Music Review: Farewell Continental’s “¡Hey, Hey Pioneers!”

farewell continental header“Farewell Continental. God, I guess you can’t love everything. We love to be supportive of a lot of music, and it’s just not realistic that you’re gonna love everything, you know? I mean there’s a certain amount of crude that gets through. Sort of the cracks, it just sorta seeps in like a disease. 1996 called and they really need their sound back.” That is a small section of the song “Radio, Radio: Are You Getting This?” off of Farewell Continental’s newest album ¡Hey, Hey Pioneers! Well, I’d like to disagree with that.

Justin Pierre, Kary Gray, Thomas Rehbein, Jim Adolphson and Josh McKay creates the band known as Farewell Continental. If you think that the band, due to Pierre on vocals, will sound a whole lot like his larger project known as Motion City Soundtrack, then you’re on the right track. Farewell Continental interweaves great electronics with their upbeat, positive sound, creating one of the best pop-rock albums I have heard in a VERY long time. Dare I say, better than last years My Dinosaur Life?

From top to bottom, ¡Hey, Hey Pioneers! is a head-bobbing good time. The album starts with “Seasoned Veterans,” a down-tempo opener that sounds more as a poem than it does a pop sound. “Capybara” more than makes up for it though, with a pop song resembling something that Pierre could’ve put on Even If It Kills Me, though after a couple of listens to the song, I can only see it as a Farewell Continental song. “New Tile Floor” starts as an uptempo electric jam, but as you listen to the lyrics, it becomes an instantly memorable ballad.”I Feel Everything (Can You Feel It As Well?)” is a love song that is only enhanced by the backing vocals of Kary Gray. Which brings me to my next point…

The best part of the album are the dueling lyrics of Justin Pierre and Kary Gray. Their back and fourth between multiple songs not each song sound that much better, but it’s what makes them unique. Songs like “Who’s The Boss?” and “Dagger, Dagger: Terror, Terror” are two of the big stand outs on Pioneers!. They’re voices compliment each other so well, how Gray’s is more of a bubblegum pop sound to it, while Pierre’s has the well established MCS sound to him. Together, they make each song feel fresh, and gives the album as a whole a lot more replay value.

Justin Pierre has to be pretty proud of himself. Not only is he an icon for fronting one of the biggest alternative acts of today, but he can make a side project that can make the most die hard MCS fan reconsider which side of the fence he wants to fall on. At it’s core, Pioneers! is for everybody. If you love Motion City Soundtrack, if you hate them, if you are looking for something to litter multiple mixtapes, then do yourselves a favor and go listen to the album. He says “I guess you can’t love everything.” However, it REALLY seems like I can.

Final Grade: A

Go Download: The entire album, “Dagger Dagger: Terror, Terror” as a single.

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