Gaming Review: Mass Effect 3 DLC – Omega

Mass-Effect-Omega-01One thing that Mass Effect 2 was known for was its great DLC added to the campaign.  Kasumi wasn’t as praised as the rest, but there is no doubt that Overlord and The Shadow Broker DLC will remain my favorite added content for a long time to come.  Too bad the same can’t be said for what has come out for ME3.

Not counting the extended cut of the ending in this talk of single player DLC, so far ME3’s showing has been rather disappointing because it adds nothing to the world so much as just fills in some blanks about a story that we’ve already finished.  Leviathan was just more appeasement to the fans who were still in an uproar about the end of the game, hoping to further clarify what the heck went on in Shepard’s final moments of screen time, as well as what the heck the reapers were really all about.  Nice enough, but the promise of underwater play ended up being nothing more than looking through the screen of a modified Atlas that moves on its rails to the final reveal.  Lame.

Omega promises a story a little more exciting to fill in the gap of something that was hinted at (that I am honestly surprised wasn’t part of the game considering who Aria is and what would push her towards helping Shepard).  As we work to get the mercs on our side through Aria, we hear her talk about her hatred for the Illusive Man for taking Omega away from her, but that’s all that ever comes of it.  Until now.  We meet Aria back on the Citadel as she fills us in on her plans to get her home back from Cerberus, specifically a man named Oleg Petrovsky.  She’s her usual ball of attitude because he didn’t follow her “no one F’s with Aria” rule, going so far as to say that Shepard’s crew has to be left behind because she doesn’t like them.  Not real sure why she wouldn’t want the added support, but whatever.

Following a smaller version of the animated landing of ME2’s suicide mission, our ground assault of Omega starts with a crash landing.  Aria takes the role of one squad mate, and eventually we also come across a female Turian (who knew they existed!?) who will come to our aid, then disappear, then come to our aid, then disappear.  You know the type.  A resistance group known as the Talon is also there to help as Aria fights for dominance of Omega once more, including some weird speeches that involve her gliding around with no weight holding her down to the ground in some poorly executed cut scenes, and the gameplay brings nothing new to the table other than a couple of “get this done while there is an onslaught baring down on you” tasks and new enemy types.  In other words, we’ve got a new type of annoying terminator robot that just keeps on coming in the fight (called rampart mechs), and a new creature known as the adjutant that basically has an origin story that feels awfully familiar to a certain quest from the main body of the game.

It’s always nice to fill in gaps in stories, with Aria’s connection to Omega being a big one, but this DLC doesn’t really add anything to set it apart from any other missions in the game.  It was nice to see a larger portion of Omega to really get the feel for its scale that wasn’t quite accomplished with our time there in game 2, but in the end the DLC is definitely not worth the price tag.

Final Grade: 7.0 / 10

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