TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.9 – Year’s End

Arrow headerLast week the flu did me in, but now I am back for this week’s episode of Arrow in which it’s ok to be seeing double because there is a second archer in town.

Back On The Island

It has been a few weeks now, but with Huntress’ storyline wrapped for now there is time within the episodes to finally go back to the island.  Even better, Oliver’s Best Island Buddy (BIB for short since I can’t remember his actual name) is back baring gifts for the holiday!  On top of the essentials that Oliver couldn’t get to while trapped in the cave (how was it so easy for BIB to dig his way back in through the cave in, but Oliver couldn’t dig out?), he throws the man responsible for Oliver’s torture, Edward Fyers, to his feet.

BIB says that Fyers has a plane that can take Oliver home, but we all know that he still has a few more years stuck on the island, so when they get ambushed by Deathstroke and some other goons it really is no surprise, though it would have been nice had they not taken BIB away. What is Oliver going to do about this?  Well that might depend on how he feels about what Fyers told him about the island once being a prison that the Chinese military used to hold the worst of the worst, which just so happened to include Deathstroke and BIB.  With that said, I doubt Oliver is going to allow this to taint his opinion of BIB since he did save his life (and he still needs a teacher), and I hope that he stages a rescue mission as BIB did for him when he was captured.  Maybe we’ll even get an episode that takes place mostly on the island.  Ooooo…

Dueling Archers

The episode starts off with Adam Hunt, a man that Oliver dealt with in a previous episode, trying to get his footing again.  Backtracking again!?  Say it ain’t so, Arrow!  Well it ain’t so, because before you even have time to finish this complaint Hunt is used for target practice by a second hooded archer who is ready to get Oliver’s attention by killing those he has already dealt with.

Instead of going the typical route as these shows tend to do about having someone pretending to be our hero in order to lose favor with the law and citizens of the city, Lance figures out early that this is the work of a copycat and not Arrow himself, and a sigh of relief is breathed.  However, a more original story does not mean that Oliver is in the clear, because the cops are still poopy enough to believe that it would be better to blame Arrow for this in the public eye anyway in order to keep them from knowing that there are actually two crazy archers out there dealing their own justice.  But at least Lance will stand up for him, right?  Technically yes, towards his superior, but he does tell Arrow that if he doesn’t find the real killer then he will be more than happy to serve him up.

After another death and a dead end at a bomb rigged wharf, Oliver eventually does come face to face with a man who might actually be his superior in skill with a bow and strength in combat.  Battered and bruised, and carrying a few more arrows than those he came in with on his back (and by on his back I don’t mean in his quiver, ouch), Oliver gets a decent enough punch in to make his exit and fall out a window for Diggle to find him (how did he get past the cops in order to get to him?).

When In Doubt, It’s Merlyn’s Dad

A couple week’s ago it was revealed that the man who is always talking down to Moira even though they’re in the same secret organization (still not quite sure how that organization works in forms of hierarchy and how they got involved and motivations and all that) is Merlyn’s father when he was brought in to cut his son off.  Well now Malcolm is back in yet another capacity as the other archer.

With Fyers from the flashbacks telling Oliver about how evil BIB is, it was briefly questionable about if he had come back to find Oliver again, but I never really doubted that BIB will still remain to be a good guy in Oliver’s life (and I doubt he is ever allowed to leave the island since I have a bad feeling about his fate).  So unfortunately we’re stuck with stupid Malcolm sticking himself into yet another storyline.  Seriously!  He’s a part of everything!  How the heck did he come to be this skilled at archery and combat anyway?

Malcolm even had Walter kidnapped in order to keep him from looking into the organization further, thrusting himself into that through line as well.  I was really looking forward to what Walter was going to find out, so hopefully Felicity Smoak will continue on this path since she hates mysteries so much.  She’s already made the connection between the list of names and the men Arrow has taken out, and she often helps Oliver out, so maybe the “middle man” will be cut out and she will eventually work with Arrow directly.  Especially if her tech prowess can help figure out whatever Malcolm says he has planned for the world in 6 months (that will kill thousands of people), as well as who wrote the list since Oliver now doubts that it was his father.

Final Thoughts

With Arrow taking its winter break till the middle of January, looks like we’ve got a while to wait for answers to what the heck Malcolm Merlyn has planned for Starling City.  Chances are he will be back as this new archer soon, though, so Oliver better prepare himself.

So what did you all think of tonight’s episode?  Were you disappointed by the reveal of who the new archer is?  Or are you excited for the possibilities of what this could mean?  Personally I think this character is being spread over everything, and I don’t like it, though it is cool to think that there is actually someone even higher than him on the totem pole.  Maybe there will be more to the name Sagittarius as well (which Smoak let us know is Latin for “the archer”).  I’m just ready to start seeing more of the big picture and more about this secret organization that Moira and Malcolm are a part of.  But enough about me, let me know your thoughts on tonight’s episode in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.9 – Year’s End

  1. Oh Arrow, how you have stolen my heart. This is by far my new guilty pleasure, hands down best, worst TV show on the planet! You mentioned Dig finding our hero, who is mortally injured out side the building that is surrounded by the police. Not to mention the police not seeing him fly in through the roof right after the Velveeta moment from the police chief, “You have a better idea Sergent, now would be a lovely time?” (In flies our hero, bomb patrol guy sees him) Guessing that checking the roof access was next on the list, and that a wanted vigilantly entering a building doesn’t change anything for the police. I mean I know they were going after the hostages on the roof, but don’t you think they would sweep the perimeter?

    Plus in the hospital, no one is alarmed that he has a bunch of arrow wounds? Guessing the semi that pulled in front of him was carrying arrows, and a coupled spilled out and he feel on them?

    Also lets talk about the brains of our hero first. He has all these computers, he can do things the police can’t, but he apparently can’t look at the patten on the arrow. “Hey nerdy looking tech girl, can you look into this? I have exhausted all my high tech resources.” Five seconds later, oh here is the answer to your obviously stupid question, and a Latin lesson while we are at it. Now if you will let me get back to my product placement tablet, I have more pressing matters.

    Oh and I love over bearing fathers who try and stay out of their daughter’s personal lives but being directly involved in them finding sympathy for our boy Merilyn. “I try to stay our of your personal life but these guys, they think they can treat people how ever they want.” “But dad he gave me an ornament with a picture of us in it” “Oh well in that case he is an upstanding guy who can bed you anytime he likes.”

    I feel as though I could go on and on, and I love it. The CW has managed to catch me, ‘oh, lets check out this super hero drama that is only a few action scenes removed from being called, The Arrow Diaries.’ I can’t wait to see what is to come, I mean I am hooked. Or better put, I think someone shot me in the heart with an ARROW!

  2. My sentiment exactly :)

    As for the computer thing, I just use the “He was lost to an island for 5 years so might not really know how to use it, but who cares because Smoak is usually pretty awkwardly hilarious anyway so keep asking her for help!” excuse.

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