TV Recap: Revolution 103 “No Quarter”

The last we saw everyone in Revolution, they were doing many things. Really, there’s about five different stories going on right now, and none of them are really tying together yet. But that was then, and episode 103 is now. Will Charlie finally get over her internal guilt of killing people? Will her love interest Nate (or whatever his name is) get out of his cuffs and do finally pick a side? Will Danny get more than one line this time around? Well let’s get into it…

Firstly, I hate this intro. Really. It needs to just go to the “Previously On…” scenes and just go on.

Welcome To Hannigans

Miles and Nora are still fighting about The Rebels, but it looks like the animosity is actually due to a failed relationship. They arrive at the base, only to get held up by the rebels themselves. The leader, or what I presume as the leader, meets Nora with WIDE open arms (something that troubles Miles). But there’s some trouble in the rebel base. Apparently, they got attacked while Nora was gone, and many are either dead or injured. Charlie gets called over to help a dying man, but she really is no help. Nicholas (aka the leader) and Miles are arguing about leaving the base, and of course they cannot make up their minds.

We cut to the forest, where a member of the rebel forces is being forced to play a game of Russian Roulette. The leader here is not leading up torturing this guy. The leader goes on about how precious ammo is, and not wanting to waste it on him. But eventually the rebel breaks, and then gets shot. The leader looks really familiar…THAT’S RIGHT! He’s the father in Dexter season one! I knew I recognized him from something.

Nothing Left To Do But Pray

We return to Neville’s base, where he is politely reading a book off to the side. One of the foot soldiers (and former actor on Scrubs!) “accidentally” drops a pail of water to give to Danny. Danny pleads to Neville for some water, or just to die. Neville, of course, gives him what he asks for…water.

Back at the base, Charlie is really starting to pull for a leader position in the group. Only thing is, Miles is wanting this a lot more than her. INNER TENTION EVERYONE!

Back to the Group Of Two (Aaron and Maggie), and they run across Grace’s house. Not a soul there (no surprise if you saw last week’s episode). Aaron is geeking out over some broken computer chips, and subsequently bragging about how much money he had. Isn’t that annoying.

And at the base, Charlie is playing nurse for the Rebels, trying to cheer up some injured souls. Miles is being really snarky towards Norah and Nicholas. Apparently, they are not a couple, but he is a priest. What a revelation! Right before leaving, the militia group runs across the restaurant, and open fires. For someone who was talking about conserving ammo, he really putting in some rounds in the restaurant/base. One of the bullets hits Charlie’s injured soldier, and she isn’t liking that.

It’s Time To Shawshank

The boy that Charlie was talking to earlier? The one she was cheering up? Yeah he’s dead now, and Charlie isn’t happy about it. Miles and Nicholas bicker a little in the back, but come to a decision about trying to dig a hole out the back to let everyone go.

The leader again stresses about how bullets are outside of the base, and tells one of his men to get someone out there to be a decoy. Of course the person he sends gets shot, leaving the leader to sit and think about what he’s done.

While the action had stopped for a bit, Nora and Charlie sit down for some girl talk. I’m starting to like Nora more than I do Charlie – she seems to be the most understanding and emotionally there person in the group so far. She explains about all of her hardships, and what she is fighting for inside. Nice little moment between the two of them. Maybe Charlie can become more human after this.

Danny gets woken up by the foot soldier who dropped his water earlier, and he is not happy. Apparently, Danny killed his best friend Templeton (or however you spell it), and he needs to have some sort of payback. SOOOO he takes a bag full of…well…rocks I would think (or dead batteries to add to the No Power theme). Either way, Danny was going to get his.

All That Work…

BY THE WAY…all through this episode, there have been flashbacks to when Miles and Monroe were good friends. They really have accomplished nothing so far, other than Monroe was trying to keep a level head. Hopefully they tie that whole deal down soon.

