TV Recap: Revolution 108 “Ties That Bind”

I’m in a bit of a mood for this write-up. Just before Revolution came on the air, I just so happened to see a promo advertizing the show, which spoiled a major moment in this episode AS WELL as something yet to be addressed. So with those thoughts running in the back of my mind, and this episode going absolutely no where until the end, it’s safe to say that this wasn’t one of their better episodes. Why don’t we get started?

Hostage Found (Already?)

We open at a small little military compound, with Nora dealing wheeling and dealing with some of the guardsman to help get the crew across the bridge he should be guarding. But, he lets The Gang Of Four walk…for a little bit. Of course there’s a trap half way across the bridge, with militia men shooting machine guns at the gang. They all take refuge in a small house, trying to wait out the storm. That storm being Strausser, a man Miles is pretty terrified of. Some of the militia that was looking for the gang reported them gone, and gets a stab to the gut for their troubles.

Now Strausser has to pull out the big guns – Nora’s sister Mia.

What’s Family For?

We get out first flashback of the episode, with young Nora and Mia hiding away from an intruder who’s broken into their mother’s house. The next morning, Nora finds their mother dead, and takes Mia to go find Dad. Pretty depressing, not even gonna lie.

Strausser’s men know about the necklace, and will gladly exchange Mia for it and Miles. Time to scheme up some sort of rescue plan.

Jason, for what appears to be no reason at all, is getting his life beaten out of him by some of the militia’s jailmen. Neville finds this out and orders them to stop – only to find out that Monroe ordered the beating. Turns out, Jason asked a nobody about where Strausser was going, and was ratted out by the same nobody to Monroe. Now, he’s up for treason charges??? That’s a bit harsh.

We return to see Nora do what Nora knows best, and that’s blowing shit up. With all of the distractions and death, they manage to rescue Mia and run away. Wow, that was terribly quick. Episode’s over, right?

No Hugs Or Anything?

Next Nora flashback, with her and Mia walking along a Texas beach, trying to find their father. They find his house, but he has long left the building. And because Mia was a really pushy little girl, she eggs on Nora until she spills with the news of their mom dying.

Then we are brought back to the present day, where Mia tells Nora that she has found their father. That’s pretty big news. However, Nora did promise the group that she’d stay and find Danny (who thankfully didn’t make an appearance this episode).

If anyone was wondering, Charlie was creeping in the background.

Mia’s contact, who was supposed to pick up the gang of five, is now dead. So there’s that.

Sister Act

Neville, still not happy with his son being tortured, sits by himself with a cup of scotch. His wife, who hasn’t really been a factor in the show a lot, has some special info on some people of the militia. Apparently, the person who turned his son in has a son as well, and he’s a rebel. That’s not good. So to get their son out of trouble, why not turn this guy in? She’s really playing some devil’s advocate to Neville now.

Mia is about to leave, and wants Nora to come along. Charlie, being the go-getter she is, convinces Nora to go with her. Before she leaves, however, steals a kiss from Miles before leaving. Nice little bit of character development, even though it was just thrown in there.

While walking away, Nora and Mia get stopped by Strausser. Never fear, however, as Mia gives him the pendant she pickpocketted from Aaron a while ago. Then she gave away their position. What. A. Bitch.

Raging Rivers

We get another giant scene with Nora and Mia, as she tries to explain why she gave up the group. This is something that Nora can’t even grip right now, and she leaves to go deal with the militia…

…who has Miles at gunpoint. There was some funny dialogue between himself and Strausser, but that’s not really hard to do when a whole episode is mildly depressing. Nora makes the save after a very Assassin’s Creed-y kill from behind. The crew then escapes through some rapids, leaving the pendant still in the militia’s control.

Now that Monore has the Power Pendant, he hands it over to Rachel, who seems all ready and willing to work with him.

As for Grace, we end the show with her and her captive examining where the pendant is going, and showing her this big missle room (?), and tells her to go get that pendant back.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was not a good episode. Thanks to the little preview I got, I already knew that Miles and Nora were going to kiss, so that moment fell by the wayside. But they didn’t explain another part of that trailer, of which I am not going to spoil for anyone. The writing wasn’t on point this time, and the action scenes were kind of laughable. They could’ve easily split this episode up into two, but this just felt way too rushed for it’s own good. But what do you think? Leave your thoughts down below.

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