TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.3 – Lone Gunman

Arrow headerSorry for the late posting guys, but my DVR sometimes just says: “F you Lauren! I record what I want!”  Maybe it just really doesn’t like the villain, Deadshot.

Dramatic Inner Monologues

I don’t know about you, but I am starting to think they are using these shirtless workout scenes to distract us from the ridiculously overdramatic voiceovers as Oliver lines up his next target.  Don’t get me wrong, I might have had to rewind to actually listen to what he was saying the second time around because of the visual distractions, but goodness was it laughable when I did.  We get it Oliver, you have a mission to rid Starling City of the corrupt members of society taking advantage of your home, so you don’t really need this moment of exposition each week to remind us what your goals are.  Now stop your ridiculous talk of the cancer plaguing the body of the city that you must attack as the surgeon.

Flashback to the Island

Not too much new is revealed to progress the story on the island, but the set up of this place does continue in this episode as we see the man who shot Oliver through the chest.  Turns out someone can actually have scarier hair than Oliver did when we first came across him at the time of his rescue.  Too bad Oliver couldn’t see the subtitles we got to read because the man actually says that he shot him to protect him.  I’m not positive how this logic works considering he could have just whacked him over the head and dragged him home like any respectable caveman would do, but who am I to argue with a man with a bow.

Eventually Oliver tries running away from the man who pulled the arrow the rest of the way through his chest, only to get caught in a net high above the forest floor.  Luckily for him, his savior finds him before the rest of the dangers of the island catch up to him, which we later see to include the legs of more men.  What the heck is going on on this island.

The Man with the Deadly Aim

Last week’s episode featured the comic-based baddy China White, which didn’t go too well because she was rather weakly developed before taking her leave after a lame fight scene.  This week, Arrow goes for someone a little better known with Deadshot (or Floyd Lawton, who originated as a Batman villain), but unfortunately this may be an even bigger failure than the last.

My only real history with Deadshot is within the pages of the recent DC reemergence of the Suicide Squad, and even though I only read a handful of issues, Deadshot was front and center enough to show just how poorly this adaptation of this character is.  As the episode starts, Arrow confronts James Holder and is just about to get deep into his speech about how horrible and corrupt Holder is for what his defective smoke detectors have allowed to happen, but before he can really get into his speech of the injustice of the world a shot rings out and Holder lies dead face down in the pool.  This is the Deadshot I know.  But after this moment he never seems to be the Deadshot we were lead to believe he is, and he certainly doesn’t deserve the name, which he was given for never missing his target.

For starters, if he is such a good shot why would he need to put poison on his ammunition?  The shot should be enough to cause a mortal wound.  One wound, to be specific.  Not the numerous holes that would be left by the machine gun-esque weapon attached to his arm.  At least this was a cool idea, unlike the ridiculously designed contraption on his eye, but it doesn’t fit the character at all whom Arrow eventually easily defeats by doing what Deadshot could not: hit his target.

With the weak representation of characters being pulled from the comics, I think it is time for Arrow to step back a little and create characters of their own for the show, until they can eventually dedicate more time to those pulled from the pages.  Gain a steady footing with more common thugs like that from the first episode, and then go big.

Arrow’s Identity Revealed

Hopefully next week Oliver will actually have someone else to talk to during his time usually dedicated to inner monologues, allowing the voiceovers to stop.  However, based on the preview I am not really sure how well Diggle (eh heh… I don’t think I will ever stop laughing at this comical name that doesn’t fit the man at all) will take the information that the man he that is always running away from his protective gaze is actually Arrow.  Maybe he will eventually come to an understanding with it since he once too killed people for a cause he believed in, but for now it looks like he is not going to be all too pleased with who Oliver really is.

Maybe revealing himself to Diggle wasn’t Oliver’s best idea yet, but I am definitely for it.  Especially if the other option was letting Diggle die (No way that bullet wasn’t going to find him after the conversation with his sister-in-law about his brother dying because of this profession)!  I just hope this means that they start working together in the more proactive capacity than remaining bodyguard and client, though going back to this typical routine is better than nothing since their conversations are always the best.  Maybe Diggle can get a snazzy uniform too.  Do suits come with hoods?  (Also, suck it Merlyn!  Diggle found out first!)

Quote of the Week

I don’t plan on doing this every week since this isn’t a comedy, but every now and again Arrow provides some pretty humorous interactions.  Plus the moments with Felicity Smoak in the IT department were a highlight of this episode as he tried to pull one over on her, so it feel appropriate to bring it in somehow.

Oliver Queen: “I was at my coffee shop surfing the web and I spilled my latte on it.”
Felicity Smoak: “Really? Cuz these look like bullet holes.”
Oliver Queen: “My coffee shop is in a bad neighborhood.”

Final Thoughts

It is a little disappointing that Deadshot didn’t come across as a more menacing character considering what he is capable of.  Oh the games he and Arrow could have played, especially as a recurring villain had they allowed for that…  For now the show stays steady, and hopefully will only grow from here now that we’ve seen a little more of what some characters are capable of, and what they know.

So what did you think about tonight’s episode?  Are you getting tired of Thea with all of her horrible little sister troublemaking?  It is an interesting way to allow other characters to see the caring big brother side of Oliver that he hides when he is putting up the playboy front, such as during the club scene tonight, but it is just another annoying character type seemingly pulled straight from another CW show (i.e. Gossip Girl and 90210).  Speaking of clubs, I will give it to him that setting up a club on top of his Arrow workshop is a decent idea in the “I was here all night and not out pin-cushioning bad guys!” excuse sort of way, as long as he makes sure no one else can find it.  Were you impressed by what Laurel learned in self-defense class?  And where was this training last week?  Are you hoping to learn more about what the heck Oliver being a Bratva means?  Let me know all your thoughts on this week’s episode of Arrow in the comment section below!


One thought on “TV Rants & Ramblings: Arrow 1.3 – Lone Gunman

  1. I thought this episode was descent, and I really liked the introduction of Deadshot! I kept hearing mixed reviews of this episode from several of my co-workers from DISH, but I couldn’t say much since I just barely watched it a few minutes ago. My Hopper DVR didn’t mind recording Arrow since I’m able to have it record up to six different shows at the same time during primetime. I hope that next week, yours will decide to work. ;)

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