For only starting a couple or so hours ago (I’m assuming), that tunnel system is looking pretty legit. And then it colapsed, so that was the end of that plan. Bullets are becoming more scarse up top, as the sniper who was picking off militia left and right is not in a very good position. Unlike Miles and his wanting to run, Charlie wants to FIGHT! Out of nowhere, she calls her own father a coward. Of course, this is calling Miles’ brother a coward, which he takes offense to.

BUT THERE’S NO TIME, BECAUSE A SWORD FIGHT IS STARTING! Miles, like Miles does on a daily basis, is becoming a bigger badass. Nora is also doing pretty well. And Charlie hit a guy…

The leader of that militia group is now captured. Turns out, him and Miles know each other. Even more, Miles was the founding father of the militia and Republic. Would’ve been such a bigger moment if they didn’t spoil it during the end credits. Really fell flat.

All Good Deeds…

We return to Maggie and Aaron, who are apparently having issues. Aaron is mad at something, like computer parts are tearing him inside. And Maggie is as emotionless as every, reassuring him about the abundance of curry she found.

Charlie, Miles, Nora, and the leader make a trade…well Miles makes a trade. For everyone’s safety, he will go with the leader and his men without a fight. Charlie is upset again at his decision to be captured, but there is nothing she can really do about it. That’s what happens when you get mad for no reason…people want to leave you.

The foot soldier who attacked Danny earlier comes back to his shanty tent to make sure he was doing alright. But alas, Danny was having yet another asthma attack. HA, nevermind. He was only faking it to get the guard over to him so Danny can choke him out. I laughed when Danny tried to be menacing, his voice just cannot do it for me. Neville watches on on horseback, and he is not amused.

Miles and the leader (accompanied by his men) are walking calmly back to whatever base they came from, talking like it was old times. All of a sudden, a rebel raid occurs! Explosions everywhere, as Charlie and Nora take back Miles for themselves. Someone leaves behind a backpack, like it was some big evidence. But no, Charlie gets one of her arrows lit on fire and blows up the bag. Not bad [starts slow claps].

…Go Unnoticed?

The last flashback shows Miles being really unhinged by the world around him. He stumbles on a mugging and shoots the assailants dead in the chest. Monroe looked a bit squeemish this time around, with all the death and all. Turns out, the man Miles saved was the leader all along. Who saw that one coming [points to myself]?

Miles, Charlie, and Nora are now walking away from the fight, heading to whatever adventures lay ahead of them. Miles wants Charlie to call him a monster. She refuses, because she thinks that there is some good still in him. He doesn’t agree.

Back at Grace’s house, Aaron gives us a speech about being bullied when he was younger, and once the power outage happened, him getting bullied like he was back then. All of a sudden, the Power Pendant turns on (no button push?). He hears some Marvin Gaye through a discman, while Maggie got to look at her kids on her iPhone. Happy days…until the power goes off again.

Final Thoughts: Revolution is going nowhere excruciatingly slowly. There was no present Monroe with Rachel, no Nate, and no Grace. The writers dropped three stories in the time of a week for this episode. There were no big moments, no big fight scenes, and no big hook. This episode fell REALLY flat overall. Charlie is wanting to fight now, which is fine, but she needs to get over everything. She’s becoming that surly teen that everyone just wants to shut up and die. Is that just me?

Overall weak episode. But what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Why? What do you think will happen next? Will Miles find a heart? Will Charlie grow up? Will Danny stay alive long enough to give us another great Neville episode? Leave your thoughts and theories down below.

One thought on “TV Recap: Revolution 103 “No Quarter”

  1. I just watched the last episode of Revolution at DISH Online while I was walking home and I was not impressed. I think the last episode was a bit better, and it was disappointing not seeing Grace. She is apparently has intimate knowledge of what happened during the black out. This guy that works at DISH with me said that since the mysterious man took her there might be another party vying for power that we have not seen yet. I agree, but I think it is way more than just one unknown party.

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