TV Rants & Ramblings: Awkward. Season 2 Premiere – “Resolutions”

Awkward fullWhen we last saw the accidental suicide survivor, Jenna… Wait, that doesn’t sound right because anyone who survives suicide is by accident.  Let’s try again:  When we last saw Jenna, a girl who started the MTV hit Awkward. by accidentally falling in such a way that suggested a suicide attempt, things were going decently in a middle of the scale of great/suckfest type way.  She finally pushed Matty to the side for Jake, all was well with her friends, and she figured out who wrote the carefrontation note.  So where do we go from there for season 2?

Dear Diary, Merry Christmas

Jenna is prone to voicing over her writing sessions to keep us privy to her inner monologue, so why not use the framework of “Twas the Night Before Christmas” to keep with the holiday cheer?  It seemed a little forced considering the work that would have to go into that instead of just having word vomit of a stream of consciousness spewing onto her computer screen, but hey, that’s one way to get through a montage of holiday fun of the past couple of weeks with Jake.

With all this happiness, why is she so hesitant to make her relationship with Jake this show’s equivalent of Facebook official?

The Triangle

Jenna’s response to this question would be that she doesn’t want to hurt Matty, but does she not realize that she is doing the same thing now that Matty did by not telling Jake about their relationship?  Then again, she was too busy feeling like a secret to probably make this connection, and I can’t really blame her.  Luckily by episodes end she accepts the status update, and now the chips will fall where they may.

My guess?  They’re gonna fall rather aggressively.  Before the clock struck midnight and Matty thought he still had a chance with Jenna for the midnight kiss, he said that he was going to fight for her instead of stepping back and accepting friendship.  The first step in doing so is going to have to be telling Jake, obviously, and that’s not going to go over well after the end of this episode.  Knowing that your best friend likes your girlfriend is going to be awkward enough, but how is Jake going to feel when he puts two and two together about the previous boyfriend that got the gift of condoms from Jenna’s father?  Both tonight and down the road, throwing in that you loved the previous boy was a detail that should have been avoided.

If Jenna stuck her foot in her mouth here, Matty did the same when he said that he was with Jenna first.  He does realize that there isn’t an equivalent to peeing on something to make it yours in this situation, right?

The Rejected

Seeing as it’s a holiday break the cast didn’t get to walk the halls of the school, but there was no way they were keeping the guidance counselor out of the season premiere considering her contributions to each episode.  Sure she crosses a teacher/student line by calling Jenna for some girl talk in the car, but it was perfect for this woman that just wants to be cool like the rest of the people in the school.  Most of them just happen to be age appropriate.

After Valerie gets her issues out about being “stood-up” (just call him back!), we go back into the party to see Matty and Sadie getting it on after the clock struck midnight.  New Year’s Eve is not a time to be alone, so after Sadie tells Matty that she’s had a crush on him it’s easy to understand why he would go for it.  Thankfully he passed out before anything regrettable went down.  I’m willing to let Sadie have a pity party this once after witnessing her licking the flavoring off a chip in the background, but I will not extend the satisfaction of getting with Matty her way until her heart grows a little more compassionate.  We need a villain, but her moments of crying over her weight and showing vulnerability like she did tonight is a great way to remind us that she’s human.

Realigning Allegiances

Lissa isn’t exactly all there in the brainpan, but her ditsy nature balances out Sadie’s satanic personality in their scenes to keep her from being just a side-character.  Tonight she gets one of my favorite storylines for her character as she asks for Jenna’s forgiveness for being rude and for heading the “Hamilton’s A Whore” page.  Best of all, she seems to think that they’ll be even if Jenna slaps her since she did this to her last season.  The logic may not be sound, but we can definitely use more of her around if she continues like she was tonight.  Not only that, but she is fighting with Sadie right now, giving her time to start what could possibly turn into a budding relationship with Jenna, which is definitely a situation I’d like to see.  What’s more, she may act as Switzerland between Jenna and Sadie.  I’m not saying we need to get rid of her hurtful comments seeing as they often become highlights of each episode, but this might help bring out more moments that give us reason to believe Sadie has a heart.

The Anonymous

Following their moments of bonding over preparing for the prom last season it was really seeming like Jenna and her mom were getting to a better place of acceptance between the two, but now they’re really hurting in this relationship.  It was one thing to not quite understand each other, but basically telling your daughter that you wish she was different isn’t the best parenting technique.  It may not make her feel better, but Jenna does get a satisfying moment of revenge when she hands her mother a note on the same stationary as the carefrontation note that says “This is who you are.”  Pretty harsh knowing what her mother must be thinking those words mean, but I can’t help but agree that they’re deserved.  Now it’s time to beg for forgiveness.

With one secret identity figured out, we have a new anonymous author as Jenna gets her first comment on her site (I always thought it was just a personal diary and not public, but guess I was wrong!), so get ready to keep your eyes peeled for any characters that seem to know more about Jenna’s problems than they should.  Who’s voting for the “Jenna Lives” t-shirt kid!?

Final Thoughts

Between Awkward. and Teen Wolf, MTV has finally started adding to the scripted programming category with some pretty great shows.  Let’s hope Awkward. will continue to have a great second season, building on the hilarious yet heartfelt show I’ve come to love.

So what’d you guys think?  Anyone else think they were looking at Jenna Elfman in Can’t Hardly Wait when we first saw Valerie?  What show did New Years Eve in slow motion better: The O.C. or Awkward.? How many more times will you allow Tamara to forgive Ricky before enough is enough?  Having his grandma vouch for him tonight does get him a freebie just this once, but Tamara can only yell at him for so much longer before she needs to move on, no matter how funny it is.  And most importantly: Team Jake or Team Matty?

Favorite Quotes of the Episode:

Tamara – “He sexted me a picture of his hand with a note that says ‘we miss you.’  That pretty much sums it up.  We’re together.”

Sadie – “That is something a friend would say, bitch!”

Awkward S2Ep1

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