54th Annual Grammy’s LIVE: Winners, Performances, and Thoughts

Hello people! Tonight is the 54th Annual Grammy’s on CBS, and I will be live blogging it here. Who will win? Who will lose? Will Adele win everything like I predicted, or will someone else take those trophies away from her? Will a surprise winner take home Best New Artist, or will it just be between Nicki Minaj and Bon Iver? How will the recent passing of Whitney Houston effect the mood of the evening? Keep it here to find out! (Starting @ 8/7 Central Time)


We are still an hour away from the telecast, but we already have some notable winners coming in:

  • Adele has one Grammy already in her hands with Best Short Form Music Video for “Rolling in the Deep,” while Foo Fighters won for Best Long Form Music Video for “Foo Fighters: Back and Fourth.”
  • Skrillex aka Sonny Moore already has three Grammy’s, including Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical, Best Dance Recording for “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites,” and Best Dance/Electronica Album for his album with the same name. It might be a bigger night for him if he can pull off the Best New Artist award.
  • Other notable winners include The Book of Mormon (Best Musical Theater Album), Tony Bennett (Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album), Tinariwen (Best World Music Album), Louis C.K. (Best Comedy Album), and of course Betty White (Best Spoken Word Album).

  • Now on with the show!

    About time, the show is finally on, and it starts with The Boss himself – Bruce Springsteen. He is performing “We Take Care of Our Own,” which is going to come out with his new album Wrecking Ball, which is due in March. I’ve never been a big Bruce fan, but I’m not gonna lie, he really killed this performance. For as old as he is, he can still have a great live show. He’s like the American Mick Jaggar; he just keeps going and going. Grade: A-

    I totally forgot that L L Cool J was going to be hosting the show tonight. The show starts out pretty solemnly, as L L gives us a small prayer to remember the late great Whitney Houston. He introduces a clip of her singing “I Will Always Love You,” which brings about a standing ovation. Jennifer Hudson will be performing tonight in tribute to her.

    What a good way to bring up the mood than the really over-energetic Bruno Mars. Him an his doo-wop crew performing “Runaway Baby.” He throws in a shout out to Houston (as many will do throughout the night) and said something along the lines of “Get off your rich asses and move!” He did bring up the mood some and some awesome James Brown-style dance moves, but it seems like the past couple of performances on award shows are all incredibly reminiscent to each other. But his job wasn’t to be new, but to entertain. And he did just that. Grade: B

    Alright, first Grammy of the night! Alicia Keys and Bonnie Raitt, shout out to Whitney Houston, but also sit down and do a duet of an Etta James classic. Nice to know that she wasn’t forgotten.

    And the winner is…Adele! What a shocker! In all honesty, she deserves every Grammy she gets tonight. Should be a great night for her.

    Next up is Chris Brown, performing a montage of his hits. Man, can this guy dance. His performance started a bit rocky, but he eventually picked it up when “Beautiful People” came on. Not gonna lie, I do enjoy his light show, but he could’ve done better during the beginning of his performance. Grade: B-

    Fergie and Marc Anthony are up next presenting…
    And the winner is…Jay-Z and Kanye West of “Otis”! Of course, they aren’t there, so Marc and Fergie accept it on their behalf.

    Next is Jason Aldean and Kelly Clarkson. If I can be honest for a second, I hate country music. Jason’s verse was very underwhelming, and a little hard to understand. And Kelly, with random-red bedazzled mic in hand, took over the performance. She really is the most under-rated singer today, even though she is getting traction now after SNL weeks before. Overall, nothing really special. Grade: C+

    I do wish they would give out more awards, but they do tend to overbook themselves with music. But that’s just me.

    Next is the Foo Fighters, playing outside for some reason. Jack Black said that they still had “indie cred” to them, and to that I say boo. Of course, they’re playing “Walk” off of Wasting Light. I’m glad to see the crowd actually getting into the performance…and in retrospect I know figure out why they’re outside. The Foo have never been “shirt-and-tie” kind of performers, so playing outside in front of FANS instead of peers makes a whole lot of sense. Good show, Foo. Grade: B+

    Another commercial break. Yay.

    Coldplay and Rihanna are now taking the stage. Rihanna starts with a rather slow version of “We Found Love,” until it finally kicks up and turns the show into an all out party. Then Chris Martin takes the stage, and slows it back down. They both do a nice little duet with each other, which really shows that Rihanna doesn’t need a track to back up her singing voice. Next is Coldplay’s “Paradise.” Loving the color scheme they decided to go with, both here and their last album. Chris Martin is flawless here, which is a nice thing to see. Although I wish their “Grammy moment” was more together, they both did a great job on their respected song. Maybe next time they have advertise a “Grammy moment,” they would be more together, instead of two entirely separate songs and one bridge. Grade: A-

    We are about an hour into the telecast, and only two awards have been handed out. At least no one has bombed yet.

