The Breakdown: Marvel’s The Avengers Trailer

Avengers Trailer HeaderLast night the ALCS game ran long on FOX due to extra innings, so neither Nate or myself got more than 8 minutes of Terra Nova’s episode recorded.  Lucky us, if FOX is still doing their “make you suffer” game of posting shows 8 days after airing, we’re gonna have to wait a while to see the rest of the episode.

To make up for this horrible act of treachery on our part by not having a write up of the episode this morning I have a gift for you all, and it comes in the awesome form of the trailer for The Avengers.  AKA Marvel’s costumed finest coming together to fight crime as a team! Yay!

Here are my highlights from the trailer:

-Loki (Tom Hiddleston) voices over some smack-talk that only a God would pull out as we witness a city street going up with explosions as cops and military forces look on / inefficiently fight back at whatever is causing the mayhem.

-Captain America (Chris Evans) has a new suit to bring him into the modern age.  It still has allusions to his past stars and stripes war garb, but the mask has more of a cowl and it looks a little less soldier-esque and more superhero costumey.  However, he still has the symbol of America down pat.

-Still don’t get to see that much of Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), and I am really excited to see what he brings to the mix considering all we have seen of him so far is a short glimpse in Thor.  Can he do more than just shoot a bow?  I’m hoping so, or else his recon and long distance fighting tactics and what not will be sure to get lost in the mix.  Granted Joss Whedon has a knack for making everyone special, so I still have plenty of faith.  Especially considering you don’t get an actor like Renner for a part that gets lost in the background.

-Iron Man takes to the streets in flight, and I am sure we will get plenty of moments of glory that have been saved for Spider-man when it comes to Marvel’s city life, or Evans’ other roll as the Human Torch.

-Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is back still thinking that he is a pretty awesome human being, standing up for himself as Captain America questions who he is.  These clashes in ideals, narcissism, and what not will be sure to bring about some great character moments, as well as some conflict within the team.

-Speaking of conflict within the group, why is Thor (Chris Hemsworth) about to hammer slam Captain America!?

-One of my favorite action bits from Iron Man 2 was when Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) takes down a group of men in a hallway, pepper spraying the last guy on the way out.  We get to see some more acrobatic / wrestling moves from her, but on the whole I really hope they continue to keep comedic bits in the action as well.

-After almost no footage of him within the meat of the trailer, we get to see Mark Ruffalo in another great dialog bit with Downey Jr. before he hulks out.  Is he going to be their worst-case scenario defense?  “Oh no, we’re getting beat, it’s Dumbo Drop time!”  Like Hawkeye, I can’t wait to see how he works in with the group, especially considering how uncontrollable the green guy can be when he’s angry.

Long story short:  This trailer is just what we needed to help the questions subside about whether or not this film would work.  But let’s face it, with Whedon at the helm, I am not so much scared for the possibility of disappointment so much as just completely geeking out at the moment.  So what’d you guys think?


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