Artists You Should Know Before Your Friends Do 2011

Have you ever listened to a friend talk about what “great new music” they have been listening to? That topic is usually followed up by saying that “They knew them first.” As annoying as that is, we all do it in our most subtle ways (like saying that “I love Three-Oh-H” instead of saying “I love 3Oh!3). Below are just some of the best new music to come out in the past year, and with very promising futures. Hopefully, this will help you battle that annoying topic with some other musical examples of your own. Enjoy!

  • Childish Gambino

    It seems like Donald Glover can do about anything these days. From acting in the Derrick Comedy shorts, to acting on Community, and add in some stand-up in the mix, and it seemed like he was going to be the next funnyman of television. But then he had to start rapping, and take over that genre too. Glover, who goes by the stage name (and Wu Tang Clan name generated) Childish Gambino, has already scored a huge fan following, not to mention one of the best tracks of the year with “Freaks and Geeks.” Now with the success of his first EP, and his fame from his television and tour appearances, Donald is poised to be the face of entertainment.

    You can download his EP for free here. His new album, “Camp” will be coming soon

  • Patrick Stump

    Ok, this one is a little bit of a stretch, but still fits this pretty well. Stump, once frontman for emo-punk quartet Fall Out Boy, has now broken away to branch out as a solo artist. When I first heard about this, I was already writing him off. However, after listening to Truant Wave (his debut EP), I am all too excited to hear his finished product. With singles like “Spotlight”, and the Lupe Fiasco pop hit “This City,” I can only wait in anticipation to listen to his full length, Soul Punk, which will be out later this year. But for any listener who doesn’t know what to think about Stump, go buy Truant Wave for $2.99 on iTunes right now. That should clear up any questions.

    You can download Truant Wave here. Soul Punk will be out October 18th.

  • Balance and ComposureIt’s very hard to compare Doylestown, Pennsylvania rock group Balance and Composure to just about anyone. You can take attributes out of some of the biggest names right now in alternative rock music, and it could very well into how Balance and Composure is all about. They have been featured many times by Alternative Press (most recently in the 100 Artists You Need To Know), and have garnered a large fan base. Now that their new album Separation is out, they should be able to break out and be one of the better rock acts of the upcoming year.

    You can listen to their full length album Seperation here!

  • Over the OceanIt’s not often that you “get” a band after only a couple of songs, but the Virginian quartet Over the Ocean comes across as someone to pay VERY close attention to. Their first single, “Something I Was Not” is a bombastic yet mellow rock song which combines the lyrical prowess of Interpol, and the loudness of Brand New or The Cinematics. Further digging in their Facebook page solidifies the fact that, over time, Over the Ocean can gather a huge following. I can’t wait to hear their debut album, Paper House, once it comes out. Who knows, we might have a new Interpol on our hands. And that is something that people should be excited about.

    You can check them out on their Facebook page here. Their debut, Paper House, comes out on July 26th.

  • ConditionsConditions is a new breed of punk; something catchy that kids can gravitate towards, and visceral enough to get the most hardcore fan moshing. Songs like “Better Life” can easily get some air time, while others like “Miss America” will get into your heart and dig deep in your angsty side. If MTV still played music, I could very well see Conditions getting played in rotation with other musical television favorites such as A Day to Remember and Paramore. From the sound of the album, I can only imagine what they sound like live. And if it’s anything like the other two bands mentioned, I’d figure it would be outstanding.

    Check out their MySpace to hear some of their music.

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