TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.9 – “Homewrecker Hamilton”

In this episode of Awkward. everything is finally out in the open.  And I mean everything come episode’s end.  Plus, the return of the Frasians!

Cheaters Never Prosper

No seriously though, she didn’t cheat.  I won’t go on my rant about this since I did it last week with my whole Ross/Rachel, Friends comparison, but technically she isn’t wrong.  Jake broke up with her, so calling her out for being a cheater didn’t have much weight behind it.

Big points actually go out to Jake for not taking the picture public because I was really afraid he was going to sink to that depth after last week.  Granted he still forced their relationship out into the open in other ways thanks to that special Wheel of Pep.  I don’t really know what else is on that wheel, but I really want to know what exactly brings about school spirit in the topic “Come Clean or Play Dirty.”  Based on this episode’s example of how landing on this goes, I’m assuming it doesn’t cause a whole lot of pep (unless you’re Sadie).

Granted that’s neither here nor there.  What is important is that during Jake’s quest for answers and getting some anger out on the whole being lied to situation, he takes a major turn for the worse that once again makes him the bad guy in my eyes.  Note to boys: Do not, in any circumstances, use the “S” word.  As much as that word is thrown around these days it may not carry quite the same weight as it once did (I will admit to jokingly calling my mom that with no intention of meaning the actual definition of the word.  It’s more like: “Did you eat the last Oreo?  Slut…”), but the packed punch is still felt when a guy turns it on a girl in a situation like this.  Just don’t do it.  Ok, maybe if you catch your current (current being the key word) girlfriend in bed with another guy, then you can break it out.  Hm… If you have definite proof that she in fact fits the definition of that word and its synonyms then maybe it’s ok… But if you’re just using it to simply degrade a woman, then you will deserve to be punched in the face by people like Matty.

With all that said, I am actually most excited to see what this whole scene forces Matty to do in the future in concern to how he treats Jenna in public (if she ends up with him, that is).

One Problem, Two Homes

Now that we’re on the topic of sluts (Hey! They brought it up!), it did seem like they were lathering on the promiscuity in Hannah’s voice when she left a message for Kevster in order to have Jenna question it.  Maybe she really is just a co-worker, but Jenna’s assumption that there could be more going on might be right.  I just really hope not, and I really hope that the car isn’t in fact a sign of divorce.

On top of that, I really hope that Jenna doesn’t continue to crush her mom as she tends to do lately when she lets her angst lead to lashing out.  She’s your mom!  I don’t care if you think it’s a lie, until you have definitive proof do not take her hope away from her while she’s still got some fight left in her.  Or spin it to fuel her drive to get your dad back!

Return of the Frasians

[Menacingly] She’s baaaaack.  The Frasians were easily my favorite addition to the high school scene in Awkward., so it is great to have them back in this episode.  It might not be quite to the level of reoccurrence I would want, but I’ll gladly take what I can get (Jenna Lives is back as well!).  The thing is, Becca is actually back with a vengeance now that Ming is interested in her ex, in a scary “I will destroy you in ways you won’t even realize until they’ve passed” kind of way.  It’s so exciting!

I bet Ming didn’t even lose her glasses in Becca’s car, Becca probably stole them.  Or used her scary powers to make them fall out of Ming’s bag on their own (I’m assuming she isn’t powerful enough to make them fall off of Ming’s face without her noticing).  It would have actually been much funnier had Becca given little to no explanation as to how she came into possession of Ming’s glasses, but changing the prescription in them was more than enough to make up for this.  Bring on the Asian B—- vengeance!

Favorite Quotes

Becca: I wouldn’t hit your head like that if I were you. Seriously, you’re killing brain cells and you don’t have any to waste.

Ming: It feels cold on the outside.

Fred Wu: Becca is my ex-girlfriend…. You should be scared. Are you familiar with the difference between a white b—- and an Asian b—-?  When a white b—- is after you she’s in your face, loud, angry.  Making sure you know she’s responsible for your destruction.  But the Asian b—-…
Ming: [scene change] …derives from the way of the ninja.  They’re everywhere, and nowhere.  All stealth, you never see an Asian b—- coming.

Going Public

Tonight the commenter on Jenna’s blog is back, and they put it in her mind to make her blog public.  I don’t really know why Jenna trusts this complete stranger that much, other than blaming it on the power of the Internet, but for better or worse Jenna goes for it.  Personally I do feel bad for the people who wind up as “collateral damage,” but at the same time I do think this will be the best thing just to get everything out in the open at this point.  If anything, it will give people like Matty, Jake, and even Jenna’s mom an honest insight into Jenna’s thoughts throughout all of this.  Plus Tamara claims that reading about her behavior towards Ricky will finally give her the push to change her ways.  So fingers crossed!

Final Thoughts

With the blog out in the open it will definitely be interesting to see where the chips fall next week.  You would think it would be a giant weight off of Jenna’s shoulders because of how much emotion she has put into what was once just her “private” thoughts, but the whole accidentally walking out in front of the car will probably take this moment of relief away from her rather quickly.

So what did you think of this episode?  Were you impressed by the amount of bleeping in the first few minutes? Why did everyone suddenly stand up when Jenna walked up on stage?  Is Valerie toeing the line of inappropriate behavior towards minors?  Oh who are we kidding, she’s rarely appropriate.  Did Sadie’s overjoyed expression as she pointed at Jenna and gleefully shouted about her attempting suicide again make anyone else smile from ear to ear?  Let me know your thoughts on these questions, and everything else Awkward., down below.

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