TV Without Commercials: Boardwalk Empire 3.7

  So I know it has been several weeks since I have written anything about the current season of Boardwalk Empire, but that doesn’t mean that I have not been watching.  So far this season has been unfolding in a dramatic and exciting fashion, and has been far from disappointing to say the least.  Not only has Nucky’s business life been unraveling but his personal life seems to have turned against him as well.  Perhaps this Easter celebration with his family will be the beginning of things starting to turn around for not just him but all of the main characters in this season.

Oh Gillian, I’ve spent the last two years of my life despising you and your creepiness, but I have to admit, you have really grown on me.  I spent that whole episode wondering how she was going to kill him but every time they showed her with Roger, nothing happened.  The surprise injection of heroin could not have fit her personality better, and I loved the way she answered the question of how much she gave to him with a very calm “let’s just say a lot.”  That is wonderfully evil.  Now that Jimmy can be officially pronounced dead the house legally belongs to Gillian, and she will be able to get a loan using the house as collateral.  It will be interesting to see what exactly she has planned for herself and what direction her story line will head once she has all of that money.

Richard’s day with Tommy started out a little rough but it seemed to end on a positive note.  He has finally found himself a nice girl, and she seems to be interested in him.  There is one problem though, both of them are basically trapped.  They each have their own responsibilities and problems in their home life that keep them stuck.  Perhaps both of them will just run away together, but I hate the idea of Richard not being there to take care of Tommy.  Also, what is Richard going to do about Gillian faking Jimmy’s death with this Roger guy?  No one else in the whorehouse besides him and Gillian are going to know that that isn’t Jimmy, and obviously Gillian is going to swear up and down that it’s him.  I feel like Richard will have no choice but to go along with her story but I have a hard time believing that he won’t do something about it.

I feel like the title of this week’s episode “Sunday Best” was mostly referring to the encounter between the two Thompson brothers, and more importantly, their two families.  I’ve always wondered how Eli was able to manage his 8 children, when he seems to be fairly incompetent in all other aspects of his life.  Eli is a wonderful husband as well as a wonderful father and up until this season Eli has always been portrayed as somewhat of an idiot, but it appears he is more or less a changed man.  The meltdown with the gun in the garage was more of his old character, but perhaps spending 16 months in prison changed him for the better.  This was also the first episode where we really got to see interactions between Eli and June, and we actually got a glimpse into June’s personality as well.  She is the stereotypical 1920’s housewife.  I thought it was wonderful that Margaret opened up to her and I personally felt that a good relationship between the two of them would have been beneficial for everyone.  That moment vanished, however, as soon as June began talking about the cake and then immediately left the room.  We didn’t see Lillian Kent in this episode but that doesn’t really mean anything in regards to her and Nucky.  He and Margaret seemed to have a moment during the talent show, or whatever that was supposed to be, at Eli’s house but then she just went straight to bed as Nucky sat on the couch.  I’m pretty sure he was back in his suite at the Ritz when he made that phone call to Eli, but I’m not completely certain of that.

This episode made me like Gyp Rosetti a lot more, not as a person, but as a villain.  His character is far deeper than I ever would have imagined.  He answers to Joe the Boss and appears to be much lower on the totem pole than previous episodes have suggested.  He lives in a small apartment with a bunch of Italian women.  I’m assuming one of them is his mother, the older one probably his grandmother and I don’t know the other two could be his sisters I guess.  Either way, Gyp shares this apartment with all of these people and obviously answers to them, not the other way around.  It’s no wonder he is always in such a bad mood all of the time, and I love how his answer to the priest was “I’m praying.”  His meeting with Joe the Boss was interesting, we were minutes away from seeing the very last of Gyp Rosetti until he started bargaining for his life.  As if Gyp wasn’t scary enough, now he is going to kill Nucky, Rothstein, and Lucky, or at least attempt to.  I doubt he will be able to take out all three, but I have a feeling at least one those men will meet their fate at the hands of Gyp Rosetti.  If I had to guess I would say Lucky, because Rothstein and Nucky are too important to the story, but then again they did kill of Jimmy so I could be way wrong.  I guess we will just have to wait and see how this season continues to unfold.

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