Film Review: Girl Walk // All Day

Girl Walk // All Day is a feature length music video set to Girl Talk’s All Day and the end result is a magical, uplifting and spectacular film the exudes happiness at every turn.

You can watch the film right now at,! Do it, then comeback and read the review.

The film follows three lead characters, the Girl, the Gentleman and the Creep, as they dance around New York City inspiring random strangers and finding hope in themselves through the passion of others. Part love story, part self discovery, part guerrilla dance flash mob, the film can engage on a number of levels from a character standpoint, but never more so than when we are taking in the infectious joy being put out by Anne Marsen’s the Girl.

Marsen owns the film by being cute, hilarious, powerful, fearless, sexy, heartbreaking and the list could go on. She is more or less the lead of the film and while she doesn’t utter an audible word over the course of the picture you won’t be able to take your eyes off of her. She bravely bounds through the streets and many landmarks of NYC and interacts with the random people and surroundings she encounters as she makes her way across the city. Seeing her bring joy and confusion to the people she comes across is part of the fun of the film, but she also shows some traditional acting chops as the film gets into its bit more dramatic final few scenes. You can feel her passion for dance and what it can bring to her and others and her work will easily be considered some of the year’s best by anyone that watches the film.

Marsen is joined by a pair of young men in the film, Dai Omiya and John Doyle, who play the Gentleman and the Creep, respectively. Omiya and Doyle are both very proficient dancers with Omiya bringing a more traditional style while Doyle brings a more modern street/pop & lock flavor to his sequences. While Marsen blows them both away, sorry guys, they are both more than engaging in their sequences. Omiya shines brightest when he gets to interact with Marsen and, sadly, he was the only performer I was ever a little restless watching. He does fine work, he just seemed the most unnatural of the three and a bit too theatrical from time to time for my tastes in his few dramatic moments. Doyle stays to the sidelines for a lot of the film before the Creep gets a nice little arc late in the film that works great for the character and really allows him to show off his skills. Doyle is able to sell us on the Creeps journey with a few brief looks and works as an excellent leader when he is asked to do so.

To go any further without praising director Jacob Krupnick would be ill advised as his direction and cinematography is the greatest reason this film works as well as it does next to Marsen. Ignorant to Girl Talk before this film, Krupnick integrates the DJ’s mash up album perfectly with the environments he sends his dancers into and the performers do great work choreographing their dance to the music. The film is often gorgeous and serves almost as a visual travel log of New York City. The city could send the film out as a reason why you should visit the city and I am sure more than a few would be sold on in no time. Krupnick is able to naturally sneak his camera in and around his performers seamlessly (only caught his reflection once) and his ability to capture the citizens around the dancers without losing focus of the subjects has to be applauded as well. In fact, there are a couple of extended takes in the film that you could throw up against some of the best executed ones of the year by some of film’s best directors. Krupnick just didn’t have the luxury of control and environment those studio films did; most impressive.

It’s hard to say much more about Girl Walk // All Day other than go watch it already. The film is an experience unlike anything you can find in a theater and you can watch it for free, right now, in the comfort of your pajamas. Krupnick’s work is a triumph for the power of dance and music with a positive message of community that this world could afford to listen too more often. Above all that you should watch this to discover the force of nature that is Anne Marsen who you will be unable to resist as you are sucked into the picture to see what she does next.

Girl Walk // All Day is an A

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