TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.7 – “Another One Bites The Dust”

Awkward fullA “To be continued…” ending!?  That’s right, this episode surrounding Ally’s wedding is so chalk full of Awkward. drama that it had to carry into a second episode.  One you will not want to miss come next week.

He’s Her Matty

Ally made it about 2 seconds as a beautiful bride during her dress fitting before revealing her true colors as a scary Bridezilla, not that this is really a shock considering her pre-wedding juice cleanse, wedding stress, and general personality flaws.  But no matter how horrible she became, the worse thing she did was invite Ben, the first person who ever loved and got all intimate with Jenna’s mom.

As icky as it is to see her flirt with “her Ben,” it really is telling that Jenna’s father continues to push his family away as he doesn’t even show up for a wedding that his daughter is a part of to simply avoid his wife.  That and he didn’t even call Jenna back after she said it was an emergency; so he’s really tip toeing the line as a horrible father yet again.

Hopefully more of the situation will get back to him next week and he finally shows up to fight for his woman in Part 2, because unless there is something else we are missing then he really is overreacting to the letter (no matter how horrible it was).  And based on her looks towards Ben, unless he takes Ben’s advice to Jenna and shows up to fight for her he may be too late when he finally gets over this.

Sadie Smash!

Even with Ally being who she is, Sadie will never be beaten as the worst person on the planet when she’s being heartless Satan.  It was bad enough that she had Ricky repeat that he loves her when Tamara was within earshot, but she really takes the cake for being the worst person ever when she intentionally spills the beans about Jenna being with Matty first.  Technically Jenna and Matty put themselves in this situation by not telling Jake about their past, so them keeping it from Jake makes them just as bad; but still Sadie, not cool.

As television drama goes, of course this is all happening in the background of Jenna leaving a message on Jakes phone.  Had he answered her call instead of screening it this could have all ended differently because she was finally telling him that she loved him too, and he could have shared in her smile across the room at him.  But instead he was left devastated by the wrath of Sadie, a look that Jenna clearly didn’t take in considering she just kept on smiling.  That suit really is cursed.

Favorite Quotes

Ally: “You’re the flower b—-.”

Sadie: “Where can I get ready?”
Tamara: “By the dumpster.”
Sadie: “That’s sweet, but I don’t have time for a tour of your home.”

Final Thoughts

Jenna told Matty that it still stings for her as well in concern to their relationship past, but she did seem genuine in her message to Jake (and voiceover) that she was ready to move on.  Granted, we wouldn’t really have a show if she did, so here comes Matty back to her bedroom outer door come next week.  Someday I will decide what team I am on, but today is still not that day as I continue to feel bad for both of the boys in Jenna’s life.

So what team are you on?  And what did you think of this episode?  Have you ever been in the presence of a bridezilla as nutty as Ally?  Even after all that did she still manage to make you feel for her when she said that she was settling because he was the first man who really loved her?  Are we ever going to get back to getting mysterious comments on Jenna’saz posts?  It has been forever!  Let me know your thoughts on this episode and all things Awkward. down below!

Awkward S2Ep7

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