TV Without Commercials: Boardwalk Empire 3.10

Well, it’s been a while (once again) since I’ve written about this season of Boardwalk but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching (once again).  Last week we saw Nucky in a way we have never seen him before, severly concussed.  Not only was he in a terrible state of mind from his injuries, but he is still coping with the fact that Lillian is now dead and he is alone.  No one is supporting him in his attack against Joe Masseria and now those closest to him are also planning to leave him.  Time, and hope, are dwindling for Nucky and moves will have to be made soon in order to maintain not only his status and fortune, but his survival as well.

So even though things are falling apart for Nucky on the gangster side of his life, his political life seems to be going somewhat smoothly.  Well, maybe not smoothly but things are certainly turning in his favor.  It seems as though Gaston Means got the best deal out of Jess Smith shooting himself.  Not only did he collect 40 thousand dollars from Nucky and Harry Daughtery, but he also didn’t even have to do anything.  So Nucky still has that part of his life in tact, and with his business about to relocate, thanks to Andrew Mellon, it looks as though he will still have a significant income coming his way soon.  All of this means nothing if he is dead of course, so hopefully he can stay alive before the season is over.

This week we got to see what Chalky was so interested in talking to Nucky about regarding the accident at Babbettes.  Nucky quickly shoots down his negro club idea and, I feel like that has more to do with the society they live more than anything else, but Nucky is running out of allies.  I guess he thinks that Chalky will always have his back but I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to guarantee that in the situation he’s found himself in.

I would also very briefly like to talk about Richard Harrow and how happy I am that he has finally found a nice girl.  I’m so glad he choked her dad out the way he did too.  That guy deserved it like no other, and I can only hope that maybe it was enough to change his attitude towards… well everything.  I also would really like the idea of Richard taking her and Tommy and leaving Atlantic City but who knows.

Things were starting to look pretty good Nelson for a little while there.  He didn’t have to work at that horrible job with the terrible boss and down right mean coworkers anymore, and he was working for not only Dean O’banion but he was making his own money on the side thanks to his amazing wife.  Now he has to be an informant for Al Capone which puts him in very dangerous waters, once again.

There’s also the issue of Lucky and Meyer who have now gone behind Rothstein’s back and made a deal with Joe Masseria.  I can’t imagine A.R. being okay with this.  Not to mention that in order for Masseria to make the deal they Lucky and Meyer had to tip him off about Nucky making a move against him.  I hate the idea of Lucky and Meyer working for the bad guy, but maybe this move will make Rothstein change his mind in regards to to supporting Nucky.

We already knew Gyp Rosetti was an evil psychopath but they made sure to demonstrate the depth of his cruelty.  Not only did he beat the brains in of his closest friend’s cousin right in front of him, he then approaches him and says “you owe me.” He is an amazing antagonist and I am completely terrified of him.  I can’t help but worry about the ship captain that Nucky sends to work for him.  Obviously Gyp has no idea that Nucky sent him now, but I feel like at some point Gyp will figure it out and that can’t be good for anyone.  Maybe he won’t though, and Nucky will be able to pull something off with the captain on his side.

Finally, we lost another character this week.  This one is a little bit more important than Billy…we lost Owen.  Personally, I hated the idea of Owen and Margaret running away together and leaving Nucky behind and completely alone.  At first I was annoyed that they were showing us the last conversation Margaret and Owen ever had but once she dropped the pregnancy bomb that feeling immediately vanished.  So now this gives us the much more important question of what will Margaret do now?  She probably feels stuck, because she knows that she has to take care of her children but she clearly doesn’t want Nucky to be a part of that anymore.  Nucky has to realize that she was in love with him, after the way she immediately became hysterical and had to touch his face before running off.  What will become of her and Nucky’s relationship now?  Even more important than the personal drama that Owen’s death has created, Nucky has made the first move, and failed.  The ball is now in Joe Masseria’s court and I would imagine he will send a lot more than just one guy for a retaliation.  With only two episodes left this season, I can’t wait to see if Nucky’s life will continue to unravel or if he will be able to somehow overcome.  I truly hope that it will be the later of the two, but at this point in time, that seems practically impossible.

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