TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.11 – “Once Upon A Blog”

Awkward fullWith the desire to keep the final decision between the boys a secret till the finale, Awkward. goes for the TV right of passage with a “fantasy” type episode guessing as to what could have been and what still can be (musical soon to follow I imagine).  Pretty entertaining for the most part, but come on Jenna, we want to know!  Who’s it going to be?

Sorry, I’m Not Sorry

With the public forum attached to her once “private” blog going in full swing with the cries of Team Matty and Team Jake, it was only a matter of time before we got treated to some Twilight spoofing (seriously fictional people, go get lives.  Her entries will still be there later if you just check it once a day or so).  I have never really been a fan of her blogging sessions (thanks in large part to the “reaction” shots Jenna has for her own thoughts), and in the end I prefer the Q and A type set up she eventually goes to in order to structure out the episode and commercial breaks, but I won’t complain about this scene either.  Even had their not been the spot on overacting and dramatic lighting, the body hair bursting out of Jake’s shirt could have easily made the scene worth it on its own.

Next, onto a Mean Girls type scenario.  I know this wasn’t the intention, but maybe next time more thought should go into the set up of these things considering what started out as a girl having a ton of self-respect for herself to think for herself and not hopping into the closet with a boy quickly progressed to her being a plastic b—-.  What was that about?  Poor parallel made on the writer’s parts made more apparent by the lack of time to gradually transition.  Granted my real problem with this part was that I just love Mean Girls way too much for this to even compare, especially because this wasn’t written by Tina Fey.  Then again, maybe Jenna really loves the movie as well and that’s why it played out as it did; but that’s starting to get too complex so I’ll move on, especially since I can’t take any more snooty Jenna.

16 and Pregnant

Moving past the very on-the-nose Mean Girls homage during the “what if the closet sex hadn’t happened” scenario, Jenna went in another drastic direction for her “what if I had chosen Jake right when he kissed me that first time” timeline, creating more preferable results.  The writing presented itself as being more self-aware, reflecting that Jenna is the one writing it out, the sex scene was incredibly hilarious because of acting and editing, and best of all we were provided with some of the best advice Valerie has yet to give (see the favorite quotes section).

The weird part with this one was that she made it so that Jake didn’t end up falling for her as he did in real life, which seemed really odd.  This got me wondering about why she would choose to do this, as well as write herself into being such a fugly slut in each scenario that always ended up as the worst possible outcome given the specific variables.  In the end I decided that even though she is aware enough to villainize herself in these situations, she subconsciously (or knowingly) is trying to forgive herself for not doing things “right” the first time, excusing any pain she caused to anyone due to the path she took to get to where she is now.  It isn’t perfect, but she can now say she feels no regret for what she has done, which is definitely something.  Just a thought, but I am going to stick to it in order to give this episode more meaning than just being a simple genre show.

Favorite Quotes

Val: We have two options.  One: You tattoo Jake’s name on your arm where it’s visible to the viewing public.  Then you beg him to stay together.  He’ll say “yes” cuz he’s a sucker, and then never get it removed.  Or you could do it the old fashioned way.
Jenna: [scene change] I’m pregnant.

Lissa: Just because Jake and I are back together doesn’t mean I am going to help raise your baby.  Unless it’s, like, really cute.

Final Thoughts

With the blog finally set back to private (or I guess private for the first time, in actuality), Jenna is ready to stop thinking about what could have been and make the choice for herself between Matty and Jake.  So even though she’s not listening, who do you hope she will choose?  Let me know in the comments below!

Awkward S2Ep11

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