TV Recap: Revolution 102 “Chained Heat”

Alright, so if you didn’t see the first episode, let me give you a small rundown. The world has no more power, and its citizens has gone back to farming crops and hunting for food to survive. Charlie (played by Tracy Spiridakos) lost her mother due to unconfirmed consequences, lost her dad via gunshot, and her brother Danny via kidnapping. Her goal was to find her uncle Miles. Now along side her uncle, step-mom thing, and local teacher/friend, they set out to find Danny, and to figure out why there is no power. You’re now caught up, now let’s talk about episode 102.

Don’t Blink

Of course, we start off with some more back story. I love all of the city shots, and how desolate they look. Really adds to the sense of epicness to it all. And while Charlie is daydreaming about her childhood, Miles is sword fighting with a bounty hunter.

Side Note: Loving the soundtrack.

Charlie pleads for Miles not to kill the bounty hunter, which leads him just to lock him in a boxcar. Unknowingly, the traitor/love interest(?) Nate is creeping in the background. The group of four (Charlie, Miles, Aaron, and Maggie) go into some town market, filled with crazy people and militia beating up people for no reason. Miles needs some help (because those three apparently aren’t any), so he’s looking around for “Norah.” And in looking for her, he gets captured…by the bounty hunter he didn’t kill. He lovingly accepts the cuffs and is now on his way out with the militia. This leads to a big stare down between Charlie and the bounty hunter. A little weird to go into commercial, but I don’t doubt it will pick up.

No Mercy

We return to find Miles kicking some serious ass in the market. He kills all of the militia, then goes to strangle the head bounty hunter. He asks about Norah, and gets a tip to head South. He then breaks his neck and moves on.

We finally get back to Danny and Neville, who overhear some gunshots. Apparently, under The Baltimore Act, only militia can hold and use guns. And penalty is death. So once a hunter of sorts fires and hits one of Neville’s men, he retorts by shooting him back. The troops enter the house to find a “rebel flag” AKA the American flag. Neville tells the man to burn it, and everything else.

Now we’re at the Monroe camp, somewhere that we have only seen once. Monroe looks to have some sort of heart, with the not torturing of a rebel and all. David Lyons is really delivering his dialogue well, almost like how a Dexter villain does. And then he stabs the rebel. No torture there. Just murder.

Miles is NOT happy with Charlie, with the whole not killing of a guard deal. So to make sure none of the group get hurt, or get in his way, he leaves to go find Norah. This doesn’t sit well with Charlie, who leaves that morning to go and find him.

It went from a group of four to a group of two just like that. That’s kind of annoying, hopefully they don’t do this for the entire season.

Everyone Has Their Tricks

We come back to find Charlie falling down a small ravine. It looked like she hurt herself, which drew out Nate. All of a sudden, Charlie handcuffs him to a pole and leaves him. That’s what happens when you betray the protagonist in the first episode. Before leaving, she turns and asks him if his real name was Nate. It’s not.

Aaron, or as I like to call him “The Bearded Geek” is starting to annoy me. I feel like he is the realist of the group, which makes for his dialogue to come off to me as snobby. Maggie breaks down and cries about her kids, who she hasn’t seen in a while. She still carries around her iPhone, which holds the only photos that she has of her kids.

We come back to Neville’s camp, as the man who got shot is now dying. He gives out this big, passionate speech to his man, as he starts fading away to the poison. Esposito is still one of the best actors out there now – he is really making the most of his character. Seriously, where’s his EMMY?

Charlie spots a deflated basketball along her path, and starts daydreaming again to her past. Apparently, when she was younger, she got taken hostage by a man who just wanted some food. Her mother didn’t know what to do, so they both stand there at an impasse. Charlie finally snaps out of it when Miles finds her. Charlie gives this whole speech about putting him in this situation, so she needs to help him. She is starting to become less surly, which is nice. She can’t be that mad this long, right? Those scenes make her look incredibly needy, which is not good for a main character. She has to toughen up these next episodes.

