TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.13 – “Betrayal”

Arrow headerThis week’s episode of Arrow isn’t quite the kidnapping excitement I was hoping for when previews showed that Laurel would be used against Arrow, but at least one question is finally answered when it comes to the story on the island.

Back on the Island

Finally heard Yao Fei’s real name again, so I guess I have to stop calling him Oliver’s Best Island Buddy, or BIB for short.

Following the map Yao Fei left in his pocket before kicking him into the waters below, Oliver makes his way to a lamer version of Lost’s plane wreckage.  Arrow may not have the dangers of hungry engines and sand in your crack, but it has something even better when Slade Wilson drops in from above to put a blade to Oliver’s neck.  Long story short, Oliver breaks his thumb to get out of his restraints, proving to Slade that he might not be the lost cause that he originally thought Oliver was, making him worthy of being trained to take on the landing zone across the island.  Nothing like a punch to the face to start a friendship!

While looking into the weapons trunk, Oliver discovers Deathstroke’s mask, though Slade claims that he is not the only one on the island to have one.  Should we believe that there’s another Australian special agent out there?  The title of this show is “Betrayal” after all.

Favorite Quote of the Episode

Arrow: “Moira Queen, you have failed this city!”

Bad Parenting (Part 1)

Keeping the antagonistic relationship alive between Oliver and Diggle when it comes to Arrow business, Diggle plays devil’s advocate while dealing with what Oliver learned about his mother.  Oliver is still playing the “she’s my mom” card by giving her the benefit of the doubt, but that isn’t enough of an answer for Diggle as to why she chose to burn the notebook with the list of names when she is questioned about it.  Her claim is that, “the only way to keep this family safe is for everyone to stop asking questions,” but Diggle knows this is the only way to keep secrets!

After a few missteps of sneaking around in her wake while playing chauffer, Diggle finally makes some headway when she lies about seeing her accountant, instead meeting with Mr. Merlyn.  From his adjacent location in the closet next door, he overhears them talking about threatening someone about something (still not really sure what they’re talking about), but the important thing is that they start talking about the ship that started this all.  There is talk of having it removed from Moira’s hiding spot to be disposed of, as well as it being sabotaged when it went down, and these are things that Oliver can’t ignore.

With one of the best endings to an episode yet, Arrow comes crashing through the window of Moira’s office, looking to demand answers about “the undertaking” after frightening her with the courage shattering words of “Moira Queen, you have failed this city!”  She’s got some splaining to do!

Worst Crime Boss Ever

With David Anders appearing as this week’s villain, I had high hopes for Cyrus Vanch in his pursuit of becoming the Crime Boss now that the vacancy light is burning bright in the bad guy underbelly department.  He starts strong once he is released from prison on a technicality by shiving who I can only assume was the lawyer who didn’t keep him out of prison, but then falls completely short later thanks to his prison rules leading him astray.

Even with protecting his identity to keep those around him safe, Oliver probably should have considering looking outside this circle when it comes to Arrow’s acquaintances.  Thanks to a dirty cop and Laurel’s inability to use her pretty decent self-defense skills against a taser to the neck, Vanch is able to easily get at Arrow by taking her hostage.  He even thought out how many arrows Arrow keeps in his quiver, matching that number with the bodyguards around his home, yet he somehow didn’t think to consider the angry cop father who comes with a loaded gun accessory.  I bet all of the other prisoners are going to be laughing at him for this epic failure when he shows back up in the jumpsuit days after being released.

Bad Parenting (Part 2)

Even when considering Moira, Lance gets awarded worst parent of the week.  It’s bad enough that he used Laurel to get the drop on Arrow by following her to their rooftop meeting without her knowledge, but had he not been surveilling the phone then she probably wouldn’t have been kidnapped.  At least he was big enough of a person to ask for help from Arrow to clean up his mess and keep Vanch from chopping up her body when no one else could be trusted, so hopefully he will lighten up on the dedication to bring Arrow to justice.  That’s the least we can ask for.

Final Thoughts

Honestly, this week’s episode of arrow was only so-so, seeming like filler to move from step A to B in Oliver finding out what his mom is hiding from him, and Laurel’s kidnapping wasn’t really used to the full potential that it could have been.  Granted, knowing these shows this won’t be the last time she’s in danger.


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