TV Review: The New Girl 1.4: Naked

new-girl-posterThe New Girl is back from MLB playoff hiatus (AKA StL Cardinals kicking ass) and the show picks up right where it left off in terms of quality; really good.

Story wise the show continues to keep things light.  Naked roommates, rebound awkwardness, and being culturally out of touch are all common themes here this week and two of them produce some great results.

Nick is having his first date, post ex, and he might not be quite ready.  His naked reggae motivation dance is interrupted by Jess, who sees his ‘peen’, and her ‘giggle scream’ doesn’t do a whole lot for his confidence.  The awkwardness that evolves out of this predicament quickly grows and spreads to all members in the house and to great effect. Schmidt’s infatuation with seeing Nick’s penis provides a number of good laughs and Jess’s insistence on Nick sharing his feelings brings the awkward as well.  Winston even gets a nice moment when he discusses their naked history.

Jake Johnson really sells the part again this week and his attempt to get naked in front of his date is high comedy.  Lake Bell is great as the overly ironic date and Nick trying to decipher whether she genuinely likes something is more great work for Johnson.  Nick is almost as strong a character as Jess and it is great to see Johnson shine every week in the part.

Jess is again given the lion’s share of great material, as the character’s endless quirks keep making the character more and more interesting.  Sure we have seen the whole can’t say penis bit or having to show your naked body to your roommate as to return the favor before on sitcoms, but these characters are so likable the bits seem fresh here.  In fact, the conclusion with Jess, Nick, and his date all in the room together was quite the funny scenario.

Schmidt and Winston each have a few good lines here and there but their stories are non-existent.  Winston is digesting two years of culture, including King’s Speech and Human Centipede at once, while Schmidt is on the aforementioned quest to see Nick’s penis.  The two just can’t stand up to Nick and Jess as is and while there is plenty of time to grow I am already finding myself a bit restless when the show leaves the two leads.

The shows laugh consistency was still quite good tonight, as the bullets will show, and I laughed almost as hard here as I did in the wedding episode before hiatus.  The New Girl shows no signs of slowing down and, I hope, will continue to be one of the funnier shows on TV.



-“A little Jewish mouse with a great big heart…” never thought of An American Tale like that

-“hotchie machie”

-“the little pooch where you keep the extra cookies”

-“what about the rest of the golden girls?”

-Jess’s laugh/scream, what the hell, which was amazing!

-double product placement for rival computers!

-“peepee and his bubbles”

-“your adventure begins”

-“penis fights, it just happens.”

-penis envy seems right up Schmidt’s ally, excellent choice by the writers

-Schmidt’s flashback, he is so cute as a pink bunny

-President Obama!

-nick is beyond awkward, and it is fantastic

-are we ever going to see Jess teach?

-“I have a travel size.”

-the show hinged on Deschanel pulling off that giggle scream and she nailed it

-“who, yes, talks in mind bending riddles.”

-Schmidt is quite the creeper, “Just the gun?”

-Jess was chunky as a kid, that is a surprise, thought they would make her a cute little skinny girl

-Schmidt needs to learn to pump his arms and get some new shorts when he runs

-“your heart penis”

-“even my gumbo pot?”

Lots of great lines this week, see you next week…

One thought on “TV Review: The New Girl 1.4: Naked

  1. This whole episode I couldn’t stop thinking about the episode of Friends in which trying to see one of the other friends’ business quickly got out of hand. Though this reminded me of that, it wasn’t a lazy attempt to recreate that episode. If anything, they are worthy enough to be watched back to back, not one or the other.

    Plus it just made me laugh so much that she couldn’t say penis in this episode after the penis game in 500 Days of Summer.

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