TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. 2.2 – “Sex, Lies, and the Sanctuary”

Awkward fullFollowing the eventful holiday season within the premiere, Jenna has some decisions to make when her time spent with Matty might be forced out into the open when the school populous notices a security camera pointed at the Sanctuary.  This is the main drama of the episode, but Ming overshadows it when she infiltrates another group during lunch.  I know, I never thought I would read words of praise about Ming either.

The Sanctuary’s Secrets

The episode starts with Jenna happily holding Jake’s hand in public, thinking about how it is so nice to have someone willing to be seen with her in broad daylight.  So, you know, not a Twilight vampire.  However, this doesn’t last long as the secret of the Jake, Matty, Jenna love triangle is thrown front and center when it’s discovered that a security camera has been pointing at the Sanctuary, which just so happened to be a rendezvous place for Jenna and Matty.  After some unnecessary freaking out about the camera since it’s not like anyone can see the footage, turns out someone stole the tape.  Ok, now is a perfect time to panic.

The surprising thing is that now Matty is freaking out too even though last week he was saying that he would tell Jake everything if he had to.  Granted at the time he was also heavily boozed, so now that it is out of his system he decides to make the plea to Jenna not to tell his best friend for fear of losing him too.  This moment may be the most sympathetic I have ever felt towards Matty (including when he shows up at the dance last season to see Jenna and Jake together) because of how sincere it was, something that wasn’t quite felt earlier in the episode when he tells Jenna he loves her.  Whether he meant it or not, it came off more as he believed it would be the perfect thing to say to manipulate Jenna’s feelings towards him and away from Jake considering Jake had just told him that Jenna had loved the guy she had slept with.

The Frasians

At Palos Hills High School people turn to the Asian population to get things done and have questions answered, completely dwarfing the boring stereotype of Asians being good at math.  Sure this may tip toe the line of insensitivity to this specific group in some sensitive eyes, but honestly this subplot easily made this one of my favorite episodes yet.  And more importantly, this was pretty much the first time I wasn’t irritated by Ming since most of the first season she was complaining about being left out all the time.  Best of all, because Becca helped Ming she expects a favor in return some day, meaning that there is a strong possibility to that we will have more lunchtime conversations filled with misleading smiles and head shakes, as well as digs at Ming’s lack of Asian characteristics dragging the rest of them down from this scary girl (she did this all to get the VP fired for fighting them on using visitor parking spots for crying out loud!).

Usually I am going to save my favorite quotes till the end, but they were supplied by Ming’s liaison at the Asian table so I might as well put them here.

Favorite Quote of the Episode:

Becca – “What I don’t know is: Are you a cool Asian or a school Asian? …. You’re not a school Asian…. You’re not a cool Asian either…. You’re white.”

Becca – “We don’t stick our necks out for round eyes.”

The Truth About The Letter

Following an episode full of Jenna’s mother trying to win her daughter over again with her favorite foods, she actually does the right thing by telling Jenna’s father that she was the one who wrote the letter even after Jenna said she wasn’t going to reveal the truth.  Mrs. Hamilton may not be the model of a perfect parent most of the time as she strives to maintain her youth and often misunderstands her daughter (her believing that the letter was to help her daughter is proof enough), but I was honestly as proud as I could be of a fictional character in this moment.  Now we just have to wait and see how Mr. Hamilton handles the news.  He has always been a little more on level with Jenna in the heart to heart moments so there’s no doubt he is going to be upset by this, but I hope he doesn’t hold this against his wife for too long.  Instead the repairs need to remain between Jenna and her mother.

Final Thoughts

Even though Jenna tells Jake it only matters who she’s with, the truth of the matter is it’s most important who she spends her time thinking about more than that.  And as much as she tells herself and Jake that she is completely invested in him and isn’t in love with the other guy anymore, I don’t know if I can believe that fully just yet.

So what are your thoughts on this episode of Awkward?  What is Valerie going to be like with her new power as Vice Principal?  Did anyone else feel a strong Mean Girls presence in this episode?  I couldn’t stop thinking about when the pages of the burn book got out and the hallways erupted with fights as the students of PHHS started blurting out their secrets.  And someone even said “fugly!”  Is this unknown commenter just sitting by their computer all day waiting for Jenna to add a new post so they can add their two cents?  Let me know what you thought!

Awkward S2Ep2

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