TV Without Commercials Review: Game of Thrones 2.8

game-of-thrones HeaderFirst off I have to say that I am almost positive last weeks Game of Thrones ended with next week’s previews saying there were only two episodes left.  Then this week ends by telling us the same thing.  So I’m guessing there are actually two episodes left and not just one.  The next two are practically guaranteed to be exciting because this week was completely lacking.  This week we were given more set up as to what to expect in the final two episodes of this season.  Not only was everything just set up, this had to be the most spread out episode of Game of Thrones yet.  What I mean by spread out, is that every single thread of story line was shown this week.  I cannot think of a single character that was left out of this episode.  Everyone was in it, but the majority of the time was spent covering Robb and Theon.  The storyline between the two of them is one of the more interesting ones taking place this season and I wonder what will become of Theon Greyjoy, now that he is truly lost.

Just like in last weeks of Game of Thrones the episode opened and closed inside the walls of Winterfell.  Theon had been writing his sister informing her that she needed to show up with 500 men in order to guard Winterfell.  She shows up with 20 and tells him that he needs to come home.  Theon is embarrassed by this, and he should be.  He thought he was doing something that would make his father very proud but his sister shows up to tell him practically the opposite.  She wants him to return home and not die so far from the sea.  I really enjoyed the moment they had together when she tells him what an awful baby he was.  Then how one time when he was screaming she went over to his crib and he looked up at her, stopped crying and smiled.  I think in a way that his sisters way of saying that she does care about him.  She even says that they endure their father, so she doesn’t like him anymore than Theon does.  We now know though that even if Theon does return back to the Iron Islands Robb and his men will still come for his head.  They do not care about his men, only Theon himself.  Thankfully I was right last week, Bran and his brother are still alive and are hiding inside Winterfell.  If Theon does what his sister asks and returns home I would assume Bran could return to being Lord of Winterfell and everything would go back to normal…almost.  Surely Bran feels a great deal of hostility towards Theon now that he tortured and burned two of his friends.  It is hard to see anyway for Theon to escape these monstrosities he has committed, and if his father is upset with him for these actions then the only person he has left is his sister.

While this episode managed to cover every important character in the series, it seemed to focus mostly on Robb.  He is horribly upset with his mother now, and has sent 80 men and his fastest horses into the woods to catch Jamie Lannister whom his mother freed.  I have a pretty good feeling he will make some attempt to kill Breanne while she is escorting him back to Kings Landing.  She’s wearing almost full armor and they are on a canoe.  Granted Jamie is still in chains, but all he would have to do is get Breanne into the water, and last time I checked armor does not float.  Of all the things that are going badly for him, he is still undefeated in his battles and his relationship with doctor lady has now fully blossomed.  Who knows what he will be forced to do since he is still supposed to marry that one girl.  Oh well, this is true love right?

I really like how what is going on beyond the wall is it’s on little world.  They have their own war going on and it’s finally starting to get interesting.  Jon Snow is supposed to be on the side of the Night’s Watch but now he’s going to be some kind of under cover soldier.  He’s supposed to pretend to be on the side of the Wildlings but he hasn’t even been given the opportunity yet.  It will be interesting to see if any type of relationship developed between him and the Wildling girl he was supposed to kill.  I’m also interested to see what becomes of the discovery the other Night’s Watchmen made.  The dragons glass looks really cool, but what’s the significance of it?  Oh and also, where is Jon’s wolf?

Arya continues to remind me why she is one of my favorite characters in this series.  I really hope that wasn’t her last conversation between her and the man, but if it was they certainly went out with a bang.  Their interaction was awesome.  She is so freaking clever, and I loved how he tells her that she lacks honor and she simply looks at him and shrugs.  Arya saw first hand how far honor got her father and now she feels that that simply isn’t the way to survive.  I don’t care too much for her other friend, but I’m glad that she was able to escape with Gendry.  Gendry had been fairly absent ever since she became Tywin’s cup barer but I’m sure we will be seeing more of him now that he and Arya have escaped together.

The interaction between Cersei and Tyrion was once again fantastic.  They are two superb masters of their craft and it was great to see Cersei being her usual self as opposed to the human being she was last week.  They handled the scene perfectly making us believe that Tyrion’s love interest had finally been discovered.  Then once they brought out a different whore it was comical just how wrong Cersei was.  You can’t help but feel bad for that girl though.  She was Tyrion’s love interest in the first season, which is how she got that necklace, but has been through nothing but hardships this season.  She was the one crying over the baby murdering in the first season, and she was also the one who was forced to beat that other girl to death by Joffrey.  Now she is being false accused and therefore beaten for it…rough life.

I can’t wait to see how Joffrey actually handles Stannis’ arrival.  This battle is going to be amazing and we have been waiting all season to watch it happen.  There is sure to be plenty of action, and I was kind of confused as to whether Tywin was riding off in the night to attack Rob, or if he was heading to Kings Landing in order to protect his grandsons claim to the Iron Throne.  Personally I think Joffrey is going to need all the support he can get, but who knows.  Maybe something will happen and his fathers talents on the battle field will come through.  I doubt that very much though, and I hope that he is as much of a coward when he faces Stannis as he has been through the rest of this season.  Either way next week is sure to be one the most action packed Game of Thrones episodes yet.

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