Audio Book Review: American on Purpose by Craig Ferguson (Read by Craig Ferguson)

American+on+Purpose+Craig+FergusonI usually love reading books written by comedians.  Even if they are telling what would ordinarily be a boring story, they often manage bring a witticism to it that allows the story to transcend its boring nature and become enjoyable.  I was hoping from the same from Craig Ferguson, but was utterly disappointed.  I probably could have predicted that there was no way this story could have been funny had I known more about his life in advance.  He covers some pretty heavy subject areas – his slew of failed marriages (he is currently on wife 3 or 4 – I lost count), his battles with alcoholism and drug addictions, suicide, and what he describes as a complete lack of direction or purpose for his life.

I give Ferguson a lot of credit for turning his life around.  He now has a successful show on late night television, he is clean and sober, had a child, and is married for what he claims to be the last time.  But regardless of his recent accomplishments, I like him slightly less now than I did when I started the book.  A person can only hear someone else drone on about falling in love so many times before they jadedly begin to think, “Oh enough already.  You know you are just going to break up in another 15 minutes.”  At least that was my experience, anyway.  Plus, I never have had an interest in hearing about the joys of drug use, which seemed to comprise a majority of this audio book.

So quickly, here are the pros and cons to this audiobook.


–   Craig has a lovely Scottish accent.

–   It is clear that he really loves his mom.  I like momma’s boys.


–   Content was monotonous and repetitive.

–   I couldn’t sympathize or empathize with Ferguson in the slightest.

–   No humor.  Not even a sprinkling.  Don’t let other reviews that say this book is funny trick you into reading it.

–   About a quarter through the book, I started counting down the hours until it would be over.  That is never a good sign.

When it comes down to it, don’t waste your time on this one.  You can bet that I will have wiped its contents from my memory by the end of this week!

Final Grade: 2/5 stars


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