    Victor Cruz doing the salsa dance! Always awesome and acceptable. Sorry, Patriots.
    And the winner is…Foo Fighters for “Walk”! Not a surprise, since they are nominated for Best Album. Anyone (besides Radiohead) could’ve won, but the Foo do deserve it this year. I totally agree with Dave Grohl here; music doesn’t have to be perfect. “Long live rock and roll!”

    Now, it’s the legendary Beach Boys – with Maroon 5 and Foster the People. Maroon 5 kick it off with “Surfer Girl,” and nail it. Next is Foster, playing “Wouldn’t It Be Nice,” and actually do a nice job of it. Mark Foster was a bit quiet during their portion, but they still did a nice little rendition. Then, of course, is the Beach Boys themselves doing “Good Vibrations.” Celebrating 50 years of rock genius, I couldn’t think of a better venue to play at than the Grammy’s. Glad to see Adam and Mark join in towards the end, really made the whole performance. Outstanding job all around. Grade: A

    Stevie Wonder is out now, said a little thing for Whitney Houston, and did a little diddy for Sir Paul McCartney, playing “My Valentine” off of his album (which came out last week). His voice is still timeless, but for some reason, I couldn’t get behind the song as much as I wanted to. He still did a good job though. Grade: B

    And the winner is…Chris Brown! Wow, something that I was not expecting. Team Breezy, I guess.

    Next, The Civil Wars and Taylor Swift. I would’ve thought that they would’ve done their song for The Hunger Games, but alas, they didn’t. The Civil Wars does a small version of “Barton Hollow” and nail it. Would’ve loved to see them together and doing a larger version of that song. Taylor’s next, singing “Mean.” I actually do enjoy this song, and the rather positive message it sends (I believe it is a part of the It Gets Better Foundation?). Nothing flashy or out there, but still two solid performances. Grade: B+

    Neil Patrick Harris FTW!
    And the winner is…Adele! Anyone surprised? No? Ok. That’s what I thought. Neither am I.

    Katy Perry is next, singing “E.T.” Not the song I would’ve picked to perform at the Grammy’s, but hey, I can’t pick it. Ok, the cut out was sudden and unexpected. Now, she’s singing a brand new song! Not bad. A very colorful performance from her, though I don’t know why she had to open with “E.T.” It kind of drowned out the surprise of a new song. Grade: C+

    And the winner is…Lady Antebellum! Again, not really surprise. But I don’t really listen to country, so I also have no real opinion on the matter.

    Adele is up next…the most anticipated performance of the night. Surprised that it’s not ending…does that mean she won’t win the last award? Anyways, she starts off “Rolling In The Deep” a cappela. Obviously, her voice is doing alright. I wonder how much she is holding back because of the surgery, but it sounds like it isn’t effecting her at all. This is a great rendition of the biggest hit of last year, and one of the better performances of the night. But it is Adele, afterall. We all knew she would kill it. Grade: A

    Standing ovation indeed.

    The Glen Campbell tribute is next. Now, like I said before, I am not a country fan, so I have no idea what songs the artists are playing. The Band Perry starts, and they sound great. Then, The Voice judge Blake Shelton, who also sounds great. This is the first time that I heard him sing by himself, and I can see why he would be a judge to a show like The Voice. Glen Campbell took the stage himself, and did a nice job. He sounded a lot better than Jason Aldean did earlier tonight, that’s for sure. Now, I knew none of these songs, and didn’t have an opinion on the legend they paying tribute to, but it was a rather nice set of songs. Grade: A-

    By the way, the two people who were sitting down texting during that performance that the camera panned to, was incredibly disrespectful. Even if I didn’t know who they were paying tribute to, I would at least stand up and take notice, instead of texting.

    Carrie Underwood and Tony Bennett are up next, both presenting Best New Artist and singing their duet off of Duets II. Tony really has that classic singing voice in tact, though Carrie really overshadowed him here. Still not bad though. No one has bombed yet! Grade: B

    And the winner is…Bon Iver! Personally, I wasn’t blown away by his album. It was a nice listen, but nothing really there for me. Also, he’s not that new – he already had an album out before his self titled. But so did Silversun Pickups a couple years ago, so I have no reason to complain.

    He also won Best Alternative Album as well, imagine that.

    At the end of the In Memorium section of the awards, the slide show stops at Whitney. It comes back to the show to see Jennifer Hudson paying her respects with her rather stirring rendition of “I Will Always Love You.” If there was one person who I would’ve liked to see do this, it would be Mrs. Hudson. She nailed it. It was respectful, endearing, and flat out beautiful. Grade: A+

    What do you do to follow that? I don’t know, how about a dance collaboration with Deadmau5, David Guetta, Chris Brown, Foo Fighters, and Lil Wayne. I’m not a big Guetta fan, so his, Brown’s and Wayne’s segment was just ok. The breakdown was cool but the rest wasn’t as good. Next was the Foo and Deadmau5. It starts off good, with just Foo Fighters performing “Rope” in a set that looks like their music video. And then Deadmau5 came in. I bet the remix track (that didn’t win tonight) would be great if it wasn’t two different acts trying to stay in line with each other. Grade: C

    By the way, where the hell was Skrillex!? For doing a segment like that, I would’ve thought that they would have the man who was nominated for Best New Artist in the mix somewhere.

    Now, the “much anticipated” Nicki Minaj performance. What the hell is this? Is this her attempt to one up Lady Gaga? Cause this is not good. I know this is supposed to be her alter ego Roman, and maybe that’s a reason that it was so over-dramatic. Her levitating was cool, you know, if you didn’t see the strings or backboard. Overall, not very good. Grade: D

    Finally, Record of the Year.
    And the winner is…Adele! Again, no surprise. She still has one more to win tonight, so she has one more trip to the podium.

    Ok, it’s the big one…
    And the winner is…Adele! No surprises at all tonight. If talk about earning it – she deserves all of the little trophies she is getting tonight. Congrats Adele! Now don’t go breaking your voice again.

    And to end the show, why not have L L Cool J’s homie, Paul McCartney, with Bruce Springsteen and Dave Grohl, among others, out to play with him! A nice way to end the show, instead of it just ending.

    Well that’s the show! What did you think? Anyone get snubbed? Did you wish that they would’ve done more awards and less music? Leave your thoughts below! Until next year…

    2 thoughts on “54th Annual Grammy’s LIVE: Winners, Performances, and Thoughts

    1. Better start warming up my vocal chords now because I have a lot of booing to do for Chris Brown tonight. Granted the loss of Whitney Houston even overshadows my disdain for that boy.

    2. -Lol oh Betty White. She probably has the Stanley Cup as well.

      -I will only ever remember Bruce Springsteen for that creepy guy who always steals his mic.

      -Bruno Mars gave a pretty memorable performance because of just how entertaining it was, and it wasn’t even one of the songs I really love off that album. But best of all, it made me smile like an idiot and I really loved seeing him used the megaphone instead of how some voices are manipulated in the music world. That and his video feed during the best pop solo award or whatever it was was pretty priceless.

      -BBBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. (My thoughts on Chris Brown) If you wanna know what else I think about Chris Brown then go read the write up about him over on Hellogiggles.com . Also, I can think of a joke about him during the lyric about seeing beautiful people everywhere and beauty being deep inside, but I won’t stoop that low. Just ironic is all. And Bruno Mars had better moves.

      -Rihanna has some Flashdance / Tina Turner thing going on. And I love this Coldplay/Rihanna song! EEEEEE!

      -I wish the Superbowl halftime would feature an artist like Coldplay because I do love their performances and stage presence.

      -I would have gone with The Decemberists or Mumford & Sons, but I don’t listen to the Foo Fighters so it could have deserved the award. I guess…

      -Shouldn’t they just go right to introducing the Beach Boys since it is about them coming back together for the performance instead of reminding them of their age by having more relevant bands sing their stuff?

      -“Someday I’ll be singing this at the Grammy’s.” Oh T Swifty. I want her to do another SNL monologue so badly.

      -I have no idea what joke Neil Patrick Harris was keeping in for “Song of the Year,” but this show is having some decent humor. Kate Beckinsale joking about shooting fireworks out of her boobs, The Civil Wars about their opening acts, Katy Perry dressing like a sci-fi version of a character from Mirror’s Edge, Chris Brown being allowed back…

      -I was really hoping Adele would sing “Someone Like You” instead so they could pan to the SNL cast in the audience mock crying, but that’s just me. But I’ll listen to anything she has to sing.

      -I feel like a lot of Banjos are being played tonight. Does that mean Steve Martin is going to come out at some point?

      -Hey look, Deadmau5 is a cylon! There is clearly a lull going on in the grammy’s for me, but I would actually be really excited for this no matter what.

      -Roman is an alter ego? Why does everyone have one of those!? And I am all for theatrical performances, but it just really didn’t go with the rest of the night.

      -Adele “Oh I got a bit of snot.” As long as you can laugh about it, it’s ok to cry on stage.

      Yep, that’s what you get for asking for our thoughts! MWA HA HA!

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