TV Recap: Revolution 104 “The Plague Dogs”

Revolution is starting not to settle well with me, as the show is going nowhere incredibly slowly. Now that it’s been picked up for a full season, the show needs to pick up quickly to keep my interest for a full season. So where does 104 go? Let’s watch and find out.

This is the stupidest intro ever. CUT THIS CUT THIS CUT THIS!

No Good Reunion

We start the episode off with Charlie getting chased by some militia for stealing some food rations or something like that. Miles, being Miles, comes out and saves her. Apparently, his name still holds some weight with the militia. He describes Neville to the tee; which is funny as they have yet to have a face-to-face yet. Miles cleans off the militia guard and socks him in the face. For whatever reason, Charlie is still poking Miles with the “Who Are You” stick. I feel for him; that would get so annoying after a while. Telling Charlie to shut up is going to be the ongoing theme for every episode, or at least I hope it will be.

Maggie and Aaron are still waiting around for Charlie. Maggie starts daydreaming about her kids and being in Seattle, the last place she saw them. She snaps out of it when Aaron starts talking about the Power Pendant. Aaron doesn’t want to tell anyone about this, while Maggie thinks it should be no secret. AND THEN THERE’S A REUNION! Everyone is back together again. Regardless of the hug, Maggie is still not Charlie’s mom according to her face. For some reason, it’s a good idea about to travel at night. And just like that, they are surrounded by dogs. And Miles does not want any part of this.

Dog Eat Cat

The Gang of Five is now running from said dogs I mentioned earlier. And just like that, Aaron gets bit. Maggie, of all people, took Charlie’s crossbow and shot the dog to help Aaron out. Good for her – she even looks surprised.

And we’re back to Danny, and he is not happy. I mean, he’s a prisoner, so that’s a thing still. And amazing, by just glaring at the sky long enough, a storm (that doesn’t effect where the Gang of Five) has some powers of bringing in storms. Neville doesn’t like the new of said storm…not at all.

Rachel is back! And as stoic as ever. Monroe is also back, and is still not happy that Rachel isn’t giving up any secrets she has. And now the torture tools are coming out…

The Gang settles down, and Charlie doesn’t look too happy. Miles is in the bushes, talking to Nora about leaving the group – because he thinks that will help Charlie and everyone else. Nora called him a dick and a deserter, and it seems like Miles is cool with that. Charlie listens in, and Miles seems cool with that too. Charlie has a flashback of her mom deserting her, which was a big moment for her when she was younger. Miles and the gang, who he hasn’t deserted yet, break on through a cemetery, where we find an obedient dog and it’s master. Why who is this master?

It’s All ‘Bout Family

That giant storm Danny summons forces the militia to settle in some sort of barn thing. Danny, who is placed by some tools and an escape route, watches on as the militia struggles to settle down their horses.

The Gang arrives at a Carnival sort of thing, and are being stocked by Not Nate. Of course, using his keen senses, Miles finds Nate and a fight ensues. Charlie breaks it up – siding with Not Nate – and the stalker gets captured.

Maggie has another flashback, but that was for filler. So let’s move on…

Danny escapes again! But he doesn’t go far, as Neville catches up and throws him in a basement. Now they’re both trapped under the storm.

Maggie pulls Miles to the side and gives him this big speech about family, and how Miles’ brother came in to help her from killing herself with poison. Miles is really stone cold about this whole thing – almost like he wasn’t listening.

AAAAAND just like that, Maggie gets stabbed. And apparently she knows that she severed an artery, and in a very deadpan way says that she is bleeding out. I would be screaming my lungs out. But nope, she is THE ice queen.

Bad Things Happen To Good People

Neville and Danny are now trapped as this storm settles in. Neville is trying to be civil, and even calls Danny’s father a better man for not killing anyone. Good for him, not cool that Danny still hates him. No one hates Gus Fring…

Now trapped in a diner, Miles and Nora decide to take to the roofs to find the evil master guy with the dogs. Charlie, who apparently has found a real soul, is trying to help Maggie as much as possible…isn’t that nice of her?

We return to Neville and Danny trying to hang on to whatever they can. The storm passes, and the house looks to collapses on Danny. AMEN!

And back at the diner, Charlie gets smuggled by the dog master. Aaron yells at the captive, like that was really going to do anything. Way to step up on the likable meter.

In all seiousness, he is number two on my list of character I want to die. The list goes as followed:

1) Danny
2) Aaron
3) Charlie (the surly part of her)

The Hostage Siblings

Miles and Nora return from their rooftop adventures, only to find Aaron not looking for Charlie. Miles decides the best thing to do in this situation is to grab his sword, and let Not Nate help him get Charlie back. MILES AND NOT NATE TEAM-UP!

No…Neville is actually trapped under the house. WHY COULDN’T IT BE DANNY?!?!?! Neville guilts Danny to help him up, using the knowledge that Danny’s father wouldn’t ever kill anybody. So Danny, being the naive character he is, lets Neville up, and then gets captured. Smooth.

Charlie is tied up, with her crossbow pointed towards her, while the Dog Master is tying up some tripwire around her. I didn’t quite make up his name, but I don’t think it really matters. All his backstory, probably doesn’t matter. It makes Charlie look pretty helpless, like this show does from time-to-time.

And just like that, the Dog Master gets stabbed in the chest with an arrow thanks to Not Nate. Not predictable at all.

And Then There Was Six…And Then Five Again

The crossbow fires, and of course misses Charlie completely. The three of them return to Maggie, who knows that she is in her dying minutes. Charlie really looks sad here…and so does Aaron.

You know what, revision to the list above. Aaron is the new number one.

Anyways, Maggie grips her cell phone one last time, and nods off into eternal slumber. Charlie is comforted by Miles, who reassures her that he isn’t going anywhere.

RIP Maggie: Ep 101-104

Rachel, who looks to be unharmed from the torture, is just sitting by herself. Monroe comes in and tells her how much of a bitch she’s being. Well that was mean…

…Until we get another flashback (which is at least five for this episode). Apparently, she left her family AND IMMEDIATELY turns herself into Miles…who was a part of the Monroe Republic at this time. SHOCKER!

FINAL THOUGHTS: Well this was definitely better than the last two episodes, that’s for sure. But no Grace? Is that story dead or something? And I’m glad that some of the stories are tying together right now, but they all feel so empty right now. Hopefully next week, everything will be tied together, and therefore more enjoyable. But still, not a bad episode. What did you think though? Who do you want to die in the show? Let me know in the comments down below.

2 thoughts on “TV Recap: Revolution 104 “The Plague Dogs”

  1. They really didn’t get anything accomplished this episode. As my supervisor at DISH would say, “The wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead.” They shouldn’t have killed off Maggie either. She was one of the best actors on the show and I was even happier with her when she let Charlie know that she wasn’t following her for her but for her father. I don’t see how anyone can think that Charlie is anything but annoying. Regardless, I have decided to boycott the show until I find out why the electricity went out. My Hopper automatically records NBC’s prime time shows so the episode will be waiting if they ever decide to spill the beans.

  2. What!? The show isn’t moving at the pace you have set? Well then boycott! But if you were to really hold to that you would toss out your glorious Hopper since having the recordings just waiting for you to get over this is actually a cop out. Granted, all your DISH friends would be so disappointed if you, god forbid, didn’t have your Hopper.

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