For Your Renting Pleasure

Dredd_headerThis week’s “For Your Renting Pleasure” includes a remake/reimagining and a sequel, Dredd and Men In Black 3, both disappointing for numerous reasons.

DreddDredd – Fellow reviewer Zac has had high praise for this film, and I am sad to say that I can’t agree with him on Dredd (note that he saw it in 3D, which he loves, and I did not).  The characters are actually pretty cool as I am new to this world, and I love the idea of someone being police, judge, executioner, and all that jazz wrapped into one, but that is not enough to make up for the comparison between this and The Raid: Redemption, forced by the impossible to miss similarities in the story.

Long story short, both films are about law enforcement officers making their way through a towering building after the criminal in charge orders the tenants to kill the “intruders, and if I had to choose, The Raid: Redemption did it better.  Sure, it didn’t have grumpy gills Karl Urban/Dredd or sidekick in training Olivia Thirlby, who’s psychic judge character was cool enough, but it had much cooler action sequences and close quarter combat that cannot be matched.  Not only that, but it did not have a stupid drug in the film that causes the user to perceive time at a much slower rate.  Why on earth would this be appealing to anyone!?  Sounds like such agony, and that is exactly how it feels when watching these sequences, which I can only assume made it into the film because they would look amazing in the 3rd dimension.

In the end Dredd is a fun enough action film full of blood, guts and shoot-em-up gore, but pales in comparison to The Raid: Redemption for me.  [Sidenote – my boyfriend couldn’t even get through the whole movie when he tried watching Dredd]

Final Grade: C+

hr_Men_in_Black_3_5Men In Black 3 – Sequels are a scary thing when it comes to films, with larger numbers usually leading to a decrease in quality (Fast Five may have been an upstep in that series for me, but most can’t say the same.  And do we really need a Pirates of the Caribbean 5?).  The original Men in Black was an amazing film that I’ll still watch whenever it’s on, but it didn’t take long for this series to downgrade, starting quickly with the first sequel.  I can’t remember that one enough to compare my dislike for them, but let’s just say that this one can’t be that much better.

Why was Emma Thompson even cast in this film?  She was undoubtedly wasted in her role with simple lack of screen time (and a horrible intro scene that accounts for a large portion of her entire use), and she is not alone in being a wasted opportunity.  For example, a large portion of the film seems to be about what made K the man he is today considering who we see him as in the past scenes J time traveled to, and I never really found this to be answered adequately enough by what the film does show.

The series has never taken itself that seriously, but I wish they would have done more so this time around when it came to the alien design.  Most of the makeup was really laughable (which could have been a choice going with the time period post time travel, but I was not feeling it), as opposed to the creepy factor that came with Edgar from the first film.  He gave me the shivers, whereas Jemaine Clement’s Boris The Animal was a horrible villain all around.

I’m thinking it’s past time to hang up the suits.

Final Grade:  D+/C-

Have any films you think I should rent?  Share them down below and they might show up in the next “For You Renting Pleasure.”

2 thoughts on “For Your Renting Pleasure

  1. Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
    You know why Dredd is superior to The Raid, I care about someone. Anyone would be a step up for The Raid. Which has one great action scene and the rest is ugly and excessive; not in a good way.

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