Aaron breaks the news about the Power Pendant to Maggie and Grace (the woman who saved – then gave up Danny in episode one). Maggie is now interested in the whole “bringing back the power” thing. The group of two now have that knowledge.

It’s All About Listening

Aaron continues to break the Power Pendant news. As sympathetic as Maggie was when she was talking about her kids, she turned back into this ice queen I can’t connect with. Maggie needs to be humanized more if she wants to connect with me.

We come back to Neville’s camp, as the militia is praying over the grave of their fallen comrade. Danny snickers, which catches Neville’s attention. Neville, to no surprise, is not happy about this. Danny calls him a killer (good one), and Neville chokes him out for it. “I appreciate the honesty” was one of the best lines this show has spat out so far.

With no power, it looks like we’re going back to slaves – or prisoners. They find Norah as one of the prisoners, and watch as her partner gets shot. They seem to be towing a helicopter for Monroe, which would be nice to have if the power comes on. Charlie and Miles release Norah from her shackles, although incredibly apprehensive about it. Apparently, she was arrested on purpose to steal a sniper rifle to sell on the black market. Sure, you do you Norah.

Charlie is really driving home the “He’s gonna get my brother back” portion of the show, again showing a sign of weakness. To get Norah to help out in this campaign, she wants that gun.

Don’t Pay Attention To My Sleeve

Next morning. Norah is constructing a makeshift pistol, which gets passed down to Charlie to use. Miles is against it, and Norah is completely for it. Charlie mentions that they don’t really care for the slaves, and she feels awful about leaving them. What a humanitarian Charlie is, ready to save the prisoners of war to get a real gun. She walks up on the camp, drops her crossbow and complies. We flashback to when she was a hostage during the dramatic slow motion walk up to the sniper on horseback. Her father couldn’t shoot the man who took her hostage…but her mom could. She shoots the guard and gets the gun. Norah and Miles start kicking ass, like they do on a regular basis. It takes Charlie forever and a day to buck the guard on top of her and shot him in the stomach. Miles is surprised by this, as if she was really going to get killed.


Regardless if she wanted to do this to save the slaves, she feels really guilty about shooting the two men in the chest. Again…what a humanitarian. Miles notices not the cut on Norah’s side, but the Ameri – sorry, rebel flag tattoo on her back. She wanted the rifle to help the resistance, not for personal profit. MORE PLOT DEVELOPS!

We cut back to Grace’s farm, where she is confronted by a man apparently named Randall. Who is this? Who knows. MORE PLOT!

SURPRISE! Rachel, aka Charlie’s dead mother, is still alive. And now she’s a hostage to Monroe. PLOT!

FINAL THOUGHTS ON 102: I still love the action – it is so well choreographed throughout. The acting is getting considerably better, even though Danny really dropped the ball with his two lines to Neville. The problem I see now with Revolution is all of the stories. I understand that at some point, they will all come together, but now it’s just a bit overwhelming. There’s Charlie and Miles, Danny and Neville, Grace, Maggie and Aaron, and now Monroe and Rachel. I don’t know if the producers thought they were gonna get canned, but it looks like Revolution will have a rather big season this year.

So what do you think of the episode? Do you think Charlie needs to toughen up? What about the presence of Randall? Does Danny really have a chance with Neville around? Do you agree with me in saying that there is a lot of story just getting thrown in here? Tell me your thoughts, your predictions, and how you’re liking the show down below. Or tell me on the Twitter @AlanHST.

One thought on “TV Recap: Revolution 102 “Chained Heat”

  1. I have been watching Revolution at DISH Online while my wife drives home and, contrary to some, I think the season has a lot of promise still. A few of the guys in my office at DISH keep calling Spiridakos the worst actor on the show, but I don’t blame her. I blame the writing. There is no doubt in my mind that Charlie needs to grow some tougher skin and the writers need to hurry the process along. If I wanted to see a whiney teenager I would go to my daughter’s room and take away her I Phone.

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