TV Without Commercials: Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere

The third season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, started off with a bang…or better yet a whack.  Several whacks to be exact, Gyp Rossetti.  Gyp, from New York, and Dean O’Banion from Chicago, are two new mobsters we have already been introduced to this season, and based on the premiere alone this season practically guarantees to deliver drama and excitement equal to its predecessors.  

This weeks episode was titled “Resolution” due to it taking place on New Year’s Eve of 1922.  Nucky throws a party at his home and takes the opportunity to have a meeting between fellow gangsters in his basement to discuss plans for the upcoming year.  Beginning immediately Nucky will only sell alcohol to Arnold Rothstein, and Arnold Rothstein only.  For obvious reasons this upsets every other gangster at the meeting, except for Mr. Rothstein, and no one seems to be taking this harder than Gyp Rosetti, the new mobster from New York City.

So right away we get to witness first hand, the temper of Gyp Rosetti.  Anyone who has been watching the previews leading up to this weeks premiere could recognize Rosetti as soon as he turns towards the camera, and away from the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m pretty sure every preview HBO released for Season 3 featured Rosetti and he always seemed to be angrily yelling.  The way the trailers were edited led us to believe that that anger was directed at Nucky as well, so naturally in the first episode we see why Gyp has a gripe with Nucky.

As sad as I was to see Jimmy go, I was really happy that it wasn’t Richard.  Richard is one of my favorite characters and I find him extremely interesting.  I love that he spends most of his time with Tommy, Jimmy’s son.  I don’t think anyone was surprised when Tommy began referring to Gillian as “Mommy” but it was still sad.  I have a pretty bad feeling that Richard’s time with Tommy will be coming to an end soon, and Gillian will find a reason to kick Richard out.  Oh, and I think that running a whorehouse is the perfect profession for her.  It comes natural to her, and having a heart of ice always helps too.  I also have to mention that I have very mixed feelings about Richard shooting Manny in the face with a shot gun.  I guess when I really think about it though, I’m more happy that Richard got revenge for Jimmy and Angela, than sad that Manny is dead.  I was looking forward to him working with Nucky, but oh well, so much for that.

As I mentioned earlier, Gyp wasn’t the only new mobster we were introduced to.  Dean O’Banion is an Irish gangster who owns a flower shop on the North side of Chicago.  I never would have thought that Nelson would be the one to step in and save O’Banion from certain death at the hands of Al Capone, but I am so grateful that he did.  I don’t know what it is but I like O’Banion, and him buying two dozen irons off Nelson made me like him even more.  I can’t believe Nelson had another child with that Dutch lady, but once again I wasn’t all that surprised.  It’s no wonder he was so concerned about winning the contest and getting a house.  I have a feeling he’s going to end up leaving the door to door business and begin working for the other side of the law.  O’Banion offered him a job, and I find it hard to believe that Nelson would turn that down in his current position.

Not having Jimmy was certainly a dramatic change from what we’ve grown accustomed to in this series.  The biggest affect it seems to have had however, was on Nucky.  The entire episode Nucky seemed to be his usual self, but then at the end we saw a side of him we have never seen before.  Nucky was very upset with Margaret and yelled at her as soon as everyone had left their party.  I don’t know if it’s that she signed the deeds over to the church or if he has just grown tired of her.  He was always nothing but kind to Margaret as well as loving and affectionate.  I  immediately found it odd that she had no concerns as to where he was going when he left after the party.  It’s almost as if she doesn’t care.  I was shocked to see the girl from the party waiting in his bed for him, he had always been faithful, mostly, to Margaret in the previous seasons.  This was obviously not the first time the two had met this way and the Nucky from seasons one and two would never do that to Margaret.  Things are sure going to be different in 1923, and so far season three looks very promising.



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