TV Review: Girls 202 – “I Get Ideas”


Girls is all about break ups and “pretty people jobs” this week as characters start a new, cut the cords and go to jail.

Hannah: Adam and Sandy are both, still, fully involved in Hannah’s life and it isn’t looking so good for either of them with her.

Sandy’s political leanings, Republican, quickly becomes a problem as Elijah gets in Hannah’s ear. Besides having some conflicting ideas on gay marriage and gun control, Sandy’s biggest offense is not liking Hannah’s essay and he gets kicked to the curb. It is interesting to see Hannah’s reaction in this situation and it’s a sign that even though she wants to become a better Hannah she is still very insecure about her work and anyone criticizing it.  Her attempt to sleep with Sandy before she leaves is also a giant red flag that she isn’t quite ready to move on from him and might be treating this fight as a game. It might leave the door open for more Sandy and I won’t complain because more Donald Glover is never a bad thing.

Adam: The longing lover is sending songs to Hannah, later revealed to be a whole album, and the set up that Adam “probably” won’t murder Hannah creates a wonderful final scene when Adam shows up to her house. At least Hannah still seems strong enough to not give in to him, but her momentary lapse of sanity by momentarily calling the cops doesn’t go as well.  Adam proves to still be an immature mess, but he brings a ton of laughs in his brief appearances; the fact that Hannah might have worn Jason masks over to his house was an amazing revelation. Adam’s arrest though might open a door for more sympathy from Hannah, but maybe it’s just the final push he needs to move past her. Either way, it was one of the funniest scenes the show has done.

Shos & Ray: Hilariously, almost disgustingly, in love. While they only get a brief moment in bed, and serve as a plot device to get Marnie a new job, their happiness couldn’t help but bring a smile to my face. More of these two please, and don’t let Shoshana mess it up.

Marnie: Unable to find a job in the art world, Marnie takes a job as “pretty person” hostess and talks herself into it rather quickly. She is desperate, yet still seems happy and I am really intrigued to see where they go with her this season; the money seems good, but I can’t imagine this will satisfy her for long. Her and Elijah also avoid disclosing their sexual encounter from Hannah successfully this week, but I imagine that confrontation will be appropriately epic.

Elijah: George breaks it off when he hears about him and Marnie and this doesn’t bode well for his residence in the apartment. What will happen without his sugar daddy, time will tell, but I do hope we get to keep him around for as long as possible.  His little conversation with Marnie at the door was also another spectacular highlight of the episode and that death stare he gives her is a gaze I hope to never meet. I imagine the fallout of the Marnie/Elijah/Hannah debacle will lead to the departure of Elijah and that will be a sad day. That or he nails Sandy?

Jessa: Thomas John and his bride still seem like they are on cloud nine, but I’m sure it can’t all be paintings and puppies for long.  Jessa’s talking down to Hannah and her life is a bit shocking, but I think Hannah’s ability to take it in stride speaks both to her character’s growing strength and/or her awareness of Jessa’s fleeting personality changes that are sure to blow over sooner rather than later.  Or maybe it was just the puppies. Either way, Jessa and Thomas John seem bored already even if they are happy and it will be interesting to see where this life of decadence takes them.

Not a whole lot going on this week but the show is about character and comedy and the episode was full of great moments in both of those categories.  The plot will kick in soon I’m sure, but I am more than content just hanging out with the gang. More Ray and Shos!

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