TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.6 – “What Comes First: Sex or Love?”

With MTV’s love of teenage pregnancy, tonight’s episode of Awkward. should come as no surprise to anyone.  That’s right, it’s all about sex, and if the majority of what these characters seem to think is true then I have no idea why there aren’t any pregnant girls roaming the halls of this school.  Kids today with their crazy ideas about love.  Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go shake my cane at some young whippersnappers.

Not So Awesome

Last week it wasn’t clear if Jenna realized how horrific her response to Jake’s proclamation of love was, but all is rectified at the start of this episode when she shows she isn’t that big of an idiot.  She can say she loves jackets and ice cream, after all, so should it really be that hard to say the L-word back to her boyfriend?  Short answer, yes, when you are having trouble understanding your feelings like Jenna does.

It may have been a little later in my life, but I remember going through this exact same situation (her inner turmoil about how she feels specifically), so thank goodness I did not have friends like those Jenna and Jake do.  For starters, why the rush to find love?  Tamara and Ming tell Jenna to dump him if she doesn’t know by now if she loves him or not (instead of risk leading him on).  It has been a whopping 6 weeks!  I’ve had bruises that have lasted longer!  In all fairness I had a freakish bruise on my calf that lasted a year or so, but you get the idea.

And then to top that off both Matty and the girls hand out the advice to have sex to figure out the whole feelings things.  Yeah, cuz if there is anything sex has never proven to do it’s complicate things.  Jenna’s mom actually comes out with the best advice to treat every first time like the first time because it is special, yet somehow this is understood as advice to call Jake and get it out of the way after all.  Maybe she is just that desperate to get to a place in which she can say it back since she knew she loved Jake after they did it, but the fact that she is still thinking this much about Matty is reason enough not to do it.  Thankfully, Jake proves once again that he is a great guy.  Even after all of his excitement to make this happen, he does tell her that he wants to wait till she is sure she feels the same way about him, thanks to his rather mature understanding of emotions.  [Collective “Aw”]

Going Monogamist

Ricky has always been a large part of this show as a peripheral character thanks to Tamara’s longing, but now he’s managed to creep into even more screen time, more so than the characters we actually care about.  Right now he’s continuing to make a plea for Sadie’s heart, fighting the pain of her violently aggressive kisses because the love he has for her is just so strong.  Gross.

From Jenna’s dealings with love to this, the relationship between Ricky and Sadie definitely seems more to aim for the comical, theatrical representation of young love.  You remember that scene in Dan In Real Life where his middle daughter screams: “You are the murderer of love!”  (If you don’t then you should go watch that movie)?  This seems like that.  Maybe a little more reasonable since they have a couple years on that girl, but still, unless Sadie really changes like she hinted at in the end this relationship is going to burn brightly on one end and fade quickly.

Skinny B

Instead of all of this Sadie/Ricky time, let’s have more Sadie/Ally time instead because as much as I claim to want Sadie to show a soul every now and again, going toe to toe with her soon to be aunt was a highlight of this episode.

It was a pretty ridiculous conversation throughout as Ally continues her talk of finding a fiancé with a big bank account, and even though she talks about waiting to have sex until it’s the right moment she’s probably just avoiding the man’s aged body.  This is far from surprising coming from this woman, and from her outfit to sparring with Sadie as she calls Ally out on her lies it is pretty great to have this character back to change the dynamic of the show this week (and next).  That and this whole conversation somehow leads in such a direction that Valerie got to mime putting her head through a vagina.  It might be the wine, but I’m pretty sure it’s just the woman based on all of her hand gestures tonight.

Favorite Quotes

1 – Random student:  If it isn’t [what the heck did he say here?] Peed-her-Pants.  Tamara:  I prefer Tinklebell, thank you!

2 – Valerie: If you drink enough wine it tastes like love.

Final thoughts

So what did you guy think?  Was this relatable for you as well?  Is Jake the closest we have to old-fashioned values (we’re excluding the crazy Christians on this one)?  What do you think of the whole Ricky/Sadie coupling?  Did Matty stop himself from saying Jake loved her to protect Jake since Jenna didn’t say it back?  Or did he stumble on in because of his own feelings?  Let me know your thoughts!

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