TV Review: Girls 201 – “It’s About Time”


Girls is back for Season 2 and we more or less pick up right where we left off in both story and quality; top notch.

I didn’t review the show last season, but I think it is probably my favorite show on HBO from last year. Lena Dunham is an impressive force as writer, director and star and she excels at all of her roles. Her cast is great as well and I most excited to see their characters and the world grow this season.

Instead of just doing a standard recap I am going to try something different with Girls given its wide cast of characters. I am going to breakdown and recap on a character by character basis and will feel free to change those rules if I see fit.

So, here we go.

Hannah: Elijah has moved in, Adam’s in a full leg cast, and she is now sleeping with a new man, Sandy; that is quite the leap from her eating cake on a beach. We only get a brief glimpse of Sandy, played by Donald Glover, but the two seem smitten and it certainly is a good start to a new potential romance.

She is more concerned, much to her chagrin, of guiltily taking care of Adam who is basically bed ridden after being hit by a truck while he realized Hannah was a borderline terrible person. I can’t tell whether Adam is using her or is genuinely still in love with her, but he doesn’t seem quite ready to let go. Hannah is on the other hand and all she needs to do is stop pitying Adam so she can break off his dependency. She lays it bare for Adam though in the end and immediately goes off and does exactly what she said she wouldn’t do with Sandy. Hannah doesn’t seem to learn much does she?

Hannah’s little episode with George was a nice little comedic diversion for the episode and sadly his parting probably doesn’t bode well for her and Elijah’s roommate situation.

Shoshanna: Will things didn’t seem to last too long with Ray as we open with her trying to will the evil spirits around him away. Oh, Shos.

Shoshanna has always been the 4th rung character of the girls, but this episode is a good start to further broadening of her character. Being a virgin is no longer defining her as a character now and instead it seems like we are now going to focus on her actually dealing with relationships. We don’t get many of the details on the fall out between her and her Ray, but he lets on that Shos being Shos (emoticons and all) when they were apart was the biggest problem.

The show does a great job of showing the endearing nature of Shoshanna at Hannah and Elijah’s house warming party and we understand why Ray can’t really her go. The potential of these to continuing on is high on my list for this season, especially as Ray might be the funniest character on the show, but also because I feel like the two have a great dynamic I would love to see explored deeper.

Marnie: The world doesn’t seem to be getting a whole better for poor Marnie as she is fired from her gallery job and not getting much sympathy from her mother either. Still single, the biggest scene of the episode is in the wee hours of the house warming party when Elijah declares he might be bi-sexual and tries to sleep with Marnie. Where the hell did this come from, I don’t know, but the awkwardness of it all was quite funny. Marnie seemed to be going with the flow rather then being driven by sadness, which is good for her, but it isn’t surprising that the two can’t quite make it happen. I hope this doesn’t lead to a potential early exodus for Elijah from the show as he just keeps getting better, but between this and his troubles with George it doesn’t look good.

Her relationship with Charlie seems about as cordial as ever at the party, but its hilarious that he has already reverted back to his sappy and pathetic boyfriend mode with his new girlfriend Audrey. What only makes it worse is that she crawls back to him at the end of the episode and I really don’t hope these two get back together. He is pathetic and she is pathetic with him, keep Marnie going forward and let her find a new man. Charlie can hang around through Ray and Shoshanna.

Jessa: Still doesn’t know the address of where she lives.

A solid episode for Girls this week and a very well executed set up for the new season. The show doesn’t seem to make too many resets from where they left off in the first season and any changes seem to be made for some added drama. The potential let down of the Charlie/Marnie relationship does worry me a little, but I am not going to judge it tell we get a bit further along in the season. All I can say is, more Donald Glover please.

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