Review of Karmin’s ‘Hello’

karmin helloYou might have heard Karmin in a lot of different places. The majority of people have probably heard her cover popular artists on YouTube like Lil Wayne and Chris Brown, while others (including myself) heard them when they played on Saturday Night Live earlier this year with host Zooey Deshanel. Both of the songs that they played during that night’s show showed both sides to the duo’s music; one being incredibly catchy pop music like Jessie J, the second being a hip-hop state of mind reminiscent of Nicki Minaj. So of course, their debut album Hello embarks on a pop journey that weaves in and out of both genres that doesn’t last long whatsoever.

The album’s first single, “Brokenhearted” is a rather upbeat summer jam that deals with being forgotten by a guy after a party. “Too Many Fish” is the opposite of it, however, where Amy Heidemann sings about getting another “fish” since she was able to get one before. The title track has a club-like electric beat backing a mediocre song, filled with dumb rhymes and annoying cuts.

Then there are the more hip-hoppy songs. “Walking On The Moon” has a sort of B.o.B feel to both the chorus and rhyme structure. “I Told You So” has an awesome flow with the vocals, but the beat sounds like a Young Money throwaway, with some G-Rated lyrics. “I’m Just Sayin'” is a Disney Channel rap song, with a really child friendly song overall (like most of the songs on the album). She even raps a small verse on the ballad “Coming Up Strong,” where her and partner Nick Noonan could’ve had a rather beautiful duet – if Amy’s rapping would have been replaced with her own singing verses.

And that’s it. Only seven songs. And the main problem that Hello has isn’t the length at all. I’ve reviewed metal albums and other types of pop music that are less than that, but they were at least memorable. Besides their single “Brokenhearted,” nothing here really struck a chord. After one listen through, I came back to Hello to see if multiple playthroughs did anything for the album. And I found more flaws than I did a musical kindling.

By the middle of this summer, expect “Brokenhearted” to be on every radio station. That song alone will get Karmin the commercial notoriety that Youtubers have been showing them for years. But after the smoke from the first single goes away, what will Karmin do next? There are a couple of songs (literally) on Hello that could make it back to the radio, but unless the duo will come out with another album later this year (always a possibility), expect their first single to be circulating your brain all summer long.

Final Grade: C

Go Download: “Brokenhearted”

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