TV Without Commercials Review: Game of Thrones 2.5

game-of-thrones HeaderThis week’s Game of Thrones was by far the tamest episode we have seen in a very long time.  Not only was there not a whole lot going on but as my memory serves me, this is quite possibly the first episode in this entire series that featured not only zero gratuitous sex scenes but also had no nudity of any kind.  Even the very first episode from season one set the tone for the presence of sexuality in this series, but this episode broke away from that mold.  We did have mention of the inappropriate relationship between the Queen and her cousin, but that was it.  Aside from the lack of sex, there was also a lack of action, as well as a lack of evil that was beginning to be the trend so far in this season.  The lack of evil, though, is easily explained with the absence of King Joffrey from this week’s episode.  His plan of action for Stannis’s approaching invasion seems to be more dangerous than effective.  I hope we get a chance to see it play out next week.

As I mentioned before this episode was incredibly action deprived.  More so than any episode before it and it leads me to believe that we have now reached the middle point of the season.  That being said however there was a ton of build up this week hinting at a lot of action as well as battles for next week.  The action we did see, even though there was so little, was still good.  Both were short lived but still intriguing.  We saw the death of Renly which I wouldn’t say was a big surprise but the way it happened certainly was.  I definitely did not think we would see Stannis’ son until much later on this season, and not the very next episode.  While Renly’s death changes everything, and was obviously a huge plot point, it was so freaking abrupt.  The first time we even saw Renly this episode we also watched him get killed.  I doubt we will get to see the resistance that has now formed against Stannis next week, and what exactly do they plan to do against his shadow son anyway?  The other notable action we saw this week was between Arya and the man who now fights for Lord Lannister but before was in the iron cage.  He killed “The Tickler” and will kill two more men for her and all she must do is provide a name.  The episode ended with “The Tickler’s” death and now what we all want to know, is who will be her next two names?  Arya could easily say Joffrey or even Lord Lannister himself, and the man would have to kill them.  Why would she not say Joffrey?  She’s hated him since season one for having the butchers boy killed and now she has the perfect opportunity for revenge and all she has to do is sit there and wait for it to happen.

While the action was limited this week, the build up dominated.  Theon and his sister are on their way to Winterhold with their rapers and pillagers of the Iron Islands under their command.  This is the battle that I personally am looking forward to the most.  I want to see what Theon will do when the time comes to actually fight against Rob Stark.  Will he be able to do it?  He is terribly conflicted between the family that gave him up and the family that raised him and the time for him to actually make a decision between the two is rapidly approaching.  There is also the events taking place out beyond the wall with Jon snow and his other Rangers of the Night’s Watch.  He and a few others are moving out so some sort of sneak attack.  Both of these events as well as Stannis’ men moving in on King’s Landing should be all the ingredients necessary to provide us with an action packed episode this coming Sunday.

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