Music Review: Go Radio’s ‘Close The Distance’

Go Radio have made huge strides in the past couple of years in the realms of pop rock. After leaving Mayday Parade back in 2007, Jason Lancaster started blazing a rather steady stream of good alt-pop music that can easily get played on musical television (if there was such a thing). With two impressive EPs and a rather under-appreciated album under their belt, Lancaster and Co. are ready to release Close The Distance; a collection of feel good pop music for all the lovers out there.

Let’s start with their first single, the awesomely titled “Go To Hell.” The song starts like a song about missing an ex, but does a complete 180 once the chorus hits, making for one of the best moments on the album (watch the lyric video below to get what I’m talking about). “Collide” is a love song of reassurance filled with good vibes and comforting lyrics including “So you keep the beat/We’ll stay on time/And fill the pages with just how both our worlds collide.” The two piano ballads “What If You Don’t” and “Hear Me Out” are two gorgeous songs, both being able to hit me in two very unique ways – making them some of the most enjoyable songs on the album.

Go Radio’s aces-in-the-hole on Close The Distance are the instrumentation and sensibilities. The band has moved away from their punk sounds that was on their album debut Lucky Street for a more straight to Vh1 kind of listening experience. The entire album can be made into music videos and singles, ready for circulation on major radio and television channels. The piano, guitar, bass and drums are mixed pretty well, giving every song a different feel (which is a feat for bands of this genre). Nothing is overpowering on Distance, which only shows how well the band works with each other.

One minor complaint I have with the album is the schmaltzy lyrics from some – if not most of the album. The first two tracks “I Won’t Lie” and “Baltimore” are perfect examples. Both are full of stock imagery that has been used by other bands for years now, making parts of the album feel a bit lethargic. However, these lyrics are masked by Lancaster’s incredible singing voice, probably the best part of the album. Lancaster sings with a sort of raw sincerity that brings out all of the emotion in the album. This is why “Go To Hell” works so perfectly – it starts with Lancaster lightly kissing the track, then transforming the chorus into this bombastic F-U to whoever did him wrong.

This was an album I wasn’t expecting to enjoy as much as I did. The catchy choruses, great production, and almost perfect vocals just resonates through me with every listen. Close The Distance is Go Radio’s swan song to the underground, Warped days, and introductory into the common music listener’s lives. There’s a long road ahead for Go Radio, and I’d recommend you get on board before it’s too late.

Final Grade: A-
Go Download:
“Go To Hell”

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