TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. Season 2 Finale – “The Other Shoe”

In tonight’s season finale of Awkward. Jenna finally picks between Jake and Matty.  At least she does outwardly.  Who knows if the whole internal struggle with relationships will ever be over for her.  Let the voiceovers begin!

And The Winner Is…

Matty!  After Jake’s turn for the worse in recent episodes, there wasn’t really any coming back from that for me.  Granted in all honestly I think I’ve been leaning towards Matty for a while now no matter how much of a good guy Jake was.  But he can step aside because now Matty is already doing more to make Jenna feel appreciated:  He’s not embarrassed to show his feelings towards her in public, he DTRed without her having to bring it up, and he even asked before taking a bite out of her sandwich.  Best boyfriend ever!  Mostly for that last reason really.  Had he not asked I would have reached through the TV screen and punched him, and it’s not even my food.

It was kind of weird how good of a sport Jake was being about the whole situation, even being incredibly complimentary to Jenna about setting the bar high for whoever will follow her in his life.  Luckily it won’t be too hard not to feel bad for him since he’s probably not going to be looking back at all during his summer abroad with Tamara. While Jenna is pouting about one thing and worrying about something else, these two are going to be having the time of their lives, hopefully bringing this interesting dynamic into next season.

Favorite Quotes Part 1

Jake:  All these girls want a piece of me.  Even Allie James grabbed my Johnson!
Matty:  That’s a problem because?
Jake:  I was peeing!

 “I finally got what I really wanted.  But I wasn’t sure if it was what I needed.”

WHAT THE HECK IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN!?  Jenna, Jenna, Jenna…  I take back what I just said about Matty; you’re the one who really needs to be violently accosted through the screen.  Knowing her, she’s going to think too much and ruin everything!  As a pessimist myself I’ll admit that a little paranoia is understandable, but she is undoubtedly going to overreact to Matty turning down the dance floor because of what her mom said about Ben doing the same thing, and Tamara kicking her shoe off at her.  He’s a great guy, and if you remember he even show’d up to prom for you (which involves a whole lot of dancing!) so don’t you dare set him up for failure Jenna!  Now put an honest smile on your face and enjoy your adorable summer at camp.

Out With The Old, In With The New

Now I am not going to condone underage drinking, but drunk Ming and Sadie are the best.  Ming may not have gotten to do what she planned with her lady bits thanks to Becca and the Mafia, but she did get one last kiss with Freddy that pushed this episode into a realm far past how the majority of the episodes turn out.  Maybe it was the party setting, but I really can’t be alone in feeling that there was just something special about this one, modernizing the feel of many 80s films.

Sadie crying on the couch had to have been my favorite moment by far.  It was just so humanizing; yet even then she was still Sadie, and she couldn’t quite manage to get out the words of appreciation to Jenna and Tamara as they reassuringly caressed her hair.  Such a great moment, especially since it bookends this whole Ricky/Sadie relationship nonsense.  She was really freaking me out with her needy girlfriend routine earlier.

And what the heck was up with that Ricky/Clark scene?  Tamara is right about the whole whorish thing, but unfortunately whatever comedic merit this scene had was completely ruined by how awkwardly it was filmed.  Whether it was the lighting, camera angle, look in Clark’s eye like he was going to sink his teeth into Ricky’s neck, or simple fact that Ricky didn’t even turn around in reaction to Sadie saying his name, it was clear that they had to use a stand-in for that moment.  Not only that, but it made Clark really look bad after all his nice advice giving and reveal that he was the “Anonymous” commenter.  Bwa bwa.

Favorite Quotes Part 2

Ming:  Tonight I’m breaking all the rules.  And my hymen!

Sadie:  I’m a b—-. But I am not a heartless b—-.

Final Thoughts

At the end of season 1 of Awkward. Jenna had chosen Jake over Matty because he was willing to give her all that Matty wasn’t in a relationship.  A season later and she’s finally back to Matty, yet even with the changes he’s made she’s still wanting more.  Maybe she’s never going to be satisfied, but at this point it might actually be Matty leaving her for something better if she keeps this up.

So what did you all think of tonight’s episode?  We’re you hoping for more Valerie since we are going to have to go for a while without her now that the season is over?  Did you feel stupid that you hadn’t guessed that Clark was the anonymous commenter?  Or was it just me who failed to make the obvious connection…  Do you think Tamara and Jake will make a good couple?  Let me know your thoughts on this season’s concluding episode below!

Awkward S2Ep2

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