TV Review: Girls 203 – “Bad Friend”


Girls has another drug filled night and this time it is Hannah and Elijah going for the ride as she looks for inspiration out of her comfort zone.

Hannah: After picking up some freelance work at some random online magazine, her new editor inspires her to try something new and outrageous and doing coke for the first time just so happens to be that adventure.

Seeing Hannah awkwardly scoring some drugs from her downstairs ex-junkie, Laird, is an appropriate start to her night as nothing really goes right; even if it is fun. Jon Glaser is great as the recovering addict who is just trying to help out, even if that means scoring someone else drugs, but he gets to shine later in Hannah’s coke journey.

From here, Elijah and Hannah hit the coke pretty early and after selecting a horrendous outfit for her to wear the two hit a rave. The episode is mostly an experience to be had right along with Hannah and it does a pretty good job at that. From the bathroom to the dance floor, Elijah and Hannah are having a blast and the lines just keep on coming; yes that is a reference to the coke and jokes. You get caught up in the WTF of it all and it’s not until the reveal to Hannah, from Elijah, that he slept with Marnie that some plot kicks in. And lets not get started on Hannah’s second shirt of the night.

Hannah gets to turn the tables, a bit unjustly if you ask me, on Marnie and rips her a new one. Sure Marnie ruins Hannah’s coke riddled adventure, but Marnie and Elijah’s hook up was barely anything. Still, not saying anything about the hookup wasn’t a strike against Marnie, and Hannah is unsurprisingly satisfied with her take down. Things seemed to be going well between the two, and Hannah seems ready to continue their friendship after, but she takes no prisoners as she destroys Marnie and Elijah.

Oh, and I can’t imagine sleeping with Laird is not going to have any repercussions, but his stalking appearance brought a lot of good comedy to the final few minutes of the episode. Glaser just nailed the part and awkwardness of it all.

Marnie: We get to see her new job, which is basically flirting with and keeping the rich white guys happy, but Marnie is quickly pulled away by her masturbation material from season one, Booth the artist. Booth is just as full of himself as he was the first time they met and he tells Marnie straight up she’s going to sleep with him; he was right. The dude is the definition of girls being attracted to jerks.

Before the sex, we get a tour of Booth’s latest, in progress, art installation and Marnie easily convinces herself that Booth is brilliant as he thinks he is. If getting trapped in a video art installation doesn’t get you going, I don’t know what will. Their story is played for some excellent comedy though, from Booth roaming his apartment to the actual sex act itself, Jorma Taccone brought the funny.

Marnie’s side of Hannah’s tirade was to basically just sit back and take it and Allison Williams has done a good job of just falling apart this season; who knows where Marnie will fall now that she is the “bad friend.”

Elijah: He will be missed as Hannah is giving him the boot and he went out on a high note these last three weeks. I am sure we haven’t seen the last of him, but I will miss Andrew Rannells’ everyday presence he’s had this season so far. Stupid The New Normal, Rannells played a great high person on coke.

Shos & Jessa: Selling clothes on the sidelines, when will get some featured roles for them?

I really feel like I need to see the episode again before I pass final judgement. It was a fairly insular story that was always taking you to weird and wonderful places, you just didn’t know it right away. A third of the way into the season and Marnie and Hannah have completed their George/Elaine switch, let’s see where it goes from here.

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