TV Without Commercials: Newsroom 1.2

the-newsroomThe second episode of Aaron Sorkin’s new show Newsroom, appropriately titled “News Night 2.0,” takes place exactly 3 days after the series premiere.  This time around the team had more time to prepare and attempted to do its first “real news” show.  They decide to stay away from the BP oil crisis that all the other major news networks were covering on April 23rd 2010.  Mackenzie is putting together a new/old way of telling the news and everyone is behind it except Will.  Will is hung up on the ratings, which is what made him be referred to as the news version of Jay Leno in the first place.  The first time he and Mackenzie speak to each other in the episode is an argument where Mackenzie bluntly says, “We’re not here to do good television, we’re here to do the news.”  Despite all the arguing with Will, and the agenda Mackenzie clumsily explains to her team they inevitably fail with producing a good show.  While last weeks episode ended with everyone almost forgetting about Will’s blowup at Northwestern, this week ended with everyone assured that Will’s career is still on the downfall from that event.

While it is easy to call this episode a complete disaster for the 8 o’clock news team, the episode itself was actually excellent.  My favorite part was easily when will makes the phone call at the end to Neil and not only shows us how good of a person he is but then he also tells Mackenzie that he is in.  She had given him until Monday but instead he told her that very night.  I personally enjoy that a lot more than leaving that as a cliff hanger.  It also says a lot about his relationship with Mackenzie.  He obviously trusts her a lot despite everything that they have been through together, and right after she just produced a horrible show for him.  Now we know why they aren’t together anymore as well.  I think anyone who watched last week probably had a pretty good idea about what happened.  Mackenzie said that she did something that was unforgivable and that pretty much always means one thing, cheating.  Now we know exactly what she did though I don’t think that makes too much of a difference.

I like the way Will showed the Sarah Palin piece but as he discussed it during the show you could feel the regret.  It felt like he was being forced to say nice things about her ignorance against his will, even though it was he who put the piece on in the first place.  Mackenzie never would have let him show that and he did it behind her back anyway.  All because of what that sneaky Reese guy put in his ear during their stroll around New York City.  He told Will that the conservatives were still somewhat on his side and in order to save ratings he needed to appeal to them at least a little bit.  He told Mackenzie he is in though so it seems like that’s going to be the last time he pulls a stunt like that.

While Will and Mackenzie are obviously the center of this series, the chemistry between Maggie and Jim is continuing to grow.  They make it seem so obvious that the two of them should be together but meanwhile she continues to date Don.  Jim even arranges a ride for her to get to Don’s apartment so she can apologize to him.  Come on Jim!  This relationship reminds me an awful lot of the relationship with Jim and Pam from the office, only Maggie is always yelling at this show’s Jim.  Even if the two of them don’t end up together I hope Maggie at least leaves Don, that guy sucks.  Next week looks promising and I can’t wait to see what the show looks like now that Will is actually in with the rest of the team.

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