dodger, it is that he takes pain like a champ.  I didn’t catch what nerve Oliver said he hit with his dart, but considering he used the word “severed” you’d think Dodger would have at least winced a little bit.  Then again, he should have been able to dodge that… Yeah I said it.

Dangers In The Field

I guess Felicity didn’t have a firm plant with the foot she put down when she said she would only help Oliver with finding her father, but I guess as long as he says murder isn’t in the plans then she isn’t apposed to helping him with his other cases since she was already doing this anyway.  Not that I’m complaining, because had she not been helping the boys out with their other cases then she wouldn’t have been there to push them when it comes to their love life.  Maybe next time she should consider sticking to her swivel chair behind the screens though because all she got as thanks for trying to stop Dodger on her own when he was making it away with Oliver’s family jewels (her words, not mine) is a bomb to the neck to accessorize her rather short dress.

First Date Woes

Felicity gave Oliver and Diggle enough motivation to ask out their respective interests, but she might have to put in overtime after seeing how poorly they did with their first dates.  Diggle probably shouldn’t have brought up his dead brother since being widowed isn’t usually recommended conversation starters, so that’s on him even though she did overreact to it, creating a rather melodramatic subplot between the two.  Oliver isn’t much better off with McKenna as she is unjustly wounded when Oliver tells her that he’d rather not talk about his time on the island.  It’s not like he owes her those answers, so let’s turn off the anger that someone put a stop to your detective work, lady.

Luckily both guys get a second chance as their romances both end on a positive note after fixing the missteps, and it should be interesting to see how Oliver handles the relationship now that Lance brings McKenna onto the vigilante taskforce.  Guess he can just keep on bugging her phone for now.  Let’s just hope that Oliver doesn’t have to cancel a lot of dates for Arrow work because she might start to connect the dots unless Oliver sends out Diggle in his greens again to give him an alibi in the back of her mind.

Final Thoughts

Tonight’s episode was right around mediocre, and I can’t say I’m all that excited that China White is back again since she hasn’t brought much to the table so far, but Moira turning to the Triad to get rid of Malcolm Merlyn is definitely an interesting development, to say the least.

So what did you guys think of this episode?  Personally I am far less excited for Diggle and the ex sister-in-law dating after all that melodrama, contrasting how much I liked the prospect of this early on in the season; how do you feel about them?  How long till Thea falls for her purse thief?  Oliver probably won’t approve of that since Roy Harper becomes Oliver’s sidekick in the Green Arrow mythology (thanks Google!); and though I can’t say I’m not excited for this, I can’t help but notice that the Arrow team is already getting pretty full fast.  Guess we will just have to wait and see if Oliver can resist Roy’s sob story or not.  Speaking of stories, did you believe his and/or the man’s from the cave?  I’ll say yes (because Roy “admits” to Thea that it is a lie in the end when he didn’t have to) and no (for reasons mentioned above) respectively.  Any guesses on what will happen with Malcolm?  Maybe he will put an arrow in White and bring the Triad down on Arrow since he is the more famous archer.  Let me know your thoughts on all things Arrow!

Arrow Ep15

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