TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.10 – “Burned”

Arrow headerArrow is back after its winter break, taking the place of those holiday fireplace screensavers with a little fire of its own.

Back On The Island

The story of Oliver’s time on the island is progressing rather slowly as it picks back up on the scene in which his best island buddy is captured by Deathstroke.  I assumed there was going to be a grand moment in which Oliver’s face changes into that of a man on a mission in order to get his friend back, especially to mirror the current timeline story, but this was not to be.  That’s not to say that nothing major happened though, as we see Oliver’s first kill.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t himself, though I was slightly afraid for him as he ran with that giant blade through the forest considering how much TV and film characters love tripping.  Instead he ditches the knife all together when he is eventually found later and uses gravity to do the dirty work by sandwiching the enemy between a rock and his body.  Crack.  In the end the death was accidental, sort of speak, but the intent was there from Oliver to kill the man, making this a big step for him since he wasn’t even willing to kill a chicken before.

Shooting Holes In The Armor

It has been six weeks since Oliver came up against the other archer, but he is far from fully recovered as this defeat has left him psychologically weakened.  The good news for us is that this means more shirtless workouts (Diggle too!), the bad news for Oliver’s city is that it is still without the man who has brought violent crimes down noticeably so.

Even when he is in beefcake mode, Diggle still knows how to read Oliver like a book.  That and the man likes to pester, often pushing Oliver to do what needs to be done, ignoring what Oliver tells him to do while doing so.  Diggle’s just lucky that he eventually gets through to him, getting Oliver to accept that the archer did him a favor when he beat him to near death.  The bruises and arrow punctures might tell a different story, but he pushed him to realize that now that he’s back home he is accountable for more than just himself when he is out vigilante-ing because there are people who will miss him if he dies again.  Diggle is also lucky for not getting shot when walking down range from Oliver after he misses the tennis ball, but that’s far less relevant…

When You Play With Fire, You’re Gonna Get Burned

…It had to be said, especially after Firefly’s final words were something about already being burned.

For this week’s episode, Arrow decides to bring in yet another Batman character with the villain Firefly (real name Garfield Lynns).  I guess I am just going to have to backburner my unenthusiasm for all of these comic pulled characters because at this rate the original to Arrow villains are going to be countable on one hand by season’s end.

At least they are trying to create new origin stories for these villains more often than not (only reason I know this being Wikipedia), so it’s far from all copied content.  In this incarnation Lynns becomes a pyromaniac Hell-bent on lighting up the members of his old unit after he’d been left by them in a burning building years before.  Technically what happened to him is his own fault since he tried to be a hero by staying in the building instead of following the order to escape, but I’m not going to try to reason with this crazy person.  Especially if he is willing to face plant into a pool of fire.  These story writers really love killing the villains with their own tools of the trade (Deadshot was shot through the eye), but let’s just hope that next time it looks a little better, and is preceded by better last words.

The Man Loves His Suit

I’d now like to take this opportunity to point out one of the dumbest things I’ve seen on the show yet.  When Lynns is confronting his old chief about what happened to him, Oliver decides to run off and get all of his Arrow stuff.  I know this is an episode about him getting his groove back as the vigilante and that would be more on the nose if he is actually wearing his outfit, but seriously?  Ordinary people do heroic things too sometimes!  What if Lynns had decided to do without the monologue?  Arrow would have come back to another dead body.

Final Thoughts

Even with that stupid ending, Arrow has a strong return after weeks off with an episode and villain of the week that reminded me of Smallville back in its glory days.  Before it got ridiculously cheesy.

So what did you think of “Burned”?  Are you sad to see Jo go?  She wasn’t an integral character or anything, but it was nice to have someone for Laurel to talk to at work.  I guess that location will just be used for father pop-ins now.  If we can only choose one though, I’d rather have Walter back.  And more time with Felicity Smoak, who was absent from tonight’s episode.  Speaking of Detective Lance: Did Laurel forget what her father does?  No way he wouldn’t realize that Arrow’s cell disappeared from his desk.  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below!

[Sidenote – A stupid Mizzou basketball game cut into the DVR recording, pushing Arrow’s start time by a couple minutes, so if anything happened in the last minute or two let me know!]


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