TV Recap: Revolution 106 “Sex And Drugs”

If you missed last weeks epsidoe – good news! There wasn’t one, as the show took its first mini-hiatus of the season. And hopefully, taking this week off will be the best thing the show could have done, as they can fix and tweak some things to make Revolution a real winner. And now that the show was Entertainment Weekly’s “Must” of this week, maybe this new episode will deliver where the show has been lacking.

Let’s get this going.

Damnit…I forgot about this dumb intro. Thought that would’ve been cut by now.

Never Called Him A Friend

Nora is not looking good to start this episode off, as the Gang of Four steal a horse-drawn carriage and start hauling ass. The line of “Everything is going to be OK” sets Charlie off, and she just goes into Aaron. We’re almost two minutes in and she is already pointing fingers at everyone else. Even Miles is surprised by this.

We get our first flashback of the episode, and it’s an Aaron one. Him and his way-too-hot-for-him wife are celebrating what I assume is their anniversary. Even she admits that he doesn’t have to do all the things he’s doing – like renting the company jet. The power goes out, and a truck just crushes them. That was a bit unexpected.

Danny and Monroe finally meet face-to-face. Monroe even goes as far as to say Danny looks like his mother. Danny is now a guest to Monroe; anything he wants, he gets. He excuses Danny, so he can deal with Neville, you know, killing his dad and all. And what better way to deal with it than to give him a promotion. Neville, of course, accepts.

The carriage pulls up to a plantation looking house about five hours away from where they started. Drexel, the man of the house, is in no mood to deal with Miles, apparently. He immediately tells the gang to get on their knees, and points a gun to Miles head. This isn’t good going into commercial.

All In The Little Things

*click* Drexel is just playing games, he says with a crazy smile on his face. He welcomes them inside, and already has eyes set to Charlie. Well that’s awkward.

We are getting another Aaron flashback. He is carrying his wife, who doesn’t look good at all. He leans her up under a bridge, and they both look scared when they hear someone else. The stranger helps her with her illness – something Aaron didn’t know how to treat.

Side note: Aaron looks like Andy Hull from Manchester Orchestra without his glasses.

Miles is with Nora, who is getting treated down in Drexel’s mini hospital. Luckily for Nora, Miles has the miracle blood type that goes good with anyone. Miles takes a seat next to a knocked out Nora, and reaches for her hand. Isn’t that sweet.

Charlie gets a bath run for her, as she sits and thinks about everything bad that has happened to her for the run of the show. She gets out – still naked – and starts ripping up all of her postcards she was carrying around in that lunchbox tin. She be crazy now or something?

Report are in for Neville and his company. Neville and Jason (aka Not Nate) are not happy with each other, as Neville questions his loyalty to him or to Charlie. That one little bit will set up something later. We also get an intro to Stausser, a handyman for Monroe. Something else that is going to be set up for something later.

Nora still isn’t looking good. But now that she was treated, Miles is ready to get out of creeper Drexel’s house…only to be then caught by the man himself. Drexel gives this entire backstory between Miles and himself, where when he became a traitor, Drexel then became a target. Miles is not happy – nor should he really be. Drexel wants Charlie to do a job for him – go down the street and murder the head of the opposing clan, and she is willing to do so. This won’t end badly…

Hiding In Plain Sight

Charlie is stone cold emotionless looking at herself in the mirror. She is ready to kill this target. Aaron is really trying to defend the innocents at the house she has to go to, but she isn’t listening. Even Miles is concerned. But Charlie is strong (or stronger than usual), and explains that she has to do it. Drexel comes in to give her a quick brief – and a punch to the face for good measure. Charlie takes it like a champ though – I believe this is the second time she’s been punched in the face this season.

We get some more Aaron backstory. Honestly, it’s almost a curse when you get the backstory for the episode. Aaron’s camp gets raided, and if it wasn’t for a fellow campsman, his wife would’ve definitely been kidnapped.

Back to regular time, Aaron is begging Miles to go after Charlie. Miles is really reluctant this episode, and is just letting her go to this camp. Looks like he’s softened up a little bit – which is fine by me.

Charlie enters the camp, and uses a line Miles throws out in the beginning of the episode to get in deeper. At least she’s learning a bit.

Aaron hatches a scheme to get Miles to go help Charlie – and that was to scream for help until Miles snapped the guard’s neck. That was the easiest kill of the show so far.

Target Acquired

Charlie finds the guy she was instructed to kill. Of course he’s a family man, with a baby. GUILT TRIP!

Aaron gets dragged out of the house by Drexel and his men, and now has to duel an Adrenaline filled Nora TO THE DEATH!!! With guns…so that makes it a little less exciting.

You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid

Charlie is now in prime position to kill her target, but because she’s not stealthy, gets caught by the man she is trying to kill. She clonks (yes that’s a technical term) him on the head, knocking him out cold. I’m surprised his entire family in the next room didn’t hear any of that.

The duel between Nora and Aaron is underway…sort of. They aren’t really making any attempts to shoot one another.

We do get another Aaron flashback (of course in the middle of a duel), and he is not a happy camper. Can’t use his Google powers to light a fire. I love seeing his wife being supportive throughout everything – not that golddigger vibe I was getting earlier when the power was still on. In fact, Aaron has grown on me a bit.

Now the I Hope They Get Killed Off chart goes as followed:

Yeah that’s it.

For some reason, Aaron wants Nora to shoot him. He thinks he isn’t a help to anyone (besides being the moral compass), and is willing to die for everyone elses safety. Nora won’t shoot, of course. So Aaron turns the gun on himself. That’s not cool, bro.

Brains Over Brawn

R.I.P. Aar-NOPE. Aaaron wins the straight badass award for this episode for shooting Drexel in the face after shooting his flask instead of himself. Drexel’s men, now free from their leader are totally cool with letting them leave. Glad to see not everyone are awful human beings.

The last flashback of the night shows Aaron leaving his wife, giving her his wedding ring and a note. Not a cool way to end that story, but it did make Aaron look sympathetic. Which he really needed.

Danny gets brought out at the middle of the night to finally meet Rachel, AKA his mother. He already knows its her…and doesn’t look exactly happy to see her. He finally accepts the embrace, but reluctantly. Nice moment to end it on, I guess.

FINAL THOUGHTS: The best episode so far. I actually rooted for the characters this episode, which is a nice change of pace overall. Even the pacing was good – bringing in someone we can hate early on only for them to still wind up dead at the end makes for a satisfying episode. Hopefully, they strike while the iron is hot next episode – and MAYBE we will see Grace again. But what do you think of the episode? Is Revolution on the right track now? Leave a comment down below.

2 thoughts on “TV Recap: Revolution 106 “Sex And Drugs”

  1. I am so happy with this episode of Revolution! This show has been getting better and better once it finally started to get its legs underneath it, and I’m glad that we will be able to see a whole season of it. A lot of my coworkers at DISH have started to pick back up on the show, after they gave up on it early on in the series. With so much on TV on Monday nights, I’m so glad that my Hopper records all four major networks with the PrimeTime Anytime feature, so I don’t have to worry about missing an episode. I can’t wait for next week’s episode now and I really don’t want to miss anything when it comes to this show!

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