TV Without Commercials Review: Boardwalk Empire 2.4

boardwalkempireLast night Boardwalk Empire was an episode full of firsts.  It was the first time we heard someone call the Commodore by his real name, Lewis.  It was the first time we saw Gillian and the Commodore be somewhat intimate with one another which then led to seeing the Commodore suffer his first stroke.  We also got to see the personal side of Richard Harrow, and we now know that he has a twin sister who I suspect may make an appearance at some point this season.  Owen Slater, Charlie Cox, has taken Jimmy’s old job as Nucky’s personal driver, but is also in charge of initiating Nucky’s revenge on the Commodore and his alliance.  I feel like this episode was HBO’s way of making sure that we the audience are still interested in this show.  While sexual content has been a regular occurrence throughout this series this episode had far more than any other one so far this season, and there was even an explosion at the end.  In last weeks episode things were starting to finally turn around for Nucky, and in this episode everything that could of have gone his way, did.  He seems to be entirely out of his slump and, with the help of his lawyer, was even able to make his charges a federal case, which means he can now use his help in the White House.  With the Commodore down for the count it seems like it will only be a matter of time before Atlantic City is under Nucky Thompson’s control once again.

For the first time ever I feel like we finally got to see Gillian’s true feelings.  We have seen bits and pieces of what her personality is like but all they have really showed us that she is very strange.  We now know her motivation behind reuniting Jimmy with his father despite hating him for so many years, and I loved the way this episode ended with her just slapping him repeatedly with both hands. She knows that without the Commodore this whole plan falls apart, and at this point in time it doesn’t look like the Commodore will be himself again for a really long time.  I really want to see what ends up happening with Eli during all of this.  His telephone threats to Nucky were all with the Commodore standing over his shoulder telling him what to say, so with the Commodore being unable to speak, what is Eli going to do.  He appears to be stuck between a rock and a hard place but his time in this episode was extremely brief.  I was really confused as to why the Commodore used his limited ability to speak to curse at Eli, it’s no secret that Eli is not the sharpest crayon in the box but what has he done to upset the Commodore?  I wish we could have seen what Eli went through after seeing the Commodore in his condition but I guess that will have to wait until next week.

Chalky White is finally out of jail, thanks to Nucky’s lawyer, but after being questioned by several woman in his community as to what he was going to do about the boys who worked for him who were murdered, his attitude has turned extremely bitter.  Nucky is unable to help him and tells him so in a rather unfriendly manner.  It seems that Chalky feels like he has been extremely removed from his roots, and that bothers him a great deal.  He hides the fact that he is illiterate from his family and feels removed from all of them.  The anger about all of this that he has been bottling up finally unleashes in a drunken tirade at the dinner table.  I want to see what Chalky ends up doing.  He has given his family a wonderful life, but in doing so has removed himself from the black community that he is supposed to be the leader of.  I hope he gets his chance to enact his revenge and regain the respect from his own people that he was worked so hard to achieve.  I think he is torn though, because in enacting his revenge he will most likely lose his family.  Chalky, like Eli, also appears to be stuck in between a rock and a hard place.  It is hard to say what the two of them will end up doing and I for one can not wait to see what decisions they make next Sunday.

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