TV Without Commercials Review: Boardwalk Empire 2.6

boardwalkempireSomehow this show manages to change things up every single week.  Just when you think things are starting to move in one direction something happens that shift the momentum entirely.  The females in this series took the main stage in this episode, at least in my opinion.  Margaret Schroeder revealed more of her human side, something she keeps very hidden.  I would like to know more about her family, since last week Katy mentioned that they wanted nothing to do with her.  When she goes in for confession it is some what nerve-racking because there are so many things she could confess about.  Just when you think she’s going to confess about Nucky, she is actually confessing her own sins about her feelings for Owen Slater.  Agent Van Alden cannot handle his guilty conscience anymore and in doing so has exposed all his secrets about Lucy to his wife.

Nucky just doesn’t seem to be able to get away from his problems.  His case is now moved to the federal courts but his Attorney General friend, aka Shooter McGavin, but Senator Edge from New Jersey is pressing on him.  It seems that people want Nucky to not have such an easy time once his case moves to a federal court.  Every time it seems like his charges are finally going to be dropped something happens causing more turmoil for Nucky.  Not only are his legal troubles still present but now his alcohol business is beginning to cross paths with Jimmy mostly due to Jimmy’s new allies in Philadelphia.  I don’t know what to make of what is going on with Jimmy.  I really want to see him and Nucky have a mutually beneficial relationship with one another but if Jimmy and Lucky Luciano are actually going to join forces that will never happen.  It could lead to some very interesting changes though, as it looks like the young guns are starting to realize their opportunity for taking over.

The high light of this episode has to be what took place with Lucy and Agen Van Alden.  Nelson’s guilty conscience finally gets the best of him.  It’s funny, to me at least, that Nelson is so overly religious.  I feel like for the time period there probably was a lost more extremely conservative religious types but Nelson seems to be the only one.  He always appears to be making his other agents and superiors uncomfortable with his constant preaching.  His beliefs backfire on him though because what turns out to be just his severally burned agents childhood rantings, he takes as God speaking through his agent and telling Nelson that he is aware of his sins.  This leads to Nelson calling his wife in a panicked state, and almost confessing to her but not really.  After this phone call Nelson disappears, later he says he was in a chapel but we are never shown any type of scene or anything to prove that so who really knows where he was this whole time.  Meanwhile, through his disappearance Lucy is stuck in the apartment completely alone and forced to give birth to their baby girl all by herself.  This really shows a lot for Lucy’s character who up until getting pregnant was basically just a whore.  You feel really bad for her and the awful situation she is in with Agent Van Alden and him not even being there to get a doctor or take her to the hospital just shows the type of relationship they have with one another. Paz de la Huerta gives a breath taking performance in this episode and makes you feel an enormous amount of relief when you finally here the baby start crying among her screams of agony.  She is obviously a very strong woman to be able to do what she did.

As soon as Nelson returned with the doctor and the lemons were all in a bowl I immediately thought his wife was there but at the same time I thought no, there’s no way but of course my instincts were right.  Nelson’s wife is now fully aware of his situation in Atlantic City and with Lucy.  At first she seems unbelievably calm about the situation and was taking care of Lucy until the doctor arrived.  Her true emotions came out when she left the room, and it is hard to say what will become of her and Nelson’s relationship.  Nelson tries to say that he made the child for them to have, but even his wife is not gullible enough to believe that.  There was no Eli in this episode, but there was no Agent Van Alden in last week’s so next week we are sure to see more of what will become of Eli, and if karma will come back for him.

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