TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.6: Secrets

Walking-Dead-2.6The Walking Dead bides time after its big reveal in the barn by tying up some lingering plot lines before the mid season finale next week.

The beginning of the episode gets off on the wrong foot as Glenn is forced to keep secrets for both Lori (which is understandable) and Maggie (which is ridiculous) as he must keep the baby and walker barn under wraps.  We spend the first segment of the episode watching Glenn run around and be nervous, and that is fun, but I don’t believe for an instant he would keep the secret about the barn for any amount of time.  It was solely a ploy to create tension between him and Maggie, but they could have done that naturally by just having them have an extended debate over the validity of whether the walkers are human or not. The results would have been the same and felt unforced.  Regardless of the issues, the Maggie/Glenn plot gave us a great realization for the character in Maggie telling Glenn how great he is and I am very interested in how this boost of confidence plays out.

Shane and Andrea is the other big relationship of the week as Andrea becomes quite a bit more interesting as she hones her zombie hunting skills.  Her interactions with Shane is probably the highlight of the episode as they go on a little adventure of gun shooting and zombie killing.  Shane’s intensity as he tries to rattle Andrea lets him show off some more of his dark side and the results are great.  The roller coaster of emotions they go on, from Shane evoking her dead sister, going through the hell hold of a house in search for Sophia, mowing down zombies in the suburbs, or having crazy hate sex in the car allows the two to go through a lot in a very short time. It all culminates with Shane getting crazy dark when Dale confronts him, with father like protection over Andrea, and lets his suspicions fly about what really happened with Otis.  The scene is great and I am intrigued to see where things go from here between all involved.

Lori dealing with her baby problems is the weak link of the week, but it still allowed for some long needed closure on a number of things.  Seeing Lori and Glenn’s arc play out ended with a nice moment between the two and helped Glenn grow up a little bit in the process.  It was a bit unfair for Glenn to be caught up in this whole mess and I am glad Lori took the high road in the end.  The other long in the coming loose end was Lori telling Rick about her and Shane and the moment played out as best as it could.  Rick’s calm and knowing reaction is perfect for the character and I am glad they didn’t devolve into clichéd angry reactions and screaming.

The episode was quite successful after the rough start and a couple hiccups along the way with Lori.  The show has a pretty clean slate secrets wise, except for the big one in the barn that will blow up next week for sure.  The baby drama should be far less soapy, now that it’s clear it is Rick’s and Lori is going to go through with it, and instead can focus on what it would be like for a pregnant lady to try and survive the apocalypse.  And we got some good zombie killing too boot.  I am looking forward to how they are going to leave the mid-season gap hanging, hopefully it involves finding Sophia.


-Carl is up and ready to go in a hurry.

-These farm people freak me out man, what the hell are they doing?

-Poor chickens.

-I love Daryl

-This baby drama is going about as good as expected, not.

-Something is still refreshing seeing Rick out of that uniform.

-Carl better not screw this gun thing up.

-I like seeing Glenn squirm, but I am glad that we aren’t dragging this out.

-Can we afford to waste all this ammo?

-Damn, Andrea!

-Dale and Hershel, going to have a good ole fashion standoff.  Like the western vibe to the score here.

-Hershel kind of sold me with his pitch on keeping the walkers alive.

-What did Lori expect Hershel to say?

-Shane is f’ing crazy, but he proved his point.

-How is Dale going to smooth talk his way out of Glenn getting in trouble here?

-Does the show have the balls to let a walker eat a baby?

-How did Maggie find out Glenn told? Or Hershel knew it was them?

-Would a small town/southern/pharmacy carry the abortion pill?

-That was a pretty gruesome zombie kill.

-Damn, Maggie is pissed!

-Everything Maggie said is, sadly, true.

-What the hell happened in that house?  We’re those humans burned in the garage?

-Oh snap, Shane is going to run Andrea through some real world training.

-Andrea is in the zone.

-Awe, Glenn is figuring girls out.

-Oh snap, Andrea is feeling something after that killing high.

-“Well, come on.”

-That is some angry sex.

-That was a lot of emotion, why take the pills then decide not to two seconds later?

-Dale, being a bit of a protective Dad with Andrea.  He also apparently sees right through the whole Otis situation.

-Here comes the dark side.

-I like how Dale is somewhat pleased Shane is showing who Dale thinks he is.

-Well that was convenient, leaving the wrappers out.

-Oh, baby cries would not be good in zombie apocalypse, good call Lori.

-Tell him.

-This is why Rick rocks; he gets it, still sucks to find out though.

Until next week…

2 thoughts on “TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.6: Secrets

  1. I didn’t think the Glenn thing felt forced. There are only so many women left that are available! He had to do what he had to in order to lock her down! Plus it allowed for a funny moment between him and Dale as he just let’s it all out. And I still don’t understand why you hate the baby drama.

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