TV Review: The Walking Dead 2.4: Cherokee Rose

Walking-Dead-HeaderThe Walking Dead is really solid again this week, even with little zombie drama and the plot continuing to go nowhere.  The fact the show is able to stay so entertaining this season while moving the plot almost no where is a testament to the huge step forward the show has taken from its season one downward spiral.

The show had a little bit of everything this week as the group converges and settles into the farmhouse way of life. First task, clean the well, and oh how dirty it is.  Found at the bottom of the local well is a rather disgusting looking walker and what ensues to get him out is both infuriating and disgusting.  The scene is mostly a complete waste, outside the excellent effects work and gross out gore, as the show partakes in about the stupidest thing they have ever done on the show.  Really, let’s send down some live bait?  I mean, poor Glen.  Things go expectedly horrible and Glen is left dangling just out of reach of the waterlogged zombie.  To make matters worse the shots don’t match up as the group pulls but Glen hasn’t risen at all, the amount of rope that they lose into the well would easily have put Glen in the water, and the Herculean feat of strength T-Dog would have had to exhibit was completely implausible.  Regardless, the scene’s final moments make it worth it because they make Glen out to be a badass lasso and the predictable zombie ripping in half was gloriously disgusting; the water was squirting out of its ears.

Glen being awesome continues to be a prominent theme this week as he walks ass backwards into sex with the cute “farmer’s daughter,” Maggie.  Even though the two were idiots to leave their horses out in town unsupervised (where are all the zombies in town by the way?) them having sex was a nice break from all the death and direness the show has been about of late.  Hope these two continue their fling, but that odd exchange between Maggie and Hershel while overlooking the local map makes me think this farmhouse crew is hiding something.  Still, nice to see Glenn back in the limelight.

Back at the farmhouse the group was checking the local map to survey the layout for their search for Sophia, but only Daryl was healthy enough to head out and look for her.  Daryl finds signs of life out there, but wisely doesn’t dare tell Carol as he doesn’t want to give any false hope to the mother.  Instead he gives Carol a flower, a Cherokee Rose, and a beautiful metaphor of hope that kept me optimistic about Sophia’s fate.  Daryl’s response to Rick letting him “off the hook” has more or less cemented Daryl as my favorite character on the show now; just FYI.

The rest of the gang has a lot less going for them this week, but the biggest reveal of the episode still comes out if it; and this viewer isn’t happy about it.  Lori is pregnant with Shane’s kid and the show is going to have to dance around some pretty tired clichés for this to not hurt the show.  I will try to remain as optimistic as I can for now.

Rick is trying to negotiate the group a long term stay at the farmhouse in-between theological discussions about religion with Hershel.  The show continues to delve on the topic of religion this season and I think the show is better for it.  It is interesting and engaging discussion to be had and a zombie apocalypse is an inspired setting to have it.  I might not agree with the religious side of this discussion but I think seeing where they are coming from/and the conflict that arises is very interesting.

We see a bit of Shane processing his actions last week, already rationalizing Otis’ death for Carl’s, but he seems to move on with a bit of ease here.  I am sure his demons will resurface sooner or later.

Another solid episode of The Walking Dead with a couple characters getting some much needed screen time this week.  Glen and Maggie are an intriguing and positive light on the show, but let’s see how long it takes to them to extinguish that flame.  Rick retiring the sheriff uniform is also a possible positive change for the character, but I can’t imagine the show letting him out so easily.  The group was in control this episode, no surprises, but I imagine this calm is something that won’t last all that long.


-having Shane wear Otis’ clothes is extremely affective.

-really like how Shane’s retelling of the story is kind of true, the overall message at least

-no guns, seriously Hershel?  This isn’t going to go end well.

-Farm folk are getting shifty eyed

-Glen, the “go to town expert,” and he gets to go with the cute girl!

-why do they still have this RV, it’s a fucking gas guzzler, makes no sense to keep it.

-“fast on your feet and know how to get in and out,” oh innuendo

-Daryl, find her!

-making T-Dog push the wagon? Come on Dale.

-Well Zombies! What the hell happened to that thing?

-They can’t use a bigger lasso? Glen, don’t go!

-That was the dumbest fucking thing this show has ever done.

-Glen got it, oh baby, that’s why he is the man!

-mmmm, waterlogged zombie

-Saw that one coming; sure that well water is might tasty now.

-T-Dog got some anger to get out

-are the farm people trying to make a cure?

-why are the cuts to commercials so rough on this show

-Rick looks like shit.

-“so it was good.”

-“like to think your mother would hope we have the same eyes,” very nice father/son scene

-Rick wearing the sheriff outfit really stood out this week and to great effect for his final scene and it is nice to see him retire it; hopefully

-what is with the creepy music when Lori was heading into woods to pee on a stick

-oh no, here we go, please don’t kill this season unborn baby

Until next week, I am feeling a Sophia sighting…

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