Good Ole Fashion Television Review: Terra Nova 1.8

TerranovaheaderTerra Nova has developed into a surprisingly good show.  I must admit, I was extremely skeptical when this series first premiered and it got off to a very slow start.  The last several episodes have been fantastic and this weeks episode entitled “Proof” was no different.  There were essentially three separate story lines running through this episode.  There was Maddy Shannon who was trying to find out why her hero Ken Horton was acting so strange, and couldn’t seem to remember jokes and from his own writings.  There was also Captain Taylor helping out Curran, the soldier he banished from Terra Nova, and finally there was Josh stealing what he thought was medicine for the Sixers.  Josh’s story was obviously the only one that progressed the main plot, but all of these events tied together perfectly to make what has been the most entertaining episode of Terra Nova so far this season.

Aside from the first few episodes Terra Nova has done an excellent job of progressing their main plot.  Even though in this particular episode, the focus seemed to be more on what was going on with Maddy and her hero Ken Horton.  Ken Horton is supposed to be this amazing explorer from their time period and now he is in Terra Nova doing what he does best…exploring.  Right off the bat, however, Maddy is able to tell that something isn’t quite right.  Clearly whoever this man is, he is not to be trusted.  He killed the real Ken Horton and at the end tries to kill Maddy but he did fix the apples.  I don’t know what the writers were trying to show us with that.  Are we supposed to think that he did have a good heart because he fixed the apple orchard?  That’s kind of how I felt when the episode ended but then I immediately remembered oh yeah, he just tried to kill Maddy in order to protect his secret.  I have a feeling we will see this character again, otherwise him fixing the apple orchard was just plain stupid.

I think anyone who has been watching this series could have seen what Josh’s motivation behind helping Mira was.  I guess it had kind of been addressed already but this episode made sure to slap you in the face with it.  The hologram image of his girlfriend from the future, who we haven’t seen since the pilot, was a surprising touch.  How does Mira have the capability to do that?  My immediate reaction was that it something to do with that box the Sixers managed to steal last week, but I’m pretty sure Mira has been communicating with the future well before the box was stolen.  Now I guess we will wait and see if she is true to her word and actually does bring Josh’s girlfriend to Terra Nova.

I really like Boylan as a character.  He is a mystery, we don’t really know which side he is on for sure and it seems like he only cares about himself.  He reveals to Jim that Mira can and has been communicating with the future, but he has no idea how.  When Jim tells this to Taylor, Taylor seems to understand right away that this is the work of his son Lucas.  It seems that all anyone inside Terra Nova can do now is wait to see what the Sixer’s next move will be.  The preview for next week was highly entertaining as always, but it looks we are finally going to learn the “Truth” behind Terra Nova.  It is something that has only been brought up in the pilot episode and it is also the reason the Sixers exist in the first place.  I am definitely excited to find out what that is next week and I hope that we actually do learn that information and that it wasn’t just a trick from Fox.

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