TV Recap: Revolution 109 “Kashmir”

Including this week, Revolution only has two more episodes left until its Fall Break. That means, in these last two episodes, some big things need to happen. And what bigger way to soundtrack the second to last episode until the mid-season break than Led Zeppelin! Let’s just see how epic Revolution can be when it’s backed by “Kashmir.” See what I did there…?

Ramble On

We start the episode with a Miles ass kicking? Sure. The Gang Of Four were trying to get some troops together to head to Philly and take down the Monroe militia. But Miles being who he is, is captured and beaten up for information. Luckily for him, they were able to strike up a deal. “Part of the charm,” apparently. They eventually have a small camp-out before leaving, and Charlie antagonizes him about the alcohol he’s drinking. Miles is off of it right now, talking about not being confident and having no plan going in. Way to scare the shit out of Charlie there, guy.

For Your Life

Miles and the rebel leader were talking in the tunnels about upcoming plans. Even if they dont get Monroe, the rebel will put a bullet in Miles brain. Isn’t that nice of him? Nora and Charlie do some catching up on Nora’s past relationship with Miles, only to be stopped dead in their tracks when Charlie steps on a mine. No bueno.

Rachel and Neville get to talking about the pendant, and how she’s making an amplifier for it’s range. We get some Zeppelin in the background here, which makes for the first reference to the band this episode. Neville seems quite impressed about her workings and powers with the pendant, and wants that generator looking thing up-and-ready as soon as possible. But since it is being made for the intention of killing people, Rachel tells them that it will take a while to finish. Slow burn…

Nora gets to work on marking all of the mines and defusing the one Charlie is currently occupying. Everyone else leaves, but Miles and Aaron stick around for any support they can give. Charlie acted reasonably calm throughout this entire ordeal – which by this show’s standards is really surprising. Nora injects a screwdriver into the activator, and tells everyone to start running. Luckily, no one gets hurt from the delayed explosion, but the cave behind them is not demolished. We can only go forward now.

Dazed And Confused

Aaron is trying to talk to the 19 year old archer, named Ashley (or Who Cares, I’m Probably Going To Die Later), and asks if she even knows what the United States was. She must be close to Charlie’s age, as she gives a resounding no. She does know old stories that her Dad taught her, but that’s about it.

Now we start getting into some hallucinogen-type shenanigans. Miles flips out after he finds a militia guard hanging around, which it turned out to be nothing. Nora almost drowned when she thought an alligator was biting her. And Aaron was haunted by the guilt of his wife in which he left her fifteen years ago. Charlie…was completely fine with everything…

This is capped off by Miles opening a door and entering Monroe’s quarters. Monroe politely shuts the door, turns around, and gives Miles a big old hug. Awkward, but big.

Zeppelin count = 2

No Stairway…Denied

Was Miles hallucinating Monroe? Yup. He is supposed to show what Miles is afraid of, and that’s not him – but rejoining him after this little adventure is over. He finally snaps out of it, with Charlie lurking and listening next to him.

The group finds a door, looking like a good way out. They pop the door open, and SURPRISE, the leader of the rebellion is actually a leader for Monroe. Isn’t that somethin. He turns around and shoots two of “his” men, and takes Miles under his custody. The militia man props down the door and gets Miles to start walking up this incredibly large staircase (think Super Mario 64 style). The group eventually takes it down, and is on the move. The traitor shoots Aaron’s archer friend, then gets shot by Charlie…

…And he shoots her.

Charlie wakes up in the living room, with her dead dad by her side. Well this was unexpected.

Good Times Bad Times

Miles is freaking out right now. He trying everything he can (and by everything, I mean yell at her) to get Charlie up and alive. Looks like the bullet just grazed her, but nethertheless. Charlie is understanding now that where she is is fake, and back where Miles is yelling towards her is real. Her dead dad seemed disappointed, but hey, he’s dead and doesn’t have to worry anymore. She wakes up, and everything is back to what it once was – besides the giant gash in her forehead.

Rachel still working away on that amplifier…or is she? Monroe and Neville’s suspicions seem to be aroused by the smell of lies coming from Rachel, so they enlist the help of the other scientist they locked up last episode. He gives it a one over and tells them it’s a bomb. That doesn’t go over too well. Monroe is now threatening to kill Danny (YAY) and Rachel for the treason that they’ve done (Danny didn’t do anything, but still). Monroe has no use for her now. Rachel understands that, and turns around and stabs the other scientist in the stomach. I mean #YOLO, right?

FINAL THOUGHTS: Another solid, well written episode. The action really picked up during the last ten minutes of the show, and the lucid-ness of the hallucination portions were a true highlight this episode. This is a big Miles episode, in which he didn’t kill a single person. Who knew that would be awesome? Anyways, we have one more episode, so what do you think is going to happen next week? Leave your comments down below.

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