TV Review: Girls 206 – “Boys”


Girls continues its hot streak by opening up its world to Staten Island and bringing back just about everyone into the fold.

Hannah: Things continue to look up for our little writer as she scores an E-Book deal with one of her idols, but she can’t find happiness because of, well, quite a lot of reasons. Besides Jessa’s marginalizing & the fact that she is still mopping up the floors at Grumpy’s, it seems like her relationship, or lack thereof, with Marnie seems to be weighing heavily on her. Their phone conversation, full of lies, seems like they are both just hoping for the other to reach out and embrace them as a friend again and I feel like their wedge might be loosening. Hannah only has a month to write this book, we will see if that can happen, but I hope we get to see Marnie and her find a bit of friendship again. This episode was either the sling around back towards being good again or sadly the beginning of the end of their friendship.

Ray: Ray is sad, and I’m not judging, he is just sad. Shoshanna is just throwing this guy through a loop and it’s not because she puts everything up against a pop culture mirror, but because he is so damn crazy about her. She challenges him and deep down he knows he needs to find himself, but his vulnerability is being blown open as Adam and Staten Island shake him to the core. I love how a trip for a book turned into the lovely misadventures of Ray and Adam, with Ray’s indignant attitude towards Staten Island being particularly fantastic. Ray isn’t in a great place by the end of this episode though and hopefully he rises like a phoenix, with Dog in tow, in the weeks to come.

Marnie: She just can’t catch a break this season and her relationship with Booth, which has been pretty obvious to the audience, is finally revealed to her and she is crushed by it. Booth is using her, and he might be right in that she is using him as well, but all and all it’s just another kick in the ass for our falling star. Marnie can’t catch a break and her aforementioned relationship with Hannah continues to get weaker and weaker as the weeks go by. She is a little bit jealous, a little prideful and is having a really hard time not being the “successful” one. I feel like she can’t find her way back on the up and up until she patches things up with Hannah, but I’m not too sure when that might happen for these two.

Adam: He appears to be over Hannah, his carnival game analogy seems fairly accurate, but he is still rather defensive about her towards Ray. I enjoyed Adam dragging Ray into his shit, and their adventure was the highlight of the episode, but the angry side of him we see here is not his best. Entertaining, sure, but I hope this isn’t the last time we get to see him as he leaves on quite a sour note.

Booth: I felt an odd sense of sympathy towards him in that wine cellar as I truly believed him when he says nobody knows him. I’m sure he takes some pleasure in that he can take that angst towards his art, but that sadness is bound to catch up. This is probably the last of Booth though and I enjoyed his asshole attitude which was sprinkled in just the right amount this season. We are never overwhelmed by the character, a testament to how well the show has been executed this year.

Girls is showing no signs of slowing down here and I love that Ray is becoming one of the strongest characters on the show. The season has been full of surprises, but he has been the best. I can’t wait to see where his story takes us.

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