TV Without Commercials Review: Game of Thrones 2.2

game-of-thrones HeaderThis week’s Game of Thrones continued to remain dark, and I mean really dark.  This season has so far featured baby killing in every episode.  Well, alright that might be taking it a bit to far.  We don’t really know for sure if there was baby killing going on in this episode but it sure seemed like that was happening out in the woods at the very end.  One of those blue eyed things from the first episode in season one took the baby the man who is housing the Nights Watch left in the woods.  My guess would be that perhaps this is how those evil blue people are made, so that baby won’t be killed but instead turned into one of them.  I guess that’s not death but it might be just as bad.  Anyway, Jon Snow witnesses this and is then quickly knocked unconscious and the credits begin to role.  What a great cliff hanger right?  That ending was intense and now I can’t stop thinking about what that guy is going to do with Jon Snow.   Whatever it is I’m sure it will be terrible.

I really want to know what will happen with the three men in the caged wagon.  I hope we at least get to learn if the three of them are together or were captured separately or something.  They have such a short and insignificant scene in this episode so I’m afraid they might not come back but still, they interested me.  I’m glad to see that other than these three caged men, Arya’s journey has become pretty interesting now that Gendry knows who she actually is.  I wonder if those soldiers from King’s Watch will actually return to find Gendry and if they do what will happen?

Khaleesi seems pretty SOL right about now.  She is stranded in the wastelands and now one of the men she sent off’s horse was all that came back, unless you include his severed head in the saddlebag.  I was really hoping there would be some more time spent with her pathetic crew in this episode, especially how dramatic her only scene was.  Hopefully some good news comes her way next week but right now everything seems pretty hopeless.

I still don’t really understand this religious cult thing, as well as their chosen king.  They team up with a perverted pirate and are attacking the Lannisters.  I guess that means they’re on Rob’s side, but is Rob on their side though?  That is, does Rob want this man to be the King?  Is that what he is also fighting for or is he only concerned with defeating the Lannisters and avenging his father?

I have to say, when Theon Greyjoy returned to his home, his greeting was not at all what I was expecting.  His father absolutely hates him now.  He hates the Starks and feels that Ned Stark has now made Theon into a Stark.  Lord Greyjoy also feels it is a big deal whether you buy something with the iron price, killing someone for it, or the gold price, paying for it…with gold.  When Theon tells him that he paid for his jewelry in gold, his father immediately rips it from his neck.  Apparently this principle of Lord Greyjoy not only applies to how you acquire jewelry, but also applies to how he will get his kingdom back.  Now Theon is stuck.  His father flat out tells him that he will not be fighting against the Lannisters.  Theon wants to be loyal to his homeland but the Starks raised him.  He and Rob are practically brothers and when Theon tells his father this it infuriates him, so what shall he do?  Fight against those who raised him or fight for his father who hates him?  His decision is definitely what interests me the most going into next weeks episode